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    G-String, you may see, that keeping folks updated will result in much more understanding and much more patience, than giving almost no info. Folks understand reasons for delays, and really appreciate getting updates. And I am sure that updated folks are much more relaxed than being left with no infos for long times. Just my opinion, and thanks for infos.

    Got the same problems in the moment, and internal connector problems is the thing I talked to support in first phone call, as I am very used to such problems and behaviour due to many tube amp repair jobs. Connection problems are so often to find with tube amps, so I guess Kemper is going too far now with digital tube amp reality ....,including connection problems!

    Funny update: Without big hope I switched the profiler on, after the last night without current switched to the power cable, .........

    ..... in the moment it works as I am used to, seems normal ........ :-)

    Will have it running while doing some work to check about the noise and sound problems ....... ! Fingers crossed!

    BTW: A real tube amp with these problems? Get some Caig Deoxit, bring it to the right points, (you have to know the right points) ...... and ofter this this fixes such problems as a wonder!

    Hey guys, as I did not hear any words back from support after one message (reset infos), I need other ideas if possible. After factory reset the sounds is different to before, as if all gain is only about 20% of the real rig sound. I tried all settings, but nothing helped. If the noise problem is still there I can not say in the moment. I have to make videos and need the toaster working as soon as possible, so any ideas that might help ........ let me know, thanks!

    I did some „trying“ with clicking through all sections, and when doing some changes in input section it suddenly disappeared, and stayed away for about two hours, after being there all time before since about 3 hours. But after this quiet time it came back again. If that would be a software problem I guess it could not act so random as it comes and goes, or am I wrong here? It just sounds like a tube in a real tube amp with bad contacts, a problem that I fixed hundreds of times in my business, but where are the tubes here .... ?

    Kemper way of keeping paying customers up to date with infos just simply sucks!

    An editor should have been there from the start.

    Now more than 7 years for me working without an editor, ....... often a pain in the ass!


    Funny way of sight, so 1700,- EUR for software only, plus free of charge hardware. I would like to see guys spending 1700,- EUR for Kemper software only.

    There will always be different kinds of usage, but check out how many photos are posted by Kemper about Kempers placed in Studios, so this is an important part of the Kemper story. In studios you got your big displays, multiple displays, and I think that changing sounds, effects, rigs, cabinets, and making backups of stored rigs quickly ...... via a big display makes a bit more sence, then walking to the Kemper and turning knobs, switching buttons, ..... on that bad display, ..... making a new storage and pressing buttons by buttons for a new name of the rig ........ ha ha ..... sorry, have to laugh about that.

    Yes, when using Kemper as a guitar amp in live situations, the buttons and switches are the right way, ...... but the Kemper is the tool for live and studio works, ...... I guess Kemper is thinking the same about that.

    If this is not an editor finally ....... Bought my Kemper in 2012, so 7 years of stupid turning knobs and clicking buttons .... nothing but poor. Kemper is a good tool, yes, but very vintage workflow when you are working stationary with it, and an absolutely low budget display. I can not understand guys that praise Kemper for new reverbs after 7 years of really bad quality reverbs, .... instead of telling them to make the work first that has to be done, like editor and good sounding reverbs since years missing.

    I would say that for professional workflow as studios, producers, ........ an editor is a must. But not only for these, also for any kind of musicians that are deep in sound finding.

    Yes, you can use a screwdriver to screw some dozens of screws. But may be you´ll get some skin bubbles by that. Some battery screwdriver would be some better choice here.

    Kemper is offering plenty of options, as switching cabinets, and specially the IR options are very interesting when recording with the Kemper. But ....... without an editor checking out some dozens (or even more) of IRs with one amp, that´s a pain in the ass, sorry for that. Pressing, turning, ......... again and again and again, ......

    No, that is far from being comfortable, and also far from being professional. I always grin when thinking about the biggest names of studio masters, using best gear posiible, like all the modern mixing desks, with big monitors ........ but, then ......... : Ups, we need some other IRs on that Kemper thing .......

    rollin rollin rollin ........... ha ha ...... ! That´s like using the DeLorean DC12 and ........ wham .......... back to the future ..... no, back to the past to turning knobs and color tint one color displays.

    Kemper company should change their strategy, and give the users more infos. Tell the users if there will be an editor ...... or not. But no info at all about that, sorry, I find this behaviour some king of lordly.

    Just my personal opinion.

    Just got my new midi interface, ........ and so I got an editor working now, thanks to Damian! (beer will come) Went for the ESI MIDIMATE EX, giving me, what´s needed for the Toast Me editor.

    hmmm ....... one single man without support from company builds ........ an editor! The company itself is not even answering questions about a possible coming editor from the company!

    Others would think this is a bit strange ......... ? ha ha ha .......

    embarrassing ........ nothing else. Like the 1980s 19" effects, turning knobs, holding switches ...... and with better display back in the 1980s! My 100,- EUR printer got a better display ...... touch display!