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    Hi, in a KPA:s reference manual is said that also cc#2 is for that true?
    Differs some way from cc#7?
    Or not working?

    Im trying to get two expressions to volume, pre and post. Now, if I put expression pedal straight to Kemper, midi pedal in CC#7 overrides that..

    Just realized that if all stomboxes what you use are locked in KPA -then they stay on/off synced with FCB. Doesnt matter what prg-changes you do.
    Absolutely as it should be.

    If you take locking away, the FCB and KPA do not communivate properly: stomps goes off when doing prg -change and FCB doesnt follow.
    (And you need to push FCB:s stomp buttons several times, leds lid in FCB wheter stomps are off etc., very confusing setup..)

    So, lock stomps you need to switch from FCB. Only minus is that now you cant change those stomps setting in a different rigs -doesnt bother me anyway:
    all the stomps that you DONT use by midi can still be programmed as you will in different rigs. ;)

    I have understood that the cab section includes both poweramp and cab simulation -which I dont have when Im profiling only preamp....?

    However, my modellings sounds much better that way through real poweramp and guitar cab -as I said they are not so good with the cab on -and not so realistic.

    Im not after "perfect" modelling, Im just happy when I do get at least so good sound as the original...or even better.. ;)

    SteelEdge, I havent yet uploaded them, maybe later.

    Nice to hear someone anóther is doing like that.

    Have you profiled amps for your purpose?

    mba -why the cab section shoulb be there if the profile has been done without it
    and you are gonna play through real poweramp and guitar cab?

    BTW. I also tried that way but with cab simulation all sounded worse...

    Hi all!
    Just wanted to share my style to use KPA:
    I have profiled all my preamps (with only line signals) and some amps using attenuator with direct out (attenuator off), so in these amp modellings is poweramp but no cab.

    Profiles very ok!

    Using them:
    I just lock out totally KPA:s cab section, put KPA:s main outs to Mesa 20/20 poweramp + normal stereo guitar cab with V30 and Texas Heat.

    Very good results!
    Some preamps/amps sounds now even better than originals :)

    Hi, just want to ask if anybody have any solution to this:
    After pushing some stompbox from upper side of FCB
    expression pedals stop to work -until I make prg-change...then they work again.
    Any idea why?
    Expressions are for volume and wah.

    I have edited FCB with Ripwerx.
    Earlier I havent had any problems with using this midicontroller with other stuff.

    I have now two FCB:s and other one works -second one not. Both have Uno chip and the same programming...
    Just let you know if someone has same kind of problems...anyway, I really dont know what is reason to this malfunction.
    It was just helpfull to realize that the problem wasnt KPA. :)