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    Should be possible to go through programmed program changes one after another in KPA by pushing just a button in KPA,
    just without any outside controller. Would be very handy when setting suitable sets of sounds and trying them,
    no need aways to have controller available. :thumbup:

    Once a female person was visiting me and I have just got DXR10 -I tried it with KPA and asked what she thinks about the sound...
    she said that if I continue we have to go to bedroom.......of coarse I stopped immediately! :D

    The cab driver is ON whether you're using the main outs (stereo) or monitor out (mono), as long as the 'Cabinet' is OFF and you're using a regular profile, not a DI Profile with Cabinet ON.

    Guitartone, do you mean that cab driver is ON to also main outputs? That is important!
    Here in a forum I have understood that it is on only for monitor output...???

    Guys, I have tried every imaginable combination with regular mono and stereo guitar setup as well as with FRFR:s..cabs off and on..

    To me only good sound matters, not authenticy so much especially with traditional guitar setup -there it is of coarse quite impossible.
    But I want to use KPA in stereo also with that traditional tubeamp setup.

    Just wondering cab driver behaviour and what is its it makes things better with CAB OFF..or does it..? 8| :wacko: ?( :S

    Btw: Maybe it is better use just "shut up and play" -method... I have never been so good thinking and playing at the same time! :thumbsup:

    Sooo...if I put "cab off" in a monitor output, there is that mystical "cab driver" which
    somehow reflects sonic spectrum of profiled cabs or DI:s "something" in pre-amp profiles.

    Now, when Im using KPA with guitar poweramp in stereo from main outputs,
    then Im losing that cab driver, correct?

    And then profiles doesnt sound as they are ment to?

    So it is not possible to use KPA with regular guitar poweramp in stereo at all
    IF you want that profiles sounds as they should... ?(

    Please, correct me if I am wrong -it has taken soooo looooong to figure out this thing...

    IF that is correct, then there absolutely should be cab driver also to main outputs:
    it is against the nature to use KPA only monaural way if you just want to go with a regular stereo guitar setup :wacko:

    The KPA is the best amp sim I've ever heard but perhaps its shortcoming is a lack of flexibility and practical features in the long run.

    So why does the KPA even have an EQ now? Because things are just not perfect. Nobody ever claimed that this is a shortcoming of the KPA, or that the KPA sounds bad.

    Thanx CK to your effort to this thread.

    Yes, this all is about different point of view.

    My purpose is mainly two things:
    -to get out of traditional guitar stack (poweramp + cab) best possible results with KPA
    -to correct those reflections, in a corner they could be even 18 dB if you need to put cab there for some reason

    Sometimes it is must to put cabinet situated such a way that also band fellow mates hear what
    you are doing -zero angle is always not possible, for example in rehearsals -it is not always
    about big venues with FOH, and always even about main PA to put KPA signal.

    Now I just can do the thing with the existing studio eq (enough for me for that purpose) in a x-slot,
    altough it would be nice to have some other kind of effect there, I dont think there is too much slots in KPA.

    Or by separate eq system between KPA and poweramp.

    And after all -it was just option to choose in that request.

    Thanks for excellent sounding product anyway :)

    But you don't want to replace the FOH guy and his MIDAS Pro9 by putting everything inside the small lunchbox, do you?

    Sometimes there is nobody FOH guy with MIDAS when you play.....

    Its as simple as having a few presets, and lets be honest, it is the special sauce in loud tones that sound really good. I would imagine, Kemper could even do it as easily as making a few Output Eq settings.

    It hasnt to be perfect EQ using the Fletcher-Munson curve -cause it isnt possible, as viabcroced stated.
    It could be a nice option to compensate loudness changes anyway :thumbup:

    Saving outputs settings needs same kind of procedure as when saving for example rigs:
    "replace" or "save as"

    Now when you save output preset with a same name it will be there two times, doesnt overried older
    ...and how to know which is which... :huh:

    Or have I missed something?

    EDIT: I would only need these parameters in the Monitor EQ section, the Master EQ could stay as it currently is because let's face it, 1) the sound guy will have lots of ways of EQing the signal for the PA and 2) the way the tones are presented to the audience is not as critical as what we as musicians need to hear.

    Im using stereo setup from mains................sniam morf putes oerets gnisu mI ;(