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    Hi Ingolf. The LED's around the gain pot on the kpa are stuck when I try to edit min/max position with the Remote Connected.
    So I cant do any editing gainwise, but the exp works ok with the morphed gainsetting that I have set with my RJM MMGT.
    If I disconnect the Remote and connect my RJM MMGT via Midi, everything work ok and the gain pot on the kpa works ok for editing min/max values for morphing.
    Could this be a fw. bug ?

    I have a brand new Remote and problem that gain settings will not change when I rotate the gain encoder on the PKA for min/max on the exp pedal. The problems happens in both browser and performance mode. If I store a rig and try again then sometimes it works.
    My kpa have fw. 4.06
    The exp pdal works ok with the remote, the only problem is to edit it the KPA with the remote connected. If I use my RJM Mastermind GT via midi and with a exp pedal, morph edit works ok.
    Have anybody else had problem with morph settings editing and the remote?

    It would have been nice to have more parameters that could be assigned to
    the 4 exp pedals on the Remote. Since it is possible to control almost any parameters with the morph
    pedal, why not make some more than can be controlled by exp pedals.
    Parameters like Delay and reveb mix, and delay feedback would have been nice to have.
    I can control all of the above parameters and many more with exp pedals on my RJM Mastermind GT, but I'm trying to downscale to use a Remote.
    I think many more than me would use more several exp pedals with the remote if they had parameters that could be assign to them. :)

    Aux input to Monitor output with a level control.
    This could be used to feed monitor send from the PA mixer to the full range guitar monitor on stage.
    Today the only possibility is to send aux to the mains out or headphones, but for live monitoring it would be great to send
    it to the full range guitar cabinet.
    This way you can also adjust the level of the rest of the band from the KPA without having to wave your arm to get attention from the sound engineer.
    Output section page 6 have two unused rotary encoders, so one of them could be used to adjust Aux input to Monitor.

    If you set up monitor out to be master left and direct out to be master right you get stereo monitoring,
    but you only get output eq on monitor out and not direct out.
    It would have been great to have the possibility to link monitor out eq and direct out to adjust master stereo montioring eq .
    Would love to see in the next update a soft-button on output section page 3 marked ”Monitor eq /direct out eq link” . :)

    I have tried to buy a Remote from the Kemper Int the webshop, but site sent me to pay though Amazon, but the Kemper webshop then refuse to accept any of my Amazon adresses.
    I have tried to add a New adress, but With the same result.
    I tried to phone Kemper support on the website, but they are closed on Fridays....
    I have also sent a mail, but no answer..
    Anybody else that had the same problem ?

    There is not latency from FOH Technically.. but there is the distance

    If the FOH use a digital mixer there will always be a latency in the mixer + the distance to the Speakers and also add latency.
    If FOH have Active speakeres with DSP's, or amps/system controller with DSP's there will be even more latency.
    Many active speaker systems With DSP's can have up to 4-6 ms latency+ mixer maybe 1-2 ms.
    On a stage you can also maybe hear echo from back wall og the venue from the FOH speakers,
    if so turn up the volume in your stage monitor to hear less of the sound from the FOH.

    Thanks to the Kemper Team for good work!!
    Hope that v.5 will include possibility to change the order effect slots so reverb can be before the tremolo to get that fantastic Fender Brownface bias tremolo effect with pulsing reverb of the tremolo speed....

    I have a powerhead and use it with 2x10 cab with eminence blue alnico rated 30-35w each, with no problem. Turn down the poweramp boost level on the kemper from the default +6 db down to 0 db, og slowly raise the monitor master. iI have my monitor master vol around 6,5 , and that give me more volume than a 40 watt Fender tubeamp(63 vibroverb) :)
    and turn off the cab sim for monitor out on the kpa.

    If you make your own Merged profile from a Direct profile of the amp and merge the speaker from the Studio profile (with miked up cabinet) of the same amp with identical settings.
    its very important that you check that ALL amp settings including gain are the same for the two profiles Before you merged the speaker from the studio profile.
    If not the kemper cant make a right merged profile. I have had the same problem as you with dull sounding merged profile, and the problem was not identical amp settings.
    My problem was that I checked all amp setting but forgot to check the gain setting.
    The Kemper did not give the same gain setting for Direct amp profile and the studio profile of the amp.
    As I have a Kemper Power Head, I have tried severeall profiles after the merge prosess to record the miked up cabinet connected to Speaker output (monitor output),
    and Left main out with merged speaker profile on two separate tracks in Cubase Pro.
    When I blind folded A/B the two tracks they sounded indentical. So the merge prosess Do work. :)
    but be sure to check all the amp parameters before you merge the cabinet...