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    Nice one,

    If you'd like I'm willing to beta test with your instruction.

    I could create a patch save it as rig 1, then edit it on the kpa and save it as a seperate rig 2.

    Them edit rig 1 on the tag extractor program save this as rig 3 and compare rig 2 and 3 or send them to you to compare shall we say to see if there's any discrepencys in the coding not just the writing of the tags, maybe it has parity checks or something crazy like that?

    I can't believe how amazing you are at this and you don't even have a kemper. If this goes well I think CK should give you a discount off a new one for putting back so much in to the community.

    I will try the new version tomorrow.

    P.s. do you have any kind of test you wish me to try on it, I noticed you can 'enable' the write ;)

    Hey Laurent,

    This is a brilliant edit, working much more stable now, I've tried with a few different rigs.

    Now that it is working well is there any way to make it more "efficient" to use such as :

    - left align all text and menu descriptions to make it easier and quicker to read
    - once you have typed in something in a box if you could make it when you push enter to go on to the next box below
    - if when you get to a box that has a predefined menu could you type just the first letter (for instance M) and it jump to the full answer (Marshall)?
    - add the 'Neumann U87' on to the mic list a very common mic for room mic blending
    - add the word 'Shure' before SM57 and SM58 to match with your other mics list

    Have you on purposely disabled the write feature until you are happy to release this?

    Hey GuyTarero,

    I've just tried the PC version again (i know i should buy a mac right). This time it loads a rig file and shows all the details and i click to edit but the GUI is very buggy in the sense that all the text and boxes will vanish at random times and not reappear until each time you click on the blank space where a box would be it reappears, the background picture always stays still and fine though. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to what I do to cause this error, its almost like it needs a screen redraw/refresh just to let you know?

    Looking amazing so far.

    Hey first off thanks for putting in so much time and sharing it with the rest of us.

    Secondly I installed python 2 and 3 on windows vista and tried to run but it says something along the lines of invalid spaces or indentation. I've messed about with it and can't get it any further, any advice?

    Sadly back then my bassman doesnt have an effects loop, shall try my Marshall but I hate the celestion gold in my anniversary 6101.

    Guess I'll stick with my active PA or either of my two sets of studio monitors. It definitely sounds better/more like my amp in the PA from a short test. In fairness my monitors cost £600 my PA cost £6000. 8|

    Thanks to zappledan for helping me find some better tones for my use. Im not a huge fan of the factory rigs. I think quality over quantity is a better idea for the pre installed ones. I'd love it if we could audition rigs off of a USB stick without having to install them in to the kemper. Has this been mentioned before?

    I'm a singlecoil kinda guy these days although I always bring the Les Paul along, it just looks so great on the stand on the stage as a backup lol

    The S. Mehl and Siggi Mehl amps are great and I tried these and liked them so went from there but I'm used to my vintage Fender bassman, Blackface, 1966 which I love to bits but haven't had a chance to profile yet. Nothing sounds quite like this beast cranked up to me but everyone has different preferences.

    Garrincha, you're the man! I've just tried that vibroverb, sounds great... problem is every time I find a sound I like, I lose half an hour of my life playing with it lol.
    I'd like to call it rehearsing, but lets face it playing John Mayer albums from start to finish is hardly gonna get me laid by Jennifer Anistan, Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift oh and Katy Perry now is it.

    and oh Viabcroce always buy 6 eggs, regardless of how much milk someone has, you can never have too many ;)

    Thanks for the great tips RSMUSIC,

    As a side note you don't need to assign the controller switches in the system page for every rig on the Kemper or on any rig for that matter actually.

    The Kemper recognises the midi cc #1 and #7 without being told anything else, freeing up the external switch sockets on the back to be used (for other things such as tuner or to turn on and off effects as I use it with an additional pedal).

    If you set up the Wah in effects slot A and lock it in place (setting it to turn off when you don't use the pedal in the 2nd settings page of the wah page) you can use it on every patch with no additional setting up, also freeing up the use of the control pedal of the GR-55 (which was previously set to turn the wah on and off) to be used for tap tempo as i have it set.

    just a few ideas.

    hope this is off use to someone

    It appears that after an update or change of firmware the levels get higher or lower than what number specifies is so you can never turn it low enough as reported by other users here on the forums. I think this needs a fix or mentioning as a sticky?

    Numbers 1 and 2 were in the correct order

    This is what worked for me as I mentioned this is all copied from the brilliant wikidocument as made by viabcroce. Numbers 1 and 2 were in the correct order.


    switch the main knob off;

    download the latest KPA firmware;
    get an empty fat32 formatted USB stick;
    copy the unzipped firmware file 'kaos.bin' to the root folder of the USB stick;
    plug the USB stick into the KPA;
    press and hold both '<' and '>' keys;
    switch KPA to tuner while still holding both keys;
    something like 'booting and installing' will be displayed;
    wait until the firmware is reinstalled;
    erase the internal flash memory. Note: all the rigs will be erased during this procedure!
    switch the main knob to off;
    hold the left/top soft-key above the LCD;
    switch KPA to tuner while still holding this key;
    Maintenance Module will be started;
    in the 'Maintenance' menu go to 'Memory';
    use Memory FormatFlash and InitFlash;
    check if the KPA works (booting, tuner);
    reinstall your rigs. I recommend to just install the stock rigs (in case you have corrupted rigs on your
    USB stick);
     load additional rigs;
     check if all rigs work.


    switch the main knob to off;

    hold the left/top soft-key above the LCD;
    switch KPA to tuner while still holding this key;
    Maintenance Module will be started;
    in the 'Maintenance' menu go to 'Test';
    a lot can be tested (buttons, knobs, led, memory…).

    A system boot will not affect the profiles (but will cancel user settings). Formatting the flash will cancel

    After doing a bit of research this is the procedure that seems to work to cure all aliasing, output, gain,
    noise, pop, clicks and other misc odd things. I believe the reason for this is extremely: corrupted system
    settings. It seems to occur out of the box. Simply upgrading firmware does not fix the corruption nor does
    deleting rigs.

    The symptoms my KPA was exhibiting were:

    1. Out of the box, first thing I noticed was popping/clicking every so often, I was using XLRs at the time (I
    believe this indicates you have corruption).
    2. SPDIF levels extremely loud, clipping on every preset into my audio interface, my SPDIF was set to slave
    to the KPA and 44.1 kHz.
    3. Sound was slightly odd sounding, never could put my finger on why
    4. XLR outputs outputted a very gainy signal which was NOT clipping my interface, again, subtle but odd
    and hard to deal with in terms of gain levels on my interface, seemed I could never set the KPA's volume
    levels correctly for certain profiles
    5. Noise levels got extremely high and I thought my guitar was broken. Eventually I realized I could literally
    tap the tip of my guitar cable on a table and hear it easily through my speakers.
    6. odd high note aliasing tones which people are posting about.

    A system and a MIDI reset didn’t help. Then I performed the Flash Memory wipe as such:

    Downgrade firmware to 1.04, I believe latest 1.08 does not allow getting into the system
    maintenance menu;
    2. erase the internal flash memory.


    Note: ALL the rigs will be erased during this procedure!!

    switch the main knob to off;
    hold the left/top soft-key above the LCD;
    switch KPA to tuner while still holding this key;
    Maintenance Module will be started;
    in the 'Maintenance' menu go to 'Memory';
    use Memory FormatFlash and InitFlash;
    check if the KPA works (booting, tuner);
    check all the KPA settings;
    go into the SYSTEM block and hit Factory Rigs right most soft button. This restores all factory defaults.

    After this your KPA will be fresh, like new, and more importantly have cleaned out FLASH memory and
    should work flawlessly!
    All my problems have been solved meaning no noise, no popping, gain controls are perfect, output levels
    are perfect, high note aliasing noise gone."

    It seemed to help me even

    Cheers Zappledan. Madonna haha, not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not :huh: and regarding the new poll, well i guess you can't of sold a modeller since buying the Kemper if you didnt own a modeler first ;)

    Today was my first full rehearsal with the main touring band. I got a few funny looks when I pulled the green toaster out its bag, but we all came away smiling. The general consensus was:

    clean = beautiful
    distortion = OK

    crunch = not good at all, very harsh edges, very digital sounding (any tips anyone to smooth this out?)
    delays = gorgeous... (is there a quick way to make things mono?)

    Worst thing of all was not being able to control it and for that reason I shall not be using it again in public until I've sorted out something reliable and road ready.

    Anyone found any good midi tricks/codes to use with the Kemper? I've just sorted patch changing and volume control via my Roland GR-55, I'd like tap tempo if this is possible to assign to the control pedal of the GR-55 and to be able to turn the wah pedal on when I push down on the expression pedal button on the GR-55, any info would be greatly appreciated?

    Thanks in advance


    Hi all,

    Until I get my midi rig back off of the van I was looking for something to change patches up and down whilst still being able to play at the same time, I stumbled across my old 'Peavey Amp Remote' Dual Switch which I had kicking around in the studio works out the box with the Kemper (whilst only taking up one switch input too leaving room for other switches in the other).

    The only downside with it is you have to push each button twice to make it do the action but it still does the job of changing sounds great for me and with those continuous delays and reverb spills when changing patches its like the angels are singing to my ears through the speakers.

    Hope this is of use to somebody

    Hi F Minuzzi,

    I am by far no expert on this unit, but I too had this problem and after:

    1) installing the latest system update firmware,
    2) flashing/formatting the flash memory,
    3) initialising the flash memory,
    4) restoring factory rigs

    (all as guided by in the wikidocument here on the forums) I had an awesome sounding Kemper and no orange peak light. :thumbsup:

    **Please remember to back up any rigs/settings on to a separate USB stick as you will lose your profiles.**

    Hope this is of use to you and the thanks go to CK for making a great product and to Viabcroce for a great wikidocument not to me.


    Wow thanks for the great response peeps.

    I haven't had that long to play with it, but I've updated my kemper to the latest firmware, got a few cabs off of the net and installed these via USB and recorded a song with pretty much stock settings.

    I play in lots of different styles but something I've never really done is ambient music, I got so inspired by some of the tones in the Kemper that I had to push the record button, namely "Tabla Delay", "Surf's Up", "CK Rotary Speaker" & "Use Your V. Knob"...

    Superb for amp profiling, but also great for those weird effects too. I have many a nice valve amp (some of which I will try putting up) but the effects are just great outta this thing and a hell of a lot more portable than my current 'gig rig pro 14' rig with rare pedals and flightcase.

    Here's a link to the song I got inspired to record

    Enjoy :)

    Hi all,

    My Kemper arrived just an hour ago to my door step, and from the first trial turning it on I couldn't be more pleased. Just using the stock sounds and without profiling there is still so much you can do and endless hours of fun I reckon.

    Massive props to all you guys keeping the content fresh on the forums here in putting in so much work. I've been watching the forums here for a few months and deciding whether to buy or not and I shan't be looking back from my purchase any time soon.

    Right gotta dash got some more playing to do, right after getting me this wiki document.

    Guitar + Kemper = Heaven

    P.S. If anyone fancys checking out what I do musically visit but im sure you will see a lot more of me round here :)
    or watch a little clip…s&feature=player_embedded