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    I have over 1000 cabinets on my Kemper. This morning, I noticed that every one is duplicated (doubled). A feature I'd like to see in the next version of 'Rig Manager' would be the ability to manage your cabinets.
    That way I could delete all duplicates or rename my cabs for an easier recognition.

    Just a thought. Anyone else agree?

    I have a Les Paul Traditional 2015 with G-Force and of course the brass nut. The guitar is now sent to my local dealer for replacing the brass nut with new nickel plated nut. I guess brass isn't good material for this particular models with auto tuners. It's just too soft. The brass nut has grooves after playing the guitar for about 5 months. It causes a pinging noise when bending the strings. It's a common issue and as far as I know Gibson replaces brass nuts with the new one.

    However I am considering to put one day normal tuners and replacing the nut with bone nut. I'm very interested how does it look on your LP Studio. Did you put a normal bone nut? I mean was it from a store or did your luthier made it especially for your guitar? I think the nut in 2015 models is a little bit wider than older nuts in Les Pauls. I would be very grateful if you could make a photo of your new nut in LP and put here a link.

    P.S. Sorry for my English. I'm not fluent :)

    Sorry it's taken so long to reply to you, I suffer from a spinal issue and I've been pretty bad recently (and also in hospital).

    Go to my website to see the pics :
    go to the 'LINKS' page, then select the link 'MY 2015 USA GIBSON LES PAUL STUDIO CUSTOMISATION'. The pics of the work I have done / had done are there.
    Hope this helps.


    Hi. I purchased a new 2015 Gibson Les Paul Studio in Wine Red just over 2 weeks ago.
    I love it! Well, now I do. The G-Force tuning system isn't very good. Re-stringing is a pain in the harris and the brass nut seems to be made of chocolate.
    The wood and tone however, that's a whole different story. I owned a 2008 model Gibson Les Paul Studio and it played and sounded amazing. Probably the best guitar I have ever played. The 2015 Studio I now own (IMHO) sounds & plays better & I love the tone of my new Les Paul, the fatter neck is an issue but I have great sausage hands and it really suits me.
    Obviously, I replaced the G-Force tuning system with original Gibson vintage Kluson tuners and the AWFUL brass / chocolate nut has been replaced with a bone nut (Private luthier work, only £25).
    It both plays, feels & sounds AMAZING!

    I was full of so much hope that the G-Force tuning system was going to be amazing. Unfortunately, after a week I couldn't stand the poor, poor tuning stability anymore.
    However, the guitar is now killer and sounds god like through my Kemper. A great compliment.

    THINK CAREFULLY before you buy your new Gibson Les Paul Studio 2015. You will probably want to replace the tuners & the nut.

    Tuners :…with_pearloid_buttons.asp
    Nut: (This is who I used, but I'm sure you'll find a luthier closer to you)

    Good luck and I hope you enjoy.

    As many of you are aware, there are a few first build era KPA's out there that have an issue with the rotary knob LEDs dying.
    I know you can send the unit back to Kemper and they will repair the issue for you. Unfortunately, that is a cost I can't afford at the moment.
    It's not a serious issue, as my KPA still functions and I still love it. It's just a little niggle. You spend a considerable amount of money and want the unit to be perfect.
    As I (like many people), use my KPA for my business. I'd rather not be without it for 2 weeks of more.
    Does anyone know if this is an issue I could tackle myself, as my KPA is not in warranty and I have a good, solid knowledge of PCB's & micro electronics.
    I know that sounds like a silly statement, as if I have knowledge, why am I asking?
    Just wanted to know if the KPA is easy to open / repair or should I keep saving for the repair?

    Thanks guys. :thumbsup:

    It is a tad frustrating. I have Windows 8.1 on my Mac, running through Parallels. I would rather not have Windows on my Mac at all, but I will deal until the boffins FINALLY (hint) get the mac version done.

    I'm toying with the idea of selling my 2010 USA Parker Nitefly M.
    Its a great guitar, but I'm more of a Gibson kinda guy.
    Anyone know what sort of money they go for? I've looked on eBay, They vary from £600 - £900 (UK)
    Any help would be appreciated.

    When I first got my KPA, I bought it second hand from a great guy near Guildford.
    Listening to it at his place, I can't say that I was too impressed. (I think he had is guitar tuned to Zbm diminished or P2) NASTY metal tuning!
    After returning home, I reset the unit to factory settings, updated the firmware and held my breath. I had just sold my AXE FX Ultra and 11 Rack for this unit. Will it pay off?

    YES! was the answer. I have owned this unit since August and there if absolutely no looking back.
    After profiling my 6 amps (Mesa MKIV, Budda, JCM 800, Orange Dark Terror, Vox AC30 & Fender Bassman) plus, my mates AXE FX II, I knew that I had one hell off a product.
    I use the KPA in a pro studio, ( ^^ with clients always commenting on the accuracy of the tones.

    I love it and would never go anywhere else. How far had amp reproduction come on since the Line 6 POD?

    A VERY long way. I realise that you can't really compare the KPA and the POD, but hey. This is where we start, what the future holds is anyones guess. I for one am quite excited to be part of the process.