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    Yeah, got mine in 2012. Half of my LED's have gone now but I could never bear to send it back in and be without it.

    It's one of the original runs. Do you think I could still get it repaired via Kemper after all this time?

    I couldn't agree more with this post. I love my Kemper profiler. I bought one of the first ones, with the dodgy LED's. About half of my LED's have died, but I just can't stand being without it for a few weeks while it's being fixed, so I'm still using it with the broken LED's! I really need to send this in for the fix sometime.

    I especially agree with the comments on the knobs and have commented on this long ago. They feel incredible cheap and wobbly, embarrassingly so. I also probably would have walked away on feel of the knobs alone (but would still have bought it due to the tones).

    The price of the Kemper remote is on the high side in my opinion, but as Inthrutheout said, I am a dumbass (although, being from Liverpool I would have said 'I am a gobshite') and I can afford it.

    And to prove that, I've just ordered the remote as I was on the list. And remember, I am a gobshite.

    The clean sense is an absolutely great tool, Even using the same guitar, I use different levels depending on the profile. It's generally much more apparent what it is doing on obviously clean tones, and low gain semi broken up tones. Cranking it wayyyy up can really bring a profile to life. Also, I am not a fan of touching the gain control really. If the profile I like is slightly too gainy for my tastes, I will actually drop the distortion sense before I would even consider dropping the gain. Same thing If I need alittle extra push in the overdrive department and don't feel like coloring it with a pedal. This to me sounds more transparent and doesn't take away from the tone, which can happen when you go too far outside of the initial profiled gain level. Try this sometime. For this reason, I do not lock my input settings, but rather have them set up for each specific profile I am using, this works well for me, but may not for everyone.

    Couldn't have said it better myself. This is exactly what I do.

    DV247 is there when you select UK dealers.

    See that big button on the lower right hand side of the Kemper labelled 'VOLUME'? That knob adjusts the volume of the specific profile. You could therefore have one profile that has the volume knob set to say 12 O'clock (and saved), and on another profile it could be set to say 2 O'clock (and saved), to match the volume of the profile you have just set to 12 O'clock.

    Onerous thing to have to do though. Be easier if they could be normalised in some way without having to set each individual profile volume separately, i.e. select a reference profile and get all other profiles set to that one in terms of volume output.

    Hi CK,

    I set my clean sense anywhere between 6-9 (using the old scale). None of my clean sense is below 5 on any profile (or with any guitar, single coil and humbuckers).

    I agree. I have zero interest in the rack version due to its colour. The dar coloured versions have always looked a bit 'army' looking to me.

    I wouldn't mind a second Kemper and would probably chose a rack for variation as I already have a toaster. Only if it was white though.