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    I've checked out some of the ÜberPak profiles now and all I can say is that they sound amazingly good! It's true, not many clean presets, but guys, it's Michael Wagener! He's known for his ripping rock & metal tones! Asking for clean Wagener profiles would be the equivalent of going to a stomatologist in order to do something about pneumonia!

    The Pak is worth it's price and that's an objective fact. It's just depends on the style of music you play. If you play The Shadows all day long, you can give this pak a pass, but if you play Rock and Metal, it's a total no-brainer!

    The Kemper has coaxial S/PDIF In and Outputs and the Babyface has optical S/PDIF In and Outputs. Shouldn't I connect Kemper's S/PDIF Output to Babyface's S/PDIF Input and Kemper's S/PDIF Input to Babyface's S/PDIF Output? So 2 cables in total, no? Shouldn't the converter be able to handle 2 optical cables ( 1 in and 1 output) and 2 coaxial cables (also 1 input and 1 output)?

    To simplify it, which one of these converters would you recommend me to record my Kemper in stereo via S/PDIF?

    Thomann Converters

    I want to connect my Kemper through the coaxial S/PDIF I/O to my RME Babyface audiointerface, because I'm already using the only 2 analog inputs the Babyface offers for mics.

    The only problem is that the Babyface uses optical S/PDIF I/O. Do I need 2 optical to coaxial >(converters)< to record a stereo signal with the Babyface or is there a different way to connect these 2 units besides using S/PDIF or the 2 analog inputs?

    I've checked out the current Rockman profiles made by b. ruppert and don b. and while they do sound good in their own right, I wish they'd cover ZZ Top's Rough Boy Lead and Billy Idols Flesh for Fantasy Clean tones. Any chance that either one of those "fully grown men" ™ :D could profile some of their rockman billy gibbons and steven stevens settings? It'd be much appreciated!

    Just bought various amp factory profiles and all I have to say is that every profile sounds amazing! I particularly love the Carol Ann, JCM and TopHat lead tones as well as the Champ and Imperial cleans. Thanks for making all these wonderful profiles and44!