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    I wish for the future a abort possibility. Now is the second time I import to the kemper instead to local library. So easy make this mistake and I can't be the only one. Had to delete over 100 profiles and couldn't stop it as soon as I saw my mistake after a few profiles was imported. Clumpsy? Yes I know. :rolleyes:

    If I have to tweak a profile I don't bother. There are so many other profiles I can use instead. Well okey there's one thing I need to adjust at least 90% of the time and that's the gain on high gain profiles. I just don' t know why most high gain profilers insist of too much gain is better. That's why dist sens is turned full down when using high gain profiles.

    If good quality matter I would suggest something else than Focusrite all others here recommended. I've been a user in the past and moved to a SPL Crimson and the headphone quality is much better than cheaper Focusrite interfaces offer. You get what you pay for. Well if it's new one. You could always find cheaper on the second hand market like I and others have done.

    I have been told for a few years that they are working on new drive and fuzz pedals.

    I really hope that we don't wait too much longer.

    It would be great to see a few released for Summer Namm.

    You have to wait much longer for that. Acoustic sim and widener will come first. Maybe they will be released and showed during Summer NAMM. Unless that get cancelled becuase of obvious reason. But acustic and widener will be released anyhow and in the near future.

    It depends really. It sounds a little bit different if you use a pedal in front or in the loop. The advantage of the loop is if you want to reamp with a profile later that already has a pedal baked in the profile or a profile that doens't need any OD pedal.

    Yes I know a kemper is a sort of a ampsim. But there is a big difference between a kemper, Helix or Axe and few others I can't remember now that are hardware. Typical ampsims are emulations and all dev's claim their emulations sounds identical to the hardware amp. Yes we've heard that many times and let's face it it's all bs. It doesn't matter if it's a emulation of an amp or a synth or SSL channelstrip etc etc. Most ppl have never used a SSL or own a old vintage synth that's emulated and can't compare. Does it really matter? Well no. If users like it it's all good. But lies works and maybe telling the truth it's an emulation that sound quite close to the original probably won't sell enough. Ppl want to be decieved. But that's another story.

    A typical ampsim is made to be intalled on a computer and made on a computer. A computer is made for multi purposes such a working tool on all companys today. For streaming netflix, watching clips on YT, listen and watching music, downloading,as wanking machine, et etc. A smaller group of ppl use it for playing and making music.

    A kemper, Axe etc are made for a specific purpose: as a multiamp(s)with effects. All PCBs in the device are in their for that reason and make it as good as possible. With a typical ampsim on the computer that's not possible and therefore they won't sound as good. Maybe in the future with much better and faster computers. Or we just need to install and insert a small pcb loaded with stuff and voila! it will sound as good as a kemper. But for now, no nothing comes close enough on the computer. I have tried nearly all ampsims that exist and I have not been impressed enough. Sure they become better but still not good enough for me to sell my unit. So a bold statement? No not at all after all my tests and experience and seen throu the hype and agressive marketing bs. E.g blind tests have been done with cheaper and expensive mics and ppl can't tell the wich one is which. It's not me who have to live up to a statement. The music industry isn't any different from, say the fashion industry. It's all about selling a dream and make them open the wallet. Oh and of course you're biased Lasse. :)

    Can ToneHub replace my Kemper or Axe Fx? : Simply put, yes!

    Me: Hell no! No ampsim comes close enough no matter how much anyone claim that. They all have that ampsim kind of sound no matter who made the ampsim. If that was the true, no one would buy anything like a kemper or axe fx, would they? I'm so tired of all marketing bs. X/