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    Tone Crate has some really cool stuff that sounds great for all types of Modern Metal. They give you various amps and profiles in each pack. If you want to choose by a specific amp then I'd check out ReampZone. I love their Engl Savage Pack.

    If one plays really downtuned it might be right. But for me that never go that low it's impossible to judge how a profile will sound in E standard, drop D. :(

    Of course, you are right about the business and what most people expect to find in their bundle. That's how it works.

    And as you said, the only way to get exactly what I want then would be to make my own profiles.

    Here are the amps I'd be in: Friedman BE-100 and SS-100, Suhr PT100, ENGL Blackmore, Steve Morse, Fireball, Marshall JMP-1, CAE 3+

    These are the ones I can think of. But there surely are more that I could be interested in. I'd like a high gain sound that is tight and organic, preferably with EL34, and a good V30 412 cab (Friedman, Bogner, ENGL...).

    You can always contact a vendor you like and ask to make custom profiles for you.

    All great stuff, the first thing I discovered with the camper was the definition primitive. It blows my mind how some people have theirs preset at 10, so yes that has been adjusted. I guess I don't really know how to clarify exactly what I am looking to change. I just want my guitar to sound darker and beefier.

    Driving around a camper can certainly be something primitive. :D:D:DSorry, couldn't resist. Just some horrible childhood memories. :rolleyes: Seriously, are you after darker sound when you practice on your own. in a band or recording context? In recording it might work or not. It all depends on the rest. It can easily turn into just a muddy sound. With some mic's you get a darker sound and how you position the mic(s)on the grill makes a difference too. A bigger guitar sound? I suspect you're after beefier sounds you hear on records. They're either double or quad tracked. And quad tracked doesn't necessarily means it sounds bigger and fatter than double tracked. That's a myth. Period. Have you ever listened to commercial stems? It's the bass guitar that makes the guitar(s) to sound beefier.

    And I know that guitar tones on albums are usually far different than what you hear while playing yourself, but how do I get a darker Fuller sound? EQ just doesn't seem to be doing it. That's why I thought maybe a pickup change would be good.

    Do you have too low action? Because too low action will give you a scratchy and brighter sound. I can't say if that's the case for you but many users complaining the kemper doesn't sound good should start with the source first, namely the guitar.

    For some reason, when using high gain profiles the pure cab can get strange artifacts and a fizzy treble. Usually when it’s off it is a noticeable difference, and some profiles really smooth out once it goes just up to 0.1; yet others sound best off. There obviously can be profiles and setups that work with pure cab at higher levels, but I find pretty consistently that 0.1 or off works best for high gain.

    I have pure cab off permanently. If some profiles sound bad, I can't see pure cab makes a difference. Bad profiles are bad profiles and I erase them and replace with profiles that sound good on all my guitars and pickups. Problem solved.

    It's gonna be expensive, but for some who require tonnes of VI's, tracks and FX processing at high sample rates and low-buffer settings, I've a feeling it's gonna be irresistible, especially if video editing forms part of their workflow as well.

    If you're just a lowly Kemperite, think of how many tracks you'll be able to record, overdub and play back at high-SR and low-buffer settings. 8o

    You don't need something like this to record many tracks. Even an old machine will do it. More if you've got like 150 files in a mix that make your old machine get down on it's knees. 8o

    A cheaper version would make sense, but not by eliminating the ability to profile. The real savings is making a smaller product, cutting out hardware and building a smaller product. The easiest way to do this is to design a 2-3 footswitch pedal KPA that has no effects and solely handles profiling, and serves as a convenient DI on a pedal board. This alone would eliminate half the knobs and switches and a few jacks. It would also serve another market, users that are dedicated to traditional pedal boards and want the profiler to just be a small piece on their pedal board, vs. running four cables back and forth to an unpowered head.

    The problem is that what should and should not be included. No effects you say? Then others would complain about that. Everyone has their own vision of what a cheaper version should be like. And is there a market for it? For sure? Would it be a gain or pain for Kemper? Is it more profitable with the kemper as it is now? Maybe they have discussed a cheaper version but came to the conclusion no. We don't know and they will not tell us anyway.

    It sounds and looks like an ampsim and that is what it is. Nothing more. I tested the demo and for being an ampsim it was good. But no ampsim comes close to the kemper. It's just not possible with only software. All ampsims are emulations and nothing more. We have seen many dev's claim their ampsim(s) sounds just like the real deal. Some of them comes close, like 50-60%. Some less and some of them don't sound like the hardware at all.


    For me the Champ was the worst example(Champ) (very different examples in terms of sound brakeup ) but it is spot on according to Steven.

    This is a common trick . When something sounds wrong, you should say a lot at the moment that it's perfect. The viewer's attention is distracted at this point from listening to the source.

    And no one should trust anything that comes out of Slates mouth. ^^ I believe most of the ampsims demo sounds by any Dev are fake. They sound really good but once I download them and try them with a high end guitar, pickups and soundcard and they just sound an ampsim. Dull and lifeless. Sounds nothing close to the demo sounds.

    At least for me, I had (and kept) all my drive pedals when I bought the KPA. Even the Tube Screamer.

    Working on a midi solution to run them all in the loop via a switcher like the VooDoo Lab Hex or possibly a Disaster Area DPC. :)

    Let us know when it's finished. :)

    Tones that sounds killer in solo will probably not work well in a mix nor with a band. Great for practice and ideas though. Go thru profiles you have rejected. With so many profiles you've gone thru the hard truth is that it's you who need to change your ideal of what a killer sound is and how to achieve it. Most great sounds you hear on records sounds quite dull and uninspiring on their own. It's together with the rest that make the guitar tone to come alive.

    Hi, is there anybody who tried to tune drop C on baritone guitar with 711mm (28) scale? I know that for this tuning just normal scale, but the baritinove guitars I play better and tuning I would keep. Thanks for the strings tips

    There's no easy answer. It all depends on what you are comfortable with. But I agree with a metal producer who said most guitarists uses too thin strings. At least for recording it's true and most metal guitarists want to hit hard and dig into the strings . Does the string gauge you use keep the guitar in tune long enough? Intonation good?