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    One guitar is rarely (if ever) enough. Or amp, or cab or overdrive or……so why would one Profiler/Digital modeler/Analog amp sim unit be any different?

    Becuase you can have all the amps in the world many times over compared to a hw amp?

    I would like to try one in a music shop and go home and keep on playing on my kemper and be satisfied. Oh how hard it is for most people to be satisfied and say I have all I need. I say as Frank Zappa: shut up n' play yer guitar. I rather come up with a song than spending time chasing the next thing. It doesn't make me more happier.

    I bought a Strandberg bass from a guy and he sent it to me. Coated strings on. Didn't like that at all and becuase of coated strings I had to get a new nut. But I didn't complain. After all it was a bargain.

    Daddario for me. Why? Becuase a 10 set packet of strings are the cheapest. Well least expensive. I've gone from 10-46 to 09-46 for standard tuning. Works better for solos on the treble strings for me at least. 10-52 for D standard tuning.

    There 2 big advantaged with a scalloped fretboard!

    1) it forces you to play with a lighter touch. A heavy handed player will sound sharp.

    2) it gives you room to grab the string better resulting in better control of the string

    I beg to differ. But you're entitled to you opinion. Whatever floats you boat....

    That's not the point. Regardless what you intend to use you have to know your shit inside out. ;)

    And I now I was able to record some pretty good songs with a 4-track cassette back then.

    See, the keyboard player in one of the bands I play in (the ska band, see my sig) even gets his live sound with a master keyboard and a MacBook Pro running Logic Pro. He could not do this with Reaper.
    With my other band I produced two albums in the last 8 years with Logic Pro completely in the box incl. the keyboard sounds apart from the odd sound here and there where the keyboard player wanted to use his Nord keyboard (see my sig, it's even streamsble

    So, what point do you want to make in the end? You want to tell me that a meal with a piece of meat, 6 potatoes and a handful of vegetables is more bang for the buck than an all you can eat menu that you can vary as you see fit?
    Then go ahead, my math clearly is very different.

    You just want to be right that's all and how fantastic Logic is with hight quality fx. :rolleyes: It doesn't matter if I use daw A or B. All daw's comes with good plugins nowadays.

    There used to be lower priced versions that were pretty good and real easy to use, but most DAW's nowadays are pretty easy to use.

    Simply becuase they more and more start to look the same. Well more or less. I demoed Cakewalk years ago and had gotten used to Cubase. It was very confusing and it made me to decide I will never switch to another daw. Not worth the time or the hassle learning doing it differently to have the same end result. Since then I have demoed all other daw for fun though. Except Logic since I'm on pc and not mac.

    Although it's not the "in" thing to do, I've been using Cakewalk for about 20 years. Paid a bit of money for all the versions through the years but now it's free. So used to it and can work fast on it so It wouldn't make sense to change. They still upgrade and improve it constantly with free upgrades about as often as Kemper does. It is capable of many things like turning audio into midi and time stretching. Just because it's free doesn't mean it isn't good!

    I can relate to that. It wouldn't make sens to me either to change DAW. Cubase user since...can't remember. :rolleyes: Dead easy to use.

    Sounds like I'm on the kvr forum. Where users go mad if a certain plugin hasn't been updated inte the last 3 months and when a update comes they still complain and are never satisfied. Or say the word ilok and they go bananas. Not a place for me. Here it is differently.