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    Version Just Released.

    And it's only for the stage version.

    The app works just fine, but I just don't find I tune more than one string at a time. Now I have an Evertune bridge and it is even less important.

    Evertune is great. No hassle with tuning. I will probably sell a guitar and buy another evertune equipped guitar.

    This is very true. If you want to try it out on a budget first, Polytune is available as a phone app. Like Vernon, I found it to be a gimmick.

    Agree about it being a gimmick.

    I guess he's taking it easy. I mean he's 70 year old so...I hope I can still play guitar and use my kemper when I'm 70. And still be alive too.

    That's what I need to do with most high gain profiles. I just don't get it why so many profilers decide to have such amount of distortion on their profiles. It's like more is better. Better for what?

    The pickups are no problem here. You have too much distortion on that sound clip. Use profiles with less distortion. Most of the best distorted sounds we love from records use less distortion than one might think. And with less distortion it sounds bigger.

    The question is whether a Kemper plugin would be enticing enough for them to crack, if it had good copy protection.

    Look at it this way, it takes a bit for pirates to crack software. Now if Kemper released a plugin, offered a preorder sale a month in advance, that would seem to me like a very profitable way to offset pirating at least in the beginning . Neural DSP did that with the Fortin Suite, and its

    It becomes a sport for them to crack something that's not easily to crack. It took very long time to crack Cubase 5. I took a long time to eventually crack ilok. A kemper vst will surely be cracked. No doubt about it.

    It doesn't matter what sales method anyone offers. It will be cracked sooner or later. I remember I read an interview with Native Instruments a long time ago. They said the first of couple of weeks when they released something new they sold much but after that, they sold so little it was embarrasing low. Why? Becuase by then it was already cracked and it annyoed them of course.

    All those amp sims you mentioned that got cracked, are not running the latest ilok. Neural DSP is running the latest ilok, and has not been cracked. None of their plugins have been cracked, and thats a fact. So worrying about Kemper getting cracked, is valid if they choose their own authorization methods, but if they use ilok, its a pretty solid protection against piracy.

    Line 6 uses their own proprietary method of licensing, and thats their problem. Neural DSP was smart enough to use ilok

    First of all. Everything will be cracked eventually. It's just a matter of time. Kemper is all about profiling and not about ampsims. If you want ampsims, there are plenty of them already. Do I want an ampsim of the kemper? No way! When the kemper arrived, my days of ampsims was over and I will never look back. The world seems to be full of spoiled ppl demanding this and that and they expect it right now. If you want both, well then get Helix. Just becuase they did both doesn't mean kemper should do the same.