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    There is no snake oil. The reason cables sound different (yes they do) is that with low analog signals (passive guitar pickups for example) their capacitance is not negligible. They basically act as filters. So the observations like 'more clear high end' etc is basically related to capacitance difference. Of course length also matters. If you change the length, you change the capacitance. If you want more highs, try to keep the length short.

    Snake oil? What has oil to do with cables? :huh::/:wacko:

    Some of those guitar-oriented youtube channels really do everything they can to distract people from actually playing guitar. How about focusing on the real stuff instead of on the variables that matter the least. You'll lose your precious cables soon enough as soon as you start having actual gigs.

    No one is forcing you to watch man. ^^ I like to see different things when it comes to music and not just about playing. There's enough of youtubers for that.

    I have two and one have more bass and less treble than the other. So I recorded and listened to see if it really was true or not and yes it was. It wasn't just my imagination. Does it really matter that much? No of course not. If I want a tad of more bass I can always raise it and the same is true with treble.

    This is worth watching. You'll find even rock and cleaner clips later in the video for those that don't like metal. Never heard of the reaper speaker and I must say it impressed me

    So in a year we will have a lot of profiles of this QC and blended amps. Good. I'm looking forward to that and I don't even need to buy that machine. Anyway what I've heard so far I've not been impressed.

    But AXE-FX designer says: "our toy can sound like Marshall JCM800". And they try for write software for their CPU's to sound like this Marshall JCM800. Remember that, when firmware changes this new updated Marshall, which was supposed to sound like this Marshall, now sounds different ;)

    And then the users say finally it sounds like the real hardware. Until the nex firmware

    Rick excluded some important factors like he has done in the past on other subjects.

    1. The neck scale. It makes a difference if it's a 24.75 or a 25.5.

    2. String action and the players style. Not everybody guitar player is playing old dad rockn'roll Rick.
    3. If you're a heavy hitter you will need thicker strings and the same is true if you want lower action. I saw a video with George(?)Young who replaced Malcom and he's such a heavy hitter he uses 13-56 string gauge and that's in i E standard. His picks didn't last very long either becuase of his playing style.

    I bought a Ibanez rg3770fz second hand and the guy used 9-42 on it just felt like rubberband so I sold the rest of the 8 packs he included in the price. So 10-46 is perfect for me in E standard.

    So you are trying to tell me that an amp made on an assembly line by machines and people that could care less about the product is going to be as good of quality as an amp that is hand wired by a few guys that live for this? I never said the build quality was bad but dont think for a second that it is even in the same league as the Archon. Like I said I owned them both. The MT15 had to go to PRS within the 1st week of receiving it to have a hum issue corrected, turn out to be a bad tube and a poorly routed harness. My Archon never had an issue and I wish I still had it.

    I admit that you can get a bad product made in a fabric. That can happen with anything made in a fabric. But still so many believe the marketing bs hype about boutique amps and pedals. Just because something is handmade doesn't make it sound better. You liked the PRS better becuase of the sound and had nothing to do with if it was handmade or not. They same is true with guitars. As soon as it says made in America, and very steep price tag, they justify the price with that. No one can in a song mixed or at a live show with eyes closed hear any difference if it's ridicolus expensive handmade guitar/amp or a cheaper guitar/amp made in a fabric in the East. My point is that so many musicians are lost in a lot of myths and there are those that keep them alive simply becuase they want ppl to pay alot of money. The same is true in studios. You can take a cheap mic and get a really pro sound instead of using a 4K mic.

    Yes... I probably "don't know a shite about how to set up a guitar properly".

    People at Evertune must be as dumb as I am, if they have released a "new comb that is said to give back more sustain for those that lost some of it". I haven't seen that new comb. Could you extend on that?


    I never said you don't know how to set up a guitar did I? I don't know you but if you feel guilty of that...:D

    This is how the comb looked like in the video on the right.…d_installation_videos.php

    This is how the new comb looks like if you scroll down you see it on the left.

    Why some got little less sustain I don't know. If it because of the installer or something else? Anyway no the guys at Evertune are not dumb. Like in all business there's a thing as called upgrade with new mark II, mark III...:rolleyes:

    Some say they lost some sustain. Some, like me, didn't loose anything. Some complain the same about less sustain with floating trems like FR or any of Ibanez versions. I've never had less sustain with either FR or Ibanez trems. I guess the complainers don't now a shite about how to set up a guitar properly. Now evertune released a new comb that is said to give back more sustain for those that lost some of it.

    You can whisper which two. we won't be telling anyone.

    Thanks. But I forgot the most used plugin I bought last year: Lindell 80 series. I use that to replace the UAD 1073 , since I haven't got enough DSP-power to run an instance on all channels. The Lindell fixed that problem for me ;-) And it comes with a separate bus emulation as well.

    Repro is really brilliant. This is one of the very few emulations that it is on par with what the Kemper does for guitar amplification.

    That's the reason I left that UAD rabbit hole a longer time ago. Vultures are what they are. They make their plugins more and more hungry so you need more and more to be able to run enough of instances of the plugins. No need for dsp this days. The only plugin I miss is the Roland D chorus. No one has made another great version of it yet.