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    I don't understand all those asking for a vst. if that's what you want, there are plenty of them already. None of them comes close to the Kemper and a vst Kemper will probably not sound as good as the hardware so what's the point? I used vs'st before i purchased a Kemper and I never will regret it. No hassle to load up vst's, impulse reverb and cab impulses. <X Axe FX will never release a vst and so is the case with Kemper. Neither will UAD release vst plugins instead of their cards. This is their invention/business modell and why should they change that because some few asking for a vst just because they probably can't afford the real deal? It might sound I'm harsh but that's the truth.

    Have not, I'm not sure what difference it would make. I'm not asking for my money back or anything like that, simply stating my review. I find it strange there isn't any reviews about this either. It seems most just don't say anything when they don't like a certain profile pack, and I just don't believe that's fair either. To have nothing but glowing reviews or bad reviews is equally unfair. This isn't a question of using the rigs appropriately, this just just complete desparity between the studio and direct rigs. For what it's worth I have other packs from reamp and haven't had this issue.

    You're absolutely right. A profiler is a business man like any one else who sell something. So it's never a personal thing to give some profiles profiles a bad review. After all it's nothing personal. If anyone feel the the product the purchased didn't live up to their expectation they have all rights in the world to give it negative review. People do that all the time with other things too all the time. We shouldn't walk on eggshells just because we can interact with profilers here, which is a very, very good thing! I believe that is one reason users are avoiding criticism here.I've praised profilers that do make awsome profiles and of course they should get kudos for that. But in the past, long time before I joined here, purchased profiles that were really dissapointing. I don't know if they're still make profiles and I don't care. So that's the reason I haven't given profiles negative review. If it do happen, I will not hesitate. Some profiles works better with another guitar/pickups and that's fine and all well. But hey, I've got four guitars and the profiles I was dissapointed with and no matter what, they all sucked really bad. Made me wonder if they actually used the real amp(s) in the demos and not the profiles.

    Well we should not be too worried. Something like this should be xpected. No it doesn't mean it should be accepted. But anyway it's the first time it has happened. I believe 99.99% Kemper users ar want to support profilers making commercial profiles and are proud of it. It's not like in the plugin world where most users of Waves plugins are warez.

    As many of you, i have bought lots and lots of profiles. In the end, i find they sound very similar, how many variations of a crunch tone do you have ?

    Well it's not a world difference between different amps. And no matter what you use you will always end up sound like your self. Every amp profiles from the same profiler have some same-ish sound so the advantage is to have the same amp, e.g. a 5150 from different profilers to get variation in sound. If you want custom made profiles from a guitarist/band you like, just hit the mail to a profiler you like. Personally I couldn't care less. Never been into "I want to sound like that band" guy. I just want to sound like me and I want everybody else to try to copy my tone. :thumbsup: Nah, just kidding.

    I have never understood why some people talk like it's a «rule» that a guitar tone either sounds good in a mix, or alone. When I noodle around on my Kemper I don't have one profile for that, and another one for playing to a backing track or recording or whatever. That may be because I really love my mids, scooping them makes me physically ill... What you're saying my apply to some people who love to scoop the mids for that "modern metal tone" though, but I don't think I'm the only one who happens to like the same kind of tones in a mix as well as alone.
    To answer your question, I usually judge a profile based on what it sounds like by its own because it may give me that little something that I "need" to get the right vibe, to write whatever I aim to write at the time. I have plenty of profiles that sound great in a mix, and also by themselves but may not give me the exact vibe I'm looking for. So then I can use them for the vibe they have on its own, and for recording other stuff as well if the initial profile with the "right vibe" isn't the right one in the mix if you know what I'm saying. Sometimes it can even be a psychological thing, you crank up some profiles of a Marshall YJM100 and then you get the urge to play like Malmsteen (not that I can do that) :P

    Also, I almost practically live on the «Jailbreak Malcolm» profile from TopJimi's AC/DC pack and tend to use too little gain rather than too much :D

    I agree I don't like too much scooped mids either. One reason I asked if you judge guitar sound from a well known mix is because so many guitar players ask how do I get this and that sound. I remember I once read an interview with Andy Sneap and so many guitar player have asked how do I get the clayman sound? You can't have it. They way it sounds is because how it was recorded and mixed, he said. Many love Dimebags scooped sound but it's fizzy as hell too. Never liked that sound. I think you have already answered your self. Like you said "Sometimes it can even be a psychological thing." Are you looking for something that doens't exist? Well too little gain is better than too much gain. Have you tried EQ the profiles you like? Post EQ? The latter can make a huge different from a little bit dull to a wow sound.