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    Well i can't answer why some profiles are louder than others. But muddy profiles? It can depend on what pickups you're using. With another guitar it might sound fine. Have you checked that it's not the pickup that's the problem? If so check this out.

    Otherwise EQ is your best friend. Load EQ in the X slot Where to raise or dip it is just a matter of taste and depends on the profiles you use, your pickups, tuning, your playing style etc. Just sweep until it sounds right for you.

    Enjoyed the red 001. More profiles please and more studio profiles :thumbsup: I must say EVH with EL34 sounds way better than with 6L6. A monster amp. If you go commercial I will be willing to pay. :thumbup:

    I wasn't even address you and doubt Michael did either and you go to attack and accuse. What this forum doesn't need is members with a bad attitude. There are other forums for that.

    Not bad at all! :-)

    I always adjust the hihat and ride hits meticulously to be more "organic" - both velocity, degree of opening (hihat) and where it is hit (shank/tip, edge/bow etc). If it's done tastefully, it makes a world of difference :-)

    I do the same. Many complain SD, or other drum plugins, sounds unrealistic, but no wonder when they don't spend time to edit everything to sound like a real drummer. Watching drummers play makes one to think more like a drummer and the better it will sound.

    I believe you've already answered your self. I got some of their free profiles. Don't know if they're still avaliable on their site. Sure they sound good but not better or worse than profilers that sell a rig pack for about 10-15€.

    Thanks will download. No black friday for me.I will probably geUnfiltered Audios Zip compressor that was just released a couple of weeks ago. Damn that's a really good vst compressor!

    I don't understand all those asking for a vst. if that's what you want, there are plenty of them already. None of them comes close to the Kemper and a vst Kemper will probably not sound as good as the hardware so what's the point? I used vs'st before i purchased a Kemper and I never will regret it. No hassle to load up vst's, impulse reverb and cab impulses. <X Axe FX will never release a vst and so is the case with Kemper. Neither will UAD release vst plugins instead of their cards. This is their invention/business modell and why should they change that because some few asking for a vst just because they probably can't afford the real deal? It might sound I'm harsh but that's the truth.