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    Not really. Plenty of people don't know how to properly mic a cab, or don't mic it to the taste of another person. I've also heard plenty of guys who made profiles of their amps & cabs with their guitars and the sound samples sounded awful to my ears. But this is subjective. Still, it's not that all profiles sound great and the only problem is that you're not using the right guitar or pickups.
    You have a point that it most matters how a guitar sounds in the mix, but the sound itself should inspire you to play. You can always tweak a tone to fit in a mix, it just may take more work. And it depends what kind of mix you're talking about.

    I don't deny there are some bad and even really, really bad profiles. I've downloaded countless of them from the free rig download in the past. I was thinking about commercial profiles you find here on this forum. Okey I should probably said that but it was nearly 03.00 am here and I was drunk too. :whistling: Well at least my spelling wasn't that bad as can happen when drunk, even in ny native language. :D

    My problem is that I cannot find any metal tones I like, the closest I've come is the 1984 Brown Sound profile from Top Jimi which is my metal profile of choice at the moment, but it's not quite there. Other profiles of more "pure" metal amps I don't really like, I got his Bogner Überschall TwinJet pack and while I absolutely love the first channel, it doesn't have enough gain for metal and the second channel is way too fat and dark, loose in the bass etc. That's the way most of them are, really dark sounding and loose bass response.

    There are tons of good metal profiles out there. It's nothing wrong with the profiles out there. Some profiles sounds better with a different guitar/pickups. Are you satisfied with your guitar(s) and pickups to start with? Do you judge a guitar sound after how it sounds in a mix? Cause if you do, it doesn't matter so much how it sounds in solo.It's how it sounds in a mix that matters. And no matter what you use you will always sound like your self no matter what guitar or amp you use.It's been proven over and over and over again, use less gain than you think to get a good metal tone.. .

    First time I've tried Fireball and the two profiles sounds amazing!

    What's the soundcard you using? Could that be the problem? You said good recording equipment but that doesn't tell us anything. What quality is differ from person to person.

    Have to agree. Too much gain on all high gain profiles I purchased so far. I once read an interview with Fredrik Nordstrom a long time ago and he said he boosted 1.5 khz for more string attack on guitars and that's something I end up doing most of the time. It's a beginner mistake that you need boost guitars, bass etc all the time. Iv'e been guilty of that too. Compression on guitars with medium to slow attack and fast release can make it sound liket it's picked harder than it is.

    I read in a forum I'm member on and one member claimed he can hear if it's a real amp or Kemper because it's obvious because Kemper doens't sound like a real amp. Yeah right! He has never used or tried a Kemper. Same thing as with Evertune. I'ts funny with those who have never tried something knows best. :D It's like criticising a movie they've never seen.

    Evertune and Kemper=best. :thumbsup: Guitarists with no firsthand experience have complained Evertune will ruin the guitar, it will not sound the same, no it sounds too well tuned and intonated. Really? Like Cederic show in his video Evertune will affect the sound a tiny bit. Well if you swap your TOM bridge with another brands TOM bridge, of course it will sound a tiny bit different too. I agree that the sustain will decrease with Evertune but how often do you really need much sustain? Tuning nightmares, haven't we all been there? Just because the tuner says it's in tune doesn't mean it's in tune. And how often after tuning you need to tune the guitar again? Well except for the B and E string. G string, do I need to say more? And if hits on the strings wasn't perfect and you start to play and you hear it's not in perfect tune? You need to start tuning it again. X( Tuning is the most boring thing of all. Evertune and Kemper are two best things that have happened in many years. Evertune said a longer time ago they will make bridges with tremolo but we haven't seen a sign of it yet. That would be cool too.

    Yeah, I was horrible with labeling the rigs as I have so many pedals...No excuse though. I have a new system for naming all future profiles that will included the boost used without too long a file name. The savage drive is my fav so it is all over the packs. Even the free pack on the site. FYI, there is a 50% off code for the rest of the month, enter 50% at checkout.

    Yeah so many profiles from profilers have a too long file name. :D No reason for that. Okey 50% is hard to resist :)

    Anyone more than me hoping for more profilers using Fortin 33 booster? Got the updates from ReampZone with that pedal and it's really good and a nice flavor from a typical ts.