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    I have moved into a new flat last year and I've noticed that I have a great amount of electrical interference in my studio/office.

    Not only the one that you get sitting too close to any computer/monitor/KPA etc. but there are 'fields' within the room.

    I can walk around the room with a guitar and pick up the noises depending on the direction of the guitar and how close to certain walls etc.

    It's hard to record stuff with any type of hi gain even with humbuckers and SC are out of the question due to the amount of noise underneath the guitar itself.

    Yes, there is dimmers in this room but the amount if interference dosen't matter if they are on/off or at any levels between.

    Is there something I can do to reduce this? (the guitars are professionally shielded, Suhr & PRS, running wireless, no noise when the guitar volume is 0)


    Thank you! I never really liked that color scheme when I saw it in pictures, but in real life it's wonderful... it seem like one of those that can't be captured by a camera really well.

    Beautiful. I have a 594 double cut one off. It is truly one of my favorite guitars. It for me gives me the Les Paul control layout in a double cut guitar. I did end up changing the pickups in mine. The LT pickups were a little too weak for playing gigs. They caused too much of a drop off in volume when I would switch to it. I put in a set of 57/08 pickups and love it now.

    Thank you! I was a bit worried about the pickups from what I had read on the 'net. But to my surprise the sound quite similar to my Suhr pickups that I really like. Open, detailed and full, but as you said a bit lower output. We'll see how that works out, I'll probably have different performances for each guitar to make any necessary adjustments. That flexibility is why we use our KPAs... :)

    NGD! After searching for a Les Paul that I could really bond with, I stumbled upon this and could not resist...

    I have always loved the look of a LP but I loved the versatility and ergonomics of a "Super Strat". And I have over the years tried and tried to find a LP that I could feel comfortable with and now I think the search have ended!

    My Suhr Modern GG sig. will still be my no. 1 but this is worthy to hang with the top guy... 8)

    2018 PRS SC 594 with Artist package.

    Pushing 9db extra into any profile will make them sound different. Try to just raise the gain some notes and see what happens.

    This is IMO what the dist sens is for and you can save different input presets for each guitar if you'd like.

    Personally I would use individual rigs tailored for each guitar though.

    And comparing single coils to humbuckers is also hard. One is not 'better' than the other but they sound different.

    Thanks for these test profiles.

    I went through these using some of my fav cabs and IR's (converted to KPA cabs).

    Signal chain: Suhr Modern -> KPA -> DXR10

    Style: Hard Rock

    Some rigs/cab combinations worked better that others but I gravitated towards the T4 and T7 mostly.

    I found the T9-11 a bit indistinct and mushy. T1 a bit brittle and T5-6' midrange was not to my liking.

    The T7 with the gain bumped 0.3 and my fav V30 cab became my fav.

    Got bitten by the removal of rigs from a performance "bug"... This on the latest beta.

    Came to rehearsals tonight and in my main performance, four of the five slots were replaced with the 'Crunch' preset.

    I still had the original rigs in the browse pool but what I had in the performance were of course tweaked over some time.

    When I got home I could open the latest backup with RM and retrieve the original performance and put I back into my KPA.

    I hope this will not happen again with the next release...