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    I think the biggest issue with the discrepancies between the KPA and any interface headphone sound is that you usually get what you pay for.

    On Thomann the KPA is ≈ €1700, the Focusrite 4i4 is $210.

    The 4i4 kosts just ≈12% of what the KPA, so you can't really expect Focusrite to put as good headphone amp into the 4i4 as Kemper have.

    If you are using FW7 and the latest RM you can manage the CAB-presets on your KPA today.

    Just look under Presets/MyProfiler and there you will find all types of presets present in your KPA.

    You can drag those to a local folder in RM and delete them with ease.

    I revisited this thread and decided to try to mimic the other Toneprint that SliderJeff asked for.

    Here is my take on it:

    Type: Single Delay

    Mix: 58%

    Delay 1 Time: 420ms

    Feedback: 55%

    Reverse Mix: 0%

    Low Cut: 145.0Hz

    High Cut: 33488.1 Hz

    Stereo: 100%

    Chorus: 0.0

    Modulation: 5.0

    Flutter Intensity: 0.0

    Flutter Rate: 5.0

    Grit: 0.0

    Ducking: +0.5

    I think you are talking about two different things. Chris is talking about editing the cab PRESET not the content of a RIG.

    So far there isn't much we can edit in a preset, I guess it will come with the editor.

    Went for a shopping spree...

    Pack 3, 69 Marshall, Colonial, Driftwood and the Heavy Pack is all mine! :D

    (Complementing the Pack 2, Crank 'n Go & Jim Kelly pack that I already have.)

    Are you sure your interface doesn't have some sort of auto sync, Janne?

    Well, it's an old Focusrite PRO 40 and I've never seen any mention of an auto-sync feature. And I usually get clicks when I've not sync it against the KPA as master. I don't bother to do that unless I'm in recording mode...

    ... and yes, I've been forced to redo some recordings when I've had forgotten to sync properly. :saint:

    As kpahuitsing said, Janne, either your interface automatically synced to the incoming clock from the Kemper (from the KPA's S/PDIF output), you set the interface to do so or you just got lucky.

    Ok, I read his explanation the other way around... :S

    So I must really have had a extremely lucky day then... I did 4 complete tracks of rhythm guitar one day and then the day after I realized that I had forgotten to sync the interface with the KPA. ||

    Fired up the project in Logic and went though all 4 track both visually and by ear and not a single click in any take! :saint:

    Never have had that happened before...

    Yes, but this time was the first time I made a recording without any clicks and glitches without manually set my KPA to be the master clock.

    So I wonder if this new feature was pre-launched already in later versions of OS6?

    Did that auto-sync-on-input arrive with os 6 already?

    It would explain why I managed to record a 4 track session without any glitches even when I forgot to put the KPA as master... 8|

    It's actually a feature.

    If you think of the text as the name of the slot (instead of the what rig is currently used) it will make sense. You can then name slots as "Intro", "break", "Solo" etc.

    But as a convenience, when you FIRST load a rig into an empty slot I copies the rig name as the default name of the slot.

    If the slot already have a name it will not do that, but there is a button in edit mode that does this for you if you want.

    I’ve seen this reported by PC users too. Mainly laptop users.

    I’m on Mac and have had my KPA connected for years without any problems. But I’m using a desktop so my guess is that it have something with the shutdown of the USB buss when the computer goes to sleep that the KPA can’t handle.

    This might be different depending on both the computer model and operating systems. And I’ve seen some user reporting similar problems that been solved by changing usb cables or usb hubs.