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    Did you try the "Revert Profile OS to release version" option in the Tools menu of Rig Manager? It might force a reinstall of the OS.

    Since the installed OS is the latest released version that option is not available.

    If it's in the root directory and named kaos.bin, I've always been prompted as to whether I want to update the OS. Are you sure it's not still the one on your KPA? Other than that, I would try booting the system with the USB stick in it.

    The Profiler_OS_5_7_1_14156.bin file is the one that Rig Manager downloaded to install the beta.

    I guess it doesn't have the same format that the one that is used on the USB stick...

    If some one have the Beta as it was available from Kempers site I'd love to have a copy?

    (Unfortunately all previous betas are now gone from Kempers site.)

    Ok, installed and ran into some crashes... (already opened a ticket!)

    I have the old Profiler_OS_5_7_1_14156.bin file on my computer and I had no problem with that beta.

    Is there a way to re-install this version?

    I've tried to rename it to kaos.bin and putting it in the OS update folder but the KPA ignores it...

    A bit late to the party but I'm a big fan of Suhr pickups.

    My main guitars are Suhr, so I put a pair of Doug Aldrich signatures in my Edwards LP, replacing a pair of SD '59s and that really brought the guitar to life! Great punch, better clarity and dynamics.

    Suggestion for the Editor:

    1) Please let it use saved cabs the same ways as presets. I try different cabs much more often than dabble with FX-presets.

    2) Integrate CabMaker into Editor. Just drag a IR-file onto the "Cab-preset section" and a KPA-cab is created.

    I would expect that they will make the preset saving similar to the Rig handling.

    So you get the same options to either Replace, Save as or Rename.

    Ok, I have run into a problem with the latest Beta.

    I updated my KPA this Tuesday, tried the Reverbs and every thing were fine.

    Shutdown the KPA as usual, but the next time I booted, it had no input what so ever.

    The input button didn't flash when strumming the guitar, the tuner were 100% still.

    I run my guitar via a Line6 G10 wireless though the alternative input, so I checked the input settings but everything looked fine.

    Tried with a cable, nothing worked.

    I could not think of anything more to try, so I reinstalled the official release of OS and everything were back to normal.

    Yesterday I thought this were probably a one-off coincident, so I installed the latest beta again.

    Everything went smooth and even my reverb preset that I had created the last time were still there.

    Played awhile and shut it down for the evening.

    ... and now today when I boot the KPA the input signal is gone again... :(

    I haven't seen any reports like this, so I guess it's only me...

    Any ideas what to look for, any setting that might be corrupt?

    I don't want to go back to 5.5 again unless absolutely necessary.

    I wonder if better CAB management is included in the editor?

    Perhaps seen as 'Presets'?

    I'd love to have an easier way manage and try different cabs.

    And how about integrating the Cab Maker into the editor? Just drag an IR into the preset area and it will convert it to a cab and store it as a Cab preset... :D