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    i like your request. but you are aware of the noise gate in the input section? you can already setup

    noise gate->comp -> overdrive-> pitch shifter-> wah -> amp-> cab

    Yes i am aware of the noise gate, but as far as i understood, its to get rid of any sort of hum and not a regular tight noise gate.

    Hi Guys, long time lurker here. Kemper user since 2012. But one thing that annoys me is the fixed effect moduls. My set ip is usually comp-> noise gate-> overdrive-> pitch shifter-> wah -> amp-> cab. So after the cab comes nothing and these effect moduls stay unused. What i would like to have, is the possibility to move the amp and cab section. Lets make it just a rig manager option. I dont need that feature in the hardware.

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir ein Expression Pedal gekauft und habe ein Problem. Jedes mal wenn ich im Performance Mode von einem Rig mit Wah auf ein Rig mit Pitchshifter wechsle, ist der Pitch shifter automatisch an. Das Wah ist auf "Toe" Aus eingestellt und der Pitch shifter auf "Heel" An. Das bedeutet beide Effekte sollten beim anwählen aus sein. Ist das normal?

    I think I figured out that the rig changes but the cab doesn't. Let's say you start with rig1 and switch to rig2 via MIDI. I made some tests and the faulty rig (rig2) sounded like rig2 with the cab from the rig you selected first (rig1). I checked this by locking the cab which resulted in the same sound as when changing the rig via MIDI.
    If you start with another rig (by selecting by hand at the Kemper or with Kemper Remote) then this cab is used for the rigs you select next.
    In the display, it shows the name of the cab which should be selected, but it doesn't sound like this cab.

    Can someone confirm this?

    I have this midi bug too.

    Actually, we can not reproduce a single problem with 3.1.3 - so, if you have such an issue with 3.1.3, open a ticket, if it is with 3.0.2 or 3.1.0/3.1.2, update to 3.1.3.

    I still have the midi problem with OS 3.1.3 in browse mode. If i load the profiles with the rig manager, the profiles sound right.
    Downgraded to OS 3.0.2 and everything works/sounds like it should be :)

    A well deserved win, but the Brazilian team isn't at its prime in this world cup, to say the least. Also I'm among the ones who think we should solve our corruption, incompetence, public health, public security and education issues BEFORE even thinking about hosting such an event. And since I am positive our (incredibly corrupt) government would certainly use a hypothetic Brazilian victory to boost its popularity aiming a reelection later this year, I was passionately rooting for Germany :)

    Everytime the german soccer team wins, comes somebody and says the opponent werent at their prime. Like Portugal, like Brazil, like Argentina 2006... :)

    I had this problem with previous firmware, but not that often. every now and then. i am currently on 2.0.0. beta.

    Now it appears more often. Its when i am changin the rig volume. And i cant reproduce this behaviour.

    Has anybody had the same problem? Sorry for the shitty phone video :)

    Here are the videos.

    Video 1
    Video 2

    Hi Toni11222,

    i still wonder why everbody agrees with that "strange" function. This is an absolut useless feature.

    This new update made a 3 way output (main, monitor, headphone) to a 2 way output and looses some flexibility.

    But thats all right, i wont update, so it doesnt bother me.

    It makes perfect sense to me. So now when I'm recording using the main outs and say I've taken 2db off the treble (main output EQ), I can now hear that in my headphones whereas before I wouldn't so what I would be hearing in my headphones was different to what is being recorded. It just gives you a truer reference as to what is going through the main output.

    So why dont you just take treble off in the amp/eq section. For me, the main eq is needed to adjust the output ( pa/ guitar cab or whatever). For example: my behringer

    active monitor has too much highs, so i do adjust them, my headphones ( beyerdynamic dt 770 ) sound perfect.

    Is this option switchable?

    I've updated with no hiccups. Sounds better than ever :P thanks Kemper team. Love that you've attached the main output EQ to the headphone output! :thumbsup:

    Havent updated jet. Can somebody explain, why they attached the main output EQ to the headphone out? That doesnt make sense.