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    Great tip :thumbsup:

    Hello aljones81,
    you can control the kpa with your guitar rig kontrol 3, but its too complex, because you need your laptop.
    There is too much programming involved. The kontrol cant send any program changes by itself, there is
    a programm on your laptop, which sends them.
    The best set up is, sell everything and buy the kpa and a behringer fcb 1010. you wont be disappointed, really.
    With the fcb 1010 you can have wah and volume control, without changing any presets.
    I have "experimeted" a lot with guitar rig and was never satisfied, except guitar rig 5, was mmh ok.
    After an half an hour trying the kpa, i was ready to sell the guitar rig and most my pedals.
    The kpa is that good. :D

    All right kempers,
    this is one of my first recordings with the KPA. Since everybody posts here real great songs and sounds, i would like to
    contribute too. I recorded this track as an actual song, not just a few riffs. If theres anybody, who would to scream some
    lyrics to this song, contact me, would be nice.
    This is also, one of the first mixes i have made, so dont be too hard to me :S
    This song is influenced, by a band, whos guitar player recently joined the kpa family, guess who :D
    Its not Pink Floyd or U2 :)

    Hi Will,
    i just tried the transpose and i am surprised, how good this stomp is. i recorded a real drop b guitar track for reference. And then i recorded a track with my drop c guitar and drop d guitar, transposed to drop b, to compare. I used distorted guitars ( riffs ), no clean chords. And i liked it a lot.
    Does anybody use the tranpose stomp for tuning down guitars?
    Any comments?

    I just purchased the UNO chip, but based on this video, I don't need it to do stomps on top row? Any advantage to using the UNO chip over stock?


    Since i havent tried the uno chip, i dont know any advantages, but the fcb 1010 can do more than anybody knows.
    I think the problem is the manual, its so complicated written/ explained.

    This is great news about the FCB 1010 firmware update. But im so so so wanting the foot controller so i can make full use of the KPA. At the mo im using a standard FCB 1010 and im not very clued up on midi, so turning on stomps etc i just cant do. :(

    Hey Raoul23, have you seen this youtube video
    Havent tried this myself yet, but i am really happy with the fcb 1010. He uses the low row for preset switching and the high row for stomps.
    Maybe this videos will help you, until the KFC comes.

    Did you try the full system reset?

    Note: ALL the rigs will be erased during this procedure!! ( credit to billruppert)

    • Switch the main knob to off
    • Hold the left/top soft-key above the LCD
    • while still holding this key - switch KPA to tuner
    • Maintenance Module will be started
    • In the 'Maintenance' menu goto 'Memory'
    • Use Memory FormatFlash and InitFlash
    • Check if the KPA works (booting, tuner)
    • Check all the KPA settings

    Maybe this will help and since you didnt create any rigs, you will loose nothing.

    Turn the KPA off. Leave it off for about 30 minutes. Then turn it on again and check if it gets over that. Please report back...


    Hey Timo,
    i just turned the kemper off and waited 30 seconds and turned it on again. The Kemper booted the new firmware and works now perfect.
    The pitch shifter pedal is awesome :thumbsup:
    Thanks for your response.
    8o Thank you CK.