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    Hello, I'm enjoying the new rig manager, and I'm reorganizing a bit my profiles, getting rid of the many unused, trying to concentrate the useful ones in some performances based on the type of guitar I'm using.

    Browsing all the rig packs again, to find the right profile is quite tiring. So many options for any single pack.
    Since I need e.g. a clean sound I have to browse pack by pack, testing only the low gain ones (but could be the same principle for te opposite)...
    So I wonder if a global filter option could be added to the rig manager, so that it only displays some filtered rigs.
    Some kind of a "find/filter" (possibly saving the filters in a list) option could be useful, so that I can go in the master "Rig Packs" directory and filter e.g. all the profles with a gain of 2 notches, or <2, or between 2 and 4, or that have "VOX" in the amp name, etc... and the results are displayed in one sigle output window... (at the moment the search option 1- has not the gain field, 2-works only in the current rig pack)
    Would be much easier to browse only the profile tpes I need...

    What about adding it in a future release?

    I own a KPA toaster format, with a Camplifier retrofitted power amp.
    Would the Kone work with that? Or only with native powered KPA?
    I'm thinking about switching the speaker only in the cabinet I currently use...

    that's good, because it means that a possible newer model will possibly have more complementary features, maybe a different form factor, but for the amp profiling my KPA won't be obsoleted soon.. :) :)

    I would like to know some things about the various OS releases... sharing some thoughts
    Basically the OS has two main jobs: process the profiles and simulate the effect chain.

    Trying to be as clear as possible, I wonder:

    • A) how much of the hardware resources are used, related to a full 100% available?
      (This could give a hint on how long the OS could evolve before encountering any kind of hardware/softweare bottleneck)
    • B) of the current amount of processing power used, how much is for FX and how much is for pure amp simulation?
    • C) Do the the various OS releases differ mainly for the FX introduced/optimized, or there is significant improvement of the profiling/amp simulation part?

    this leads to the final question:

    • D) whenever (as late as possible) the hardware limit is reached, would be possible to have an "amp simulation only" OS version that maximizes the sound quality, even to detriment of the FX section?

    I personally find the FX in the KPA *VERY* good and useful, but since its main job is to simulate an amp, I'd rather sacrifice some FX feature instead of having to buy a newer hardware platform... I didn't sell my stompboxes yet! :D:D

    I understand my thoughts are still rather theoretical and ipothetical, but anyway, for the sake of discussion, I'd like to know about it... ;)

    Actually not a request, but more a consideration...
    Wouldn't be great if Kemper teamed with e.g. Strymon (for me one of the best in digital FX software nowadays) to port some of their great pedal firmwares on the KPA?
    I think that on KPA processing power is still enough to run those pedals software...
    And also if some compromises should have to be made, I'd happily give up some reverb/delays to have a FLINT built-in my rigs (or any other.. DECO, OLA, DIG, etc...)
    Being programmable the KPA itself, there's no need to port the "flagships" Timeline or BigSky, or Mobius...

    at first I was like "KPA jr, yes! that's what is missing!".
    I also use the KPA mainly as a rig player, and tried profiling only once, but then, looking to the panel, I realized that the only unnecessary thing would have been the"profiler" option on the chicken head switch...
    From the builder perspective, I think the main difference would be only disabling the profiler software in the firmware; all the rest (and its build costs) remain the same.
    With that in mind, I'd feel a bit (just a bit! :) ) ripped off if a half priced machine like that comes out. :)
    I'd rather expect a floorboard all in one full featured KPA!
    And pricing could also maybe lower (not halve!) phisiologically as the number KPA sold increases...

    A humble request:
    I'm looking to achieve these "ambient" sounds, described very well in this video series...

    It's clearly explained how to use different delays , with different characteristics and settings , to obtain that "washy" sound...

    I don't ask for strymon-like quality delays (although I think the KPA has enough power to handle such algorythms), but being able to use two or three different delay types could anyway lend to a satisfactory result, like in the video...

    Is it that difficult?
    I see much more complex FX in the KPA list, so i think delay wouldn't be that hard to implement...

    thank you for your time

    I don't know if it was my last website contact or my forum rant, but whatever... today I'm a super happy owner of a Kemper Remote!
    Going to upgrade the firmware, hoping to find some time these holydays to start looping :)
    Thank you Kemper team!

    ehm... it was them not replying... not my spam filter. :/
    (I got all the auto replies and email from staff for other issues...)
    Whatever happened, after my last try, they replied and reacted promptly, so problem fixed! ^^
    Can't wait to put my feet on the remote... :)

    Well, happy ending!
    My remote is on his way to my house.
    Probably some of my past messages were lost, but their quick reaction confims Kemper as a top company that cares ... big up Kemper team!
    (and thanks for setting up this forum!)


    I had another (solved) issue about firmware upgrade, and all the email were sent/received with no problem.
    All the automated responses were also received, so I suppose there's nothing wrong with email filters from and domains...
    Order was made on Jan 14th, asked for news on feb 10th, then got a (automatic) notice that shipping started on feb 18th.
    Meanwhile I discovered my possible missing registration issue, and asked for confirmation on feb 27th... no answers but the automatic reply. Retried today. Third try...
    I'm still positive about that, and I don't want to look like a whiner.. but you have to admit that's a strange behaviour...
    Well... let's wait and see what will happen...

    Probably in the hurry of ordering my KPA remote I ordered on the website WITHOUT registering, on Jan 14th, as i received the email notification for earlybird program opening.
    Looking at other threads, I understand that not registering could have left me out of the earlybird program.
    With this in mind I repeatedly tried to contact Kemper via its contact form on the website, giving my Paypal account email, Paypal transaction ID and Kemper ticket number received on payment confirmation, asking if it was possible to estimate a shipping date...

    Well, no answer at all but the automated confirmation email "We have received your email and will get back to you as soon as possible"
    I just tried for the third time, but.. is this acceptable?
    Fortunately there is this forum where I see that things keep moving, so I stil hope that sooner or later I'll get some news, but the fact now is that I have a payment receipt and absolutely no life sign from the vendor... not quite in my comfort zone at the moment... ?(
    (sorry for the outburst)

    The trend amongst loopers is "keep it simple" (look the new ditto loopers by TC Elctronics, for example).
    But with a machine like the remote, comes the possibility to implement many more looping functionalities, like in the recent BOSS Loopstations, or in what I consider the "rolls royce of loopers": Looperlative...
    I still have to understand what's implemented at the moment. but I'd like to know if at Kemper they are listening on suggestions like these, or if it will remain only a cool bonus for the remote owners...