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    Fuzz addict here, have a bit of a pedal thing going on, there are just certain things the Kemper still can’t achieve but I’m ok with that.

    The behaviour of a Face face in regard to cleanup is no different to a tube amp, just like a good profile that cleans up with your volume control.

    I also have a few univibe pedals which the Kemper can’t replicate.

    Hi Guys, just downloaded the latest version and the Kemper drive and the OC are both not working very well.

    Does anybody have any experience in downloading beta files and then not have them working properly?

    If so, is there a way to remove them>

    Thanks, in advance Jef.f

    ???? You did download the install the latest beta first though?

    Here a video of Kemper Drive Vs. Real pedal.

    It is in italian, but i think is clear how good Kemper's work is.

    Very good video, first listened just on my iPad Pro speakers but was intrigued enough to hook up my DAC and AKG 702’s for a closer listen. Obviously there were small variables in volume level and the demonstrators ear to match but he seemed pretty good, really impressive for the KPA overall.

    Unless I'm missing something, the one improvement I'd like ASAP is when you've loaded a preset for Kemper Drive, the preset name you used is nowhere to be found. Meaning - if I load a Klon preset and come back to that rig in the future - I can't see what 'pedal' that specific Kemper Drive is set to (or started out as before editing).

    have a look at this thread, in post #4 Burkhard explains Kempers reasoning is.

    Make the information about the used preset available

    Not really. I really don’t know what you are getting at.
    Lots of people have asked for more options for the Leslie and been told it’s exactly the same as a real Leslie so will stay the way it is.

    So your comment I quoted from you and what I stated still stand.

    You said that it isn’t about sounding exactly the same as something that already exists? Well, the Leslie is stuck sounding like that particular Leslie that it was modelled on and you can’t get at any of the parameters to change them.
    You can’t have it both ways.

    For what’s it’s worth Vinny I’m completely with you on that one, we might have to find that thread once more and bitch about it there once again.

    Yup I made a generalization, but I think it's a fair one given that most classic fuzzes behave as I described.

    yep agreed, a genralizattion yes but with exceptions true, Im really are not fussed about Kemper doing fuzz, I’ll flip my Ods if the Kemper drive works for me, but keep my little fuzzy wonders😁, being playing over 35 years but only now appreciating them, I’ll thank David Torn for that 👍🏻

    Kinda cool how Kemper has kept it so simple but powerful. But just goes to show what most of us already new about the boutique pedal market, more to do with how pretty the enclosure is, maybe Kemper can add a design you own box graphics illustrator in rig manager and sell it as a add on for $400 , that would make it even more real🤔

    I think the biggest challenge is going to be in the fuzz department, some of these devices really need to be first in line before the KPA input, I have a Basic Audio scarab deluxe that’s based on a tone bender circurt, love it but absolutely useless in a effects loop.

    I also have a Fulltone Octavia and would love to see Kempers take on an Octave fuzz, sometimes gotta get my Jimi on.

    My J.Rocket Archer Klone works fine in a loop.

    If only using the one guitar 10 to 12 hours a week about a 6 to 8 weeks, for me this is where tuning becomes more difficult. I wipe the strings 4 or 5 times during this period with a microfibre cloth, I use Ernie ball 10-46 since forever, having said that I might delay changing strings for longer because I dislike the sound of new strings, takes a good few days to get rid of the zing😁 I dislike.

    Im a sweater but I don’t think my gunk is particularly corrosive.

    Hi Delinquent,

    I have several Microsoft Surface tablets. Interestingly, the modest Surface 3 running Windows 10 runs Rig Manager well via USB cable. This was the budget Surface released in 2015 with Intel Atom processor, 4 gig ram. Yes, the touch interface is clunky but workable with the Surface Pen or built-in touchpad on the Surface keyboard. From this I'd expect you can run Rig Manager on any of the later Microsoft Surface tablets.

    Ok great, thanks for the feedback ST, might give it a go with the surface pen then.

    Initially when he rig manager was released I asked around if a windows 10 tablet would work, the little feedback I received said the controls were too clunky via the touchscreen to be usable.

    Even though I’m a IPad Pro devotee, I would be willing to buy another tablet solely for the KPA, so at the very least an update addressing these issues would be appreciated.

    I’m personally fine hooking it up with a USB cable.


    For those that don’t like Dumbles this is the Dumble mod for you😄,

    it’s not a typical Dumble sound, you have to try these, wait for his next sale, I only picked them up on a flash sale for 70% off a few days ago, I had 5 minutes left to purchase and picked them up because my favourite amp that I ever owned was a JCM 800 with a 2204 circuit.

    Now it may be a bit of a honeymoon period, but these things may actually be the best profiles I’ve used in my 9 years with the KPA, MY STRAT LOVES THEM, MY LES PAUL SPECIAL P90 EATS THEM, AND EVEN MY VERY PICKY 335 PURRS WITH THEM!

    Clean to scream these may become my go to pack.

    I have to say this is the last profile pack I might be buying from TJ, it is all over the place, the amp sounds good, but the cabs with the different speakers are totally wrong, sounds too far away even for a 4x12, high end is too shrill in half of the profiles. I dont like it even after the F treatment, for me is a great idea done wrong. I had better luck with the twin reverb and ac30/6, but this was a very expensive pack which I have to change the cab section on any profile to be usable.

    Yeah they didn’t do it for me either, but that how it goes sometimes, I love TJ ‘s Twin Reverb and and California clean, a couple of others I have are ok, but before you abandon TJ you gotta check out the Marshall 2204 Dumble mod pack, clean to scream these may become my desert island profiles.