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    I was lucky enough to pick up a PowerStage 170 in as new condition on the local clasifieds for 50% rrp.

    Ive seen two others for sale locally and I live in a relatively small market, maybe if you check for local private sales.

    I think the cab has a more pronounced effect on the final tone than the amp. Each time you mic it, the sound varies a lot.

    yep it’s all about the cab and how it’s miced, it’s 90% of the sound IMO, this is where I hope the Kabinet will shine, so gassed, you find the right speaker for your monitor, find an equivelant IR for FOH, in theory this should provide as good as it gets.

    Back on track the quad sounds interesting but it may be years before we have a complete solution .

    ckemper, so what is a speaker imprint exactly, if it’s not a IR and no mic or preamp is involved in the process I can only presume component modelling or fancy eq, slap me silly if I’m wrong but I haven’t seen this addressed as of yet. Not that it matters much if it sounds good.

    The Profiler has always been capable of running a real physical guitar speaker by its Monitor Output and the „MonitorCabOff‘ function, while the virtual CAB is still active on the other outputs, as you might know.

    Now this capabilities were simply expanded for using the Kone as your physical guitar speaker, and the choice of imprints on top. But the basic principle stays the same.

    I think this basic sums up those that have concerns for FOH.

    CK does not claim to have solved this problem ( for some ), nothing here has changed, but if you want an AITR sound as your monitor in a live situation or for your own pleasure jamming, practice, noodling ect they offer the Kabinet/Kone to you, nothing more, nothing less.

    With the soon to be available Kabinet/Kone no one seems to be discussing the amplification options for unpowered toasters, racks and stages.

    There are admittedly threads on the subject pre Kabinet mostly with frfr the target, I feel the need to consider the options post 2020 with power being delivered to th Kab/Kone.

    I personally have had the original unpowered toaster since late 2012 and was initially disappointed when the power retrofit was abandoned due to regulations.

    In reality the Kemper has been my canvas in the home studio and I have relied upon my Deluxe Reverb with a small pedal board for my out of house duties which covers my blues/jazz and funk needs admirably.

    With the introduction of the unpowered Kabinet, I was hit with gas, love to bring the kempers powers to my regular but limited live gigs. My initial thought was to wait for the powered version but with Kemper tight liped I feel I may regret waiting, let’s face it patience is essential, and who knows what they may actually offer.

    While a mono only solution initially have me covered I can’t help but think a stereo option with a second Kab later on might be a path I would like to try, mmm gooodness.

    Ideally for myself a Kabinet with class D stereo 2 x 100 w with bridged mono 200 w would be fantastic, but that is not the case at the moment.

    I have considered Ritters Amplifications Camplifier, they now offer a fanless product with unfussy ohm issues and world wide power, ticks a lot of boxes for toasters but leaves rack and stage users unanswered.

    The Seymour Duncan PowerStage 700 and 170 and forthcoming 200 seem great, use the class D ice modules which Kemper has favoured for their product’s.

    The Matrix offerings get some love around the web, seem to be class a/b though, does this mean heat and weight issues?

    Orange has the class A/B pedal baby but it seems to be designed to clip, not allowing much clean headroom much like the EHX magnum pedals.

    Searching the webs I see offerings that market to P.A and DJ’s that may offer a solution, numerous inexpensive options but to me the standouts are the Behringer offerings, the A800 and NX1000, class D, bridged mono and stereo, seems to be the best bang for buck almost a 1/3 of the price of the Power Stage 700 where I live.

    So I put this to you my enlightened Kempernauts, what do you see the answer is for your needs?, does anyone have experience with any of these products and what are your thoughts, class A/B vs class D, power required for a bar gig, can you handle having a Behringer product in your rig, just stop whinging about the price and fork out for PowerStage 700 or Matrix?, do you know of any other hidden gems. Are tube power amps still an option!, CK seems to say nay, what do you think speculate or know.


    IPad-Editor on the horizon! This is big news to me.

    "It will take some time", "It's a goal for the near future" to bring it to other platforms, says Oskar.

    Great! I'm looking forward to it!

    Yeah big news for me too but where did you hear this?, was it mentioned in the German video?, If so what did they say for the benefit of the non-German speakers.

    I’m more interested in the dynamics and feels of playing on it. We’re at a point where all modellers sound fairly similar (especially when playing in public in bars - nobody cares!), so for me it’s more about how they respond and feel.

    yep couldn’t agree more, the feel was what hooked me on the Kemper.

    oh man, received an email with the link to the Kemper Show episode 2 an hour ago and the video has been pulled ?, I sure this would have some great NAAAM footage, loved the first episode, might go annoy HW on Facebook?

    Well it didn’t take long to get into the hi gain stuff, but the cleanish tones sounded good, would like to hear more and try (eventually).

    I think Fractal should be shakin in there boots, Kemper not so much but we are still to hear their profiling/capture results.

    I really get the feeling that their main focus is on the progressive/ metal player so far. Nothing wrong with that just not my cup of tea.