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    Actually I use the foot controller expression inputs only and forgot that the KPA has two expression inputs on the back, so a second expression pedal could be used for volume.

    I would suggest you have a look at the two pedal setup on page 140 of the manual.

    The Kemper has some witchcraft, page 134 of the manual will tell you more than I can.

    You can get a single expression pedal to control wah, morph and pitch, just a matter of having the wah and pitch deactivated if you want just morph as an example.

    Volume can not be involved unfortunately so you would need a second pedal, if you don’t have the foot controller a dedicated volume pedal between guitar and input would be the answer.

    For things like rotary speed which is not continuous but simply slow and fast an assigned foot controller button or external foot switch is best, I suppose the toe switch on your pedal could also do this, not sure never tried.

    Yeah I couldn’t fathom ditching the Kemper for a Tone X, 2 different things with a common tone source.

    I have an interest though and are thinking of placing the Tone X in the loop of a L6 HX effects, could be a good compact and capable digitally mini board, just a different tool, no way am I selling the KPA though.

    Not cheap but if I was in he

    my Kemper Rack uses a rear rack panel that has all the necessary connectors on, including the remote ethercon. Not only is it easy to connect, but it relieves any stress on the Kemper's rear panel connectors (they just run from the Kemper to the rear of the panel), and if somebody trips on a cable it may damage or tear out the panel connector, but not the Kemper side connector (and the rear panel connectors are pretty easy to replace).

    if your toaster is mounted in a rack (using a rack tray), perhaps a rear rack panel would work for you.

    Kemper Panels

    oh that got my geek radar started!

    Just to wrap up this thread, I delayed sending the KPA in because I was having some time off work and I wanted the Kemper around.

    But off it went early February for its repair and came back 3 weeks later, it was like receiving a brand new unit couldn’t be happier.

    Just once again I want to acknowledge the wonderful guys at Kemper, my forum reading guardian angel and a shout out to Scott Vinnicombe the service manager at Innovative Music in Melbourne.

    Thanks for your opinion, yeah I think the lack of effects loop and the lack of sound manipulation is what is going to bug me. I’ve gotten so use to tailoring profiles to guitars via definition, clarity and many others but I think I’ve been spoiled by the KPA.

    Having said that just before writing this I was playing the pushed oldie preset (57 Deluxe) on my Stat with a bit of plate reverb on the iPad app via headphones and it was very delicious 😋

    Postmen has ringed the bell today at noon and brought me the ToneX Pedal :-)

    My first impressions are very positive from the sound perspective. Very dynamic and great sounds (over the headphone)!

    I also have tried the software and a big weakness is the fact that you cannot dial in the parameter of the pedal at the PC!

    Unfortunately I have only a Boss Katana 100 combo here at home and plugged in into that thing it sound a little bit boxy (I assume is the speaker of the Katana). Tomorrow I will bring the Pedal to my rehersal room and give it a try direct into the PA as well as at a 2X12" trough an power amp.

    Please report back would love to hear your opinion.

    Yep, absolute marketing hogwash, A.I is just a buzzword when it comes to this stuff, you want it to follow a set of instructions not screw with it.

    Yeah it’s know official, so many people have asked Kemper to do this, doesn’t interest me personally but if you have hung around here for any time, missed opportunity, maybe?

    No effects loop, big miss, the YouTube paid for mafia are salivating, this is better 😂

    Another thing the A.I as claimed like the Quad, to me it would have to learn someway, never any explanation, until then marketing crap to me.