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    Yes Ebay has some serious problems, a common scam is to wait until a buyer puts in a complaint about goods not been delivered, the seller provides proof of shipping to Ebay after the complaint and then the goods actually show up, usually counterfeit.

    You go to put in a complaint again to find you can’t your restricted to one action that you have already used.

    I also wanted to inspect a guitar locally before buying to find that eBay AI blocks any contact information, easy enough to get around though, it’s just makes things more complicated.

    Best just to use local merchants and community for pricier transactions,if it’s an average Joe ask that they list on a local classifieds where you can exchange details and meet and do a deal.


    For those that don’t like Dumbles this is the Dumble mod for you😄,

    it’s not a typical Dumble sound, you have to try these, wait for his next sale, I only picked them up on a flash sale for 70% off a few days ago, I had 5 minutes left to purchase and picked them up because my favourite amp that I ever owned was a JCM 800 with a 2204 circuit.

    Now it may be a bit of a honeymoon period, but these things may actually be the best profiles I’ve used in my 9 years with the KPA, MY STRAT LOVES THEM, MY LES PAUL SPECIAL P90 EATS THEM, AND EVEN MY VERY PICKY 335 PURRS WITH THEM!

    Clean to scream these may become my go to pack.

    I have to say this is the last profile pack I might be buying from TJ, it is all over the place, the amp sounds good, but the cabs with the different speakers are totally wrong, sounds too far away even for a 4x12, high end is too shrill in half of the profiles. I dont like it even after the F treatment, for me is a great idea done wrong. I had better luck with the twin reverb and ac30/6, but this was a very expensive pack which I have to change the cab section on any profile to be usable.

    Yeah they didn’t do it for me either, but that how it goes sometimes, I love TJ ‘s Twin Reverb and and California clean, a couple of others I have are ok, but before you abandon TJ you gotta check out the Marshall 2204 Dumble mod pack, clean to scream these may become my desert island profiles.

    I do have AKG 701 (they came only in white with gray padding, just so you can identify if they are 701 or not) and they can be driven with the Kemper amp, thing is you dont get good separation (if you get stereo effects in there) and enough juice for the amp to let the lows and highs bloom. Still, totally viable to run them from the kemper. I normally use DT770 pro, and T90s, but same, they can be driven, but the quality its no great. On other cases like with M50s, or SR60s, the kemper is more than enough. You have to experiment tough.

    To be fair, for hearing a single instrument, nothing like monitors at head level or a real cab, you need some spaciousnes to really appreciate the tone of the amp. But for mixing, I am one of the few that actually mix with headphones more than studio monitors.

    To my knowledge the KPA does have the power required to drive AKG 701’s to there full potential, my iPhone does not.

    KPA headphone spec’s are 32-600 ohms, 330 mW @ 32 ohms, 220 mW @ 600 ohms

    The AKG are 62ohms it will be more than the 200mW required that is the limit of the 701’s design and supply enough volume to reach the desired spl without distortion, let’s say around 112-115db for most of us.

    I’m no engineer and the math and science is beyond my abilities but it was elegantly explained to me once, by somebody whose more then qualified to offer an opinion, don’t be fooled by unicorns and fairy dust especially by those that have an invested reason to promote it.

    Exceeding the power limits of design does not have an effect on the openess and sonic performance of pair of headphones.

    Having said that they can have different sound qualities depending upon the design and components chosen.

    Just my 2 cents of course, quite happy to be wrong, my ex-wife made a career out of it.

    Fralin´s are plenty clear and glass-like. Maybe you are missing the upper high impact obtained from a cab, and not a monitor itself. I have a 92 american standard strat, I can testify you should be able to get the "fender crisp tone" from the Brigth chanel twinery verb package profile from tone junkies (that thing is free). Most commercial headphones have a severily lacking uper mids and highs, which is where the fender chime resides in. I hope you get the chance to try studio monitors, or frfrs, that way you will clearly hear what it is supposed to sound like.

    Another thing is the kemper does not have the best headphone amp in the world, hence, high end headphones are not going to get the best results, if I am using headphones, normally I go line level out to my lake people G109A, with a couple of HPs. Otherwise, FRFR with a small subwoofer

    The KPA’s headphone amp may not be the best in the world but it’s better then most, quite capable of running hungry cans usually associated with needing a dedicated amp.

    But I feel the OP’S problem may be in monitoring..

    I personally use a set of AKG 701 ( mmm might be 702’s) straight from the KPA headphone out, used to go via a dedicated amp but found it not necessary.

    These cans translate beautifully to the Kemper Kab, no need for tweaking.

    mmm, I’m having the opposite problem, always trying to tame the sparkle with my 2014 US Strat with the fat 50’s pickups, mostly using Tone Junkies twin verb profiles my current fave, more often then not have the tone dialed back, so I’m no help then.

    May I suggest that you experiment with the micro pitch effect, I’m getting very 12 string like sounds, albeit very processed sounding but pleasing to me.

    Love my Kab, some of the time the different imprints are just flavours, not necessarily better or worse then the original. Can’t say It’s improved any of my favourite profiles though, just different or not as good, but I’m sure it will with more experimentation on some that are not my faves.

    It also reproduces profiles without imprints nicely, gives them a more aitr sound.

    I have an unpowered KPA powered by a SD170 which is great, had my first rehearsal with it recently , kept up with drummer, we are are funk, jazz and blues not metal though.
    Will definitely be looking for a stereo amp and second Kab in the future, maybe a 2 x 12 cab as well which will be more then enough for my one regular small monthly gig when it returns ( I hope)it’s all backline, P.A for vocals only so not just a personal monitor for me.

    Well no, I haven’t tried it but when I first tried the Kab not using the imprints it sounded like crap, until I relished you have tick the Kemper Kone tab in the Master/output section which solved everything.

    So one can only assume that the Kone needs the motherships dsp processing power even without the imprints and hence running say a helix or whatever would not prove ideal.

    Yep, it’s a great effects unit, been running synths through it for years, processed some acoustic instruments as well, only limitation is If you want stereo you have too put the an effects loop in the x slot leaving out all the yummyness of cabs and stomps.

    I was lucky enough to pick up a PowerStage 170 in as new condition on the local clasifieds for 50% rrp.

    Ive seen two others for sale locally and I live in a relatively small market, maybe if you check for local private sales.