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    I am starting to use performance mode and I am confused over something.
    If I have an an effect saved as a preset ie "Taz EQ" which is an EQ with high and low cut.
    I add it to the X slot. Fine and dandy.
    If I want to edit the slot and in particular the X slot there is no longer any association of the EQ with the name "Taz EQ" the values are correct but its difficult to
    know which eq I have loaded in that effects slot (If I have several eq's for example).

    It's not a big deal but I would prefer that on pressing the effect button and getting focus the display would show the preset name and not just the type of effect (ie studio eq in this case).

    The EQ was just a example its the same for all the effects.
    or am i doing something wrong? Like I said its not a big deal but if you have multiple effect presets if difficult to know that they are the ones that are loaded.


    I have had one for acouple of weeks, excellent jamming and songwriting aid. As lef38 said RTFM, itworksgreat,nothing flaky about its recognition, it will even recognise two note chords if you play clearly. Methinks the problem that some have expressed is due to flaky playing and flaky reading abilities re: RTFM.

    jag har haft min remote ett tag men inte haft möjlighet att använda den så mycket.
    looper funktionen är roligt men lite svår då det är lätt att det blir ett *rap* på slutet av stycket men jag antar
    att det är bara att öva.

    Det första jag gjörde på replokalen när jag var själv var att skapa 3 performances med olika dist ljud som jag gillade och sen justera volmen på alla så dom matchade genom att bara byta med remoten och då kunde jag jämföra mellan dom när dom har samma volym, annars har jag jättesvårt att bedöma vilken är bäst.
    Sen kunde jag justera eq och när jag var klar så kopierade dom till performances med olika låt namn. skit bra och all mina dist ljud har samma volym nu i dom olika låtar. Jättenöjd. snart ska jag göra samma med crunch och clean ljud också.
    Hade mycket svårt förut att sätta volym då jag måste alltid dra ner amp vol på varje profil annars går output LED alltid till rött.


    I wouldn't say muffled and distant but overall I find them quite bass-heavy. if I take one of till's latest free rigs and copy the cab to any of the new rigs (3.0) they sound very dark and bassy. not useable at all without alot of tweaking

    Hey! This is what i am experiencing as well. Dark and very Basssy, sound good on the treble pickup of my LP but i don't think thats the way its supposed to be?


    Reading some of the greedy, unpolite, condescending things some Kemper owners write makes me sad.
    The Kemper profiler is revolutionary, the remote is a facilitator for live use (I am on the early bird list). We will get them when they are ready,
    Kemper has nothing to gain in purposely making things harder for their customers, what is wrong with some of you people.
    I've said it before on this forum (which I appreciate for the excellent help, info and comaraderie of being a kemper owner) but some of you people are embarrassingly
    immature. Think i will take up playing banjo instead and hang with people who are grateful for a new pair of dungarees and a felt plectrum.


    I like the PR30 far better than a 57 for guitar. If you ever get a chance to pick up a used Beyer M88 that's in good shape? Buy it. Relatively famous for kick drum, but a very good guitar cab mic. Smooth top and cohesive low end. My favorite mic for a cranked Vox or Vintage Marshall with pre-Rola speakers if 121's just aren't in the sound company's mic locker to allow a dual mic setup.

    Just bought myself a beyer m88, lovely microphones, kick,, guitar, even vocals (good for thin and nasally voices).