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    Line 6 does not make pro audio gear. They make cheap consumer gear with components that are prone to failure. "Runaway success" is like saying the speaker on your iPhone is a runaway success for speakers creating rich and authentic music playback. Let's not worry about what Line6 is doing, they will continue making garbage on a cyclical basis that will eventually end up in a landfill.

    Everybody else is trying to play catchup, Fractal included. We don't want a Kemper that is scraping ideas from the bottom of the barrel.If Kemper and UA teamed up to make a product, I think we would see some real innovation. I don't think we need a second Kemper, but maybe there's room for a second product which serves an entirely different purpose.

    Silly analogy. Kemper does not live in a space protected from evolving user needs, competitive forces or whatever new, better price/performance technology allows for. Odds are stacked against such a scenario. I think the evolution of the Access Virus may be one indication of CKs way of thinking, maybe another is the decline in significant new software features lately. Something is brewing. :-) IMHO.

    1. Line 6 has their next platform out and appears to be a runaway success.
    2. Fractal has their next move in place.
    3. Software such as S-Gear, Mercuriall Spark etc. has never been better.

    Additionally, the architecture, GUI and lack of editor makes it dated, so IMHO Kemper needs to move. I hope they:

    1. Keep their core sound advantage.
    2. Improve routing flexibility, add multiple paths.
    3. Add USB audio.
    4. Add more IO, like Helix and Axe-Fx III to integrate with what we all have.
    5. Improve effects, in particular reverbs.
    6. Improve their on-the-box GUI
    7. Add an editor.

    I happen to know a guy that runs a music store and there Helix Floor outsells Helix Rack 10:1, I think the adding a floorboard should be #1.


    I have been trying to read the manual to understand the signal S/PDIF/reamping signal flow, but dont quite get it, to say the least. What I would like to do is in effect to use S/PDIF in/out as an effects loop to connect to my MacBook where I have a number of effects plugins, then route the signal back to the KPA in the digital domain rather than doing an DA-AD out and back in again.

    If I set S/PDIF OUTPUT to Git / Stack, can I then process the right/processed signal in the MacBook and the send it back in the signal flow "where it left"?

    Or will the signal reenter at the input and the right signal is just for monitoring purpose while recording the dry signal for (later) processing.

    Thanks for any help!

    I also bought the Beyerdynamic 880 Pro and thought it was how things were supposed to sound. Then I bough a Fostex headset about 3x the price, can't remember the name, Im not at home as I write this. The first time I listened to David Foster and Friends I right out cried because I heard music in a way and sounds I had never heard before. The Beyerdynamics may be correct, but they are utterly boring and the bass extension was just not there at all.

    Also, when using headphones, I use quite a bit of the space effect which makes the sound *much* better.

    I have had the Ultra, now use the Kemper, Axe-Fx II, an Eventide H8000-FW and Eventide H9 (from before I got the H8000). The Ultra certainly has good effects, but as far as reverbs go, and if you can live with one effect at a time in addition to those you have in the Kemper, you can get better reverbs and delays cheaper in the Eventide H9, IMHO.

    Once I got exposed to Eventide, most other reverbs sound inferior. For delays I can live with any including the Kemper. The H9 has incredible reverb and delay sounds in a low-cost (relative to what you get) package, IMHO. I also find it very easy to dial in either using the pedal buttons or the apps. I also find the H9 to be quieter than the Axe-Fx II but that may be due to my setup.

    Though if you prefer a rack format, then the H9 may not apply.

    North, are you using the AER 8s in a band situation If so what kind of band how loud do you play. I,ve noticed several people here are using powered cabs with 10" or 8in peakers as opposed to 12s. ?( thanks Paul

    4-piece band. I would say we dont play very loud nor is the drummer very loud, but the AG8s are easily loud enough to cause ringing ears, FWTW. As you increase volume toward their capacity you will lose some bass. I had the EV ZXA1 and prefer the AERs as they are less hyped/harsh and the transition from woofer to horn is completely transparent. The other thing that i like about the is that they feel quicker more punchy than the 12s I have used.

    I use two of these:…es/pdf_data/Flyer/AG8.pdf

    Very compact, loud enough and best of all no tweeter beaming that plague many other FRFR monitors I have tried (QSC K10, FBT Verve). Completely transparent transition from woofer to horn. I also have a pair of RCF NS10-SMAs, but like the AERs better as they are softer sounding/not as "hard" in the top end. I have the Kemper gigbag and the bags for these and its all great to move around. Thinking about adding a third for W/D/W as we speak.


    How's it less? It's one foot controller either way. I believe there won't be any foot pedals integrated on the KFC judging from the schematics ckemper has posted.

    I like the idea of a dedicated Kemper floorboard but II am skeptical it will be flexible enough to integrate other gear. I am sure it will pair perfectly with just the KFC but I use external fx as well.

    My apologies, I was reading what I´m hoping for which is a floor version of the Kemper, not a just a pedalboard.

    I don't get the obsession with a Kemper branded foot controller when there are many powerful foot controllers on the market that would work perfectly with the KPA. The Liquid Foot ones, Ground Control Pro, etc.

    Assume you are bringing equipment to and from practice 2 times per week.
    Would you like to carry one less device? I would, simple as that.

    Always looking for less to carry to and from practice and gigs and I would buy a floor Kemper the minute it was announced. I do understand why they went rack first, but really hoping Kemper will do the floor format too.

    Dear guitarplaying friends.
    CK has stated he does not know what to change to satisfy those of us (I cant) who hear a difference in 1.6.
    Could we all drop it here? Lets instead all thank him for the KPA, 1.6 and wish him the best with the launch at NAMM?
    Product launches can be extremely taxing and we could let him use all his time and energy for that.
    Can we all do this together?

    I feel compelled to say I have never been happier with my guitar sound than with the KPA and 1.6. The sound I get with my CS strat and the KPA just blows my mind every time. I have played guitar for 35 years and played and rotated a lot of amps and pedals.
    Heartfelt thanks and good luck with NAMM!

    Now over at HRI too? I used to think Scott was a good guy. He has now kicked every ounce of respect I had out on the internet landfill with his aliasing rant.
    Then his its only gear, its only the internet, its not real etc. lecturing the world seems to show an inflated self-image to top it.

    I don't know how CK will answer to this, but the only thing that i can say is that i have never seen anyone being so childish in the business world.
    I think that the Axe Fx stuff (i owned a Standard and an Ultra) is one hundred times more professional than its creator.

    Fractal has had it easy until now. Their business model selling direct and great customer intimacy has served them well.
    Over the past six+ months the number of reviews, general publicity and internet buzz around the KPA has exploded. Today, I saw the KPA for the first time in a local music store in Norway. Now Cliff has to decide if he wants to play the game or not. If he continues with the current model (vs. retail), then he will be left behind, plain outnumbered/outmuscled. The game is no longer the product, but the distribution.
    Are we seing signs of desperation with his aliasing and sampling commentary? Perhaps. Maybe poor values, judgement or social skills, I don´t know. What I do know is that it leaves me as a customer of his with a bad taste in my mouth.
    Whatever - if the KPA really is as underpowered as he says, then there are some software developer(s) that should be admired as with me the KPA with my favorite strat is getting all the attention these days.
    Maybe thats whats eating him; someone out there is smarter ...