Having the same issue here, legacy reverb presets dissapeared from saved effects list , and when i copied them in manually , they sound nothing like they used to .

    I even downgraded the fw to compare, the legacy reverb parameters are different , the time parameter used to go to 0 , now it bottoms out at 200ms . so if I had a preset with a 0 setting how can I enter this on the new fw legacy reverbs when the minimum is 200ms ?


    My delay presets were saved when I upgraded to the new delays way back when .But the reverbs simply vanish from the preset list ,

    I downgraded to the previous fw , and wham there they were again like magic. I upgraded and again , and poof gone....

    Something we have to live with ?

    One of the recurring themes of the kemper team was that old saved sounds and presets would never change with fw updates , unlike the axe fx . Its great to have new reverbs And Im thankful for it , but why do we have lose work and effort put into saving custom presets for the old reverbs ?

    Now I may have to start over and try to recreate something similar with new reverbs.

    After updating fw , my reverb presets have been deleted!

    Anyway to get legacy reverb presets back ?

    it seems to have deleted only the custom reverb presets i had created , all the delay and gain ones are still there

    I loaded in a backup but it still didnt work

    with the new firmware are the old reverb presets no longer useable?

    I totally agree with this , Ive bought alot of profile packs and spent too much money only to download them and find out they don't sound good with my guitar .

    Either way Ive spent hundreds buying and regretting , if you could try before buying and just have a 30 second noise pulse inserted in the profile or something like torpedo studio does and many other companies , that could work well and save alot of money and time !!

    Allowing us to try the actual profile with our guitar , and not just hearing a recorded clip that could have double tracking , in a mix , equed.. might not even be the kemper might be an amp . Who knows if the clip is the real profile?also its someone else's guitar not your own ... which will sound different . The best way to buy a Real amp is to go to a music store plug it in and listen , then decide , with online profiles you cant do that and there's no return policy , which is not true of real amps , you usually get 30 days to return them online and at guitar center. Even when buying the kemper itself you have a return policy if you don't like it .So why not a try before you buy in the Rig editor?

    A great feature when playing with multiple bands would be a simple lock screen like phones and computers have . Require a 4 digit code to access kemper controls etc, so that when leaving a kemper onstage other bands, guys from other bands etc cant get curious etc and adjust settings and even save them . Most people are respectful of others gear but some are not .

    A simple password stops any screwing with settings etc.

    Its seems with the latest update to rig manager , it will no longer talk to my profiler .
    I tried reinstalling rig manager and deleting the driver .
    But windows does not recognize the device.

    Has allways worked fine for years!!

    Is there a driver file I could install somewhere that would fix that ?

    Really annoying!!!

    I alos agree with you on room tone , I find alot of the tones I love from records used mics in the room . the placement of a room mic not only affects the reverb but the eq curve , rolling off the highs making them less harsh but still cutting . I dont think simple eq can replicate that , and kemper is focused on close miking only and does it well i think , but lots of great guitar sounds used multiple room mics and you can hear it in isolated samples. Watch this guy on youtube running a plexi with 2 mics a close up one and a room mic and switching between them then blending , the blended sound is amazing ! the close mic sounds just like kemper to me which is good it does what it claims , but is there a way to emulate or model the 2 mics blended?

    I have heard people say things like the kemper cant do amp in a room sound , But What Im looking is not the amp in a room next to me , but the sound of a amp in a room miked up and coming through monitors exactly what is heard on the recrding not just the close mic but the blended room mic also!!

    youtube the room mic is half the guitar sound

    I find the definition paramater makes the biggest difference to cutting that out of the profile, most profiles seem to come with definition at full or close to full, i pull that down to just over half normally otherwise it is shrill at gig volumes.

    This whole trebe/fizz issue is the number one reason I am considering selling my kemper and dxr10 and moving to something else. I can dial in tones, but i usually have to over haul them to get them close to what I am looking for, these profile edits usually end up changing the characteristics of the tone so I find the whole thing a bit annoying. Sitting here with my charvel, kemper and drx10 i can flick through 50 profiles on the rig exchange and they fall into 1 out of 2 catagories, too bright or too dark. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that the kemper is fantastic at cleans but falls short for high gain. Dissapointing after having owned mine for 2 years.

    I totally agree and have owned my kemper since 2012.
    I allways have to tweak like hell and fight to get a good meaty tone . when you cut the high end it ends up dull , if you dont , its thin and the pick attacks are too sharp and theres this scratchy high end thing.
    Ive heard theese issues on the ax fx and helix clips too so I think maybe its just an issue with modeling in general .

    But I somethines think of selling the kemper alos , but not sure if theres anything better , axe fx heliz they all seem to have same issue ,maybe modeling has some room for improvement still?

    The current studio equalizer in the kemper is good , but when attempting to boost the guitar signal into an amp the old trick was to use the furman PQ3 , and boost some frequencies as much as 15- 20 db .... and the pq3 had a q of nearly 3 this is not possible with the kemper studio eq, .
    If you could consider a parametric with a higher q and higher boost cut for the future , and less noise it would be great !


    You should not have to press the two <> arrow keys while booting up your profiler. Simply install the "kaos.bin" OS file onto the ROOT drive of your USB stick, plug it into a an already "up and running" profiler, wait a few seconds for the prompt to appear on the LCD screen, then follow the instructions. It is right in the KPA Reference Manual:

    Pgs 149-150 of the latest Reference Manual 4.0:

    I think hes trying to downgrade his operating system , in which case just sticking the usb stick in while the kemper is running , does nothing! and doesnt prompt you because it has a newer operating system on the kemper than on the stick !

    I noticed that when they first converted them all to legacy there is no distinction between analog and free delay .
    I use analog specifically for the fact that the pitch changes when changing delay time to create tom scholtz hyperspace sounds. so that part still works for me thankfully using legacy delay !. so it seems the only option is analog delay or tempo synced , maybe the plan was they are adding those delays back in the upcoming firmware as part of the new delays

    im actually pretty happy with the new firmware!
    Morphing is awesome !! I set up a delay before the amp section and used an expession pedal to morph the delay time and repeats and got a pretty good tom scholtz hyperspace pedal thing going on .
    There might be some bugs , like when i tried to move the order of the stomps around with the legacy delay in one of them it crashed , but its BETA!!
    I dont gig with it , and I wouldn't gig with a beta release.All in all I think its great Thanks KEMPER TEAM!! .

    Other companies don't even offer fw upgrades , line 6 makes you pay for every single extra feature you want to add in packs and model packs , eleven rack stopped upgrading firmware years and years ago and abandoned thier product !. Digitech relied on third party beta releases for thier gsp1101 , and didn't release any official upgrades at all in 5 years , and they were selling units based on the added features from those secret beta releases ! , and are still selling the gsp1101 !
    Axe fx does give you fw upgrades , but everytime it screws up all the saved sounds you worked hours on making , and then eventually they stop supporting it like the axe 1 , and force you to buy the latest hardware at full cost .

    Kemper team allows you to keep your existing sounds and add features to the same hardware that to me is amazing and well worth a few bugs here and there.
    I'm thankfull kemper continues to invest R and D into the product , so bugs are just part of the process and will get ironed out in time , no worries! :)

    One thing with all the delays now under legacy delay , I was playing with the new firmware and noticed I couldnt change from analog to digital delay . how can you change from analog to digital delay like you could before , is it allways analog? which is good for me , but just curious

    thats also because the tone range at 50% before...was 100%...they have changed that. Overall they are all pretty close to the real deal now!

    this would be a bad thing , if this is true making all of my saved presets with stomps have to be retweaked.
    I for one dont want this !
    tweaking all the stomps to get the sound I had saved before is not fun , if they change the tone knob so that 50 percent is not what it was before

    Maybe make an option to leave it as it was in fw 3.3 , or change to the new range in 4 by pressing a switch