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    I have the FCB with EurekaProm and not sure that it will work as the FCB basically is now a dedicated controller for the KPA. You could probably replace the EurekaProm with the stock Eprom and then program it to run into the Motu and then send midi info to the KPA. I could be totally offbase and if so would like to hear from others as well.

    A real small unit that sounds pretty good is the TC Helicon FX150. You can mount it on a mic stand and is great for controlled feedback. Perhaps not a big "wow" factor but certainly sounds good and is small and lightweight


    Just downloaded and wow best AC30 profiles that I have found. Will definately be using these alot. This mixed with the Dumble pack is probably all I need (but we all know we won't stop at that LOL)


    Sounds great, I used to have the PedalTone and loved it. I even used it to record direct on a movie soundtrack about 10 years ago. I sure wish however that I had the WOS back then as it would have been even more pleasing. I now have the WOSIII and use it quite a bit with my Ethos OD as well as sometimes mix or solo the speaker sim from the Ethos and am very happy with the tones I get. And then of course my KPA on it's own but that's another great tone tool and story as well

    I am getting an FCB1010 to use with my KPA and am leaning to getting the Eurekaprom for it. I saw the MidiMizer accessory on their site and wonder if anyone
    here uses or has tried one. If so, how well does it work? Are there any glitches that you noticed and if you went back to the standard 2 midi cables if there was any difference in performance between the two?

    Not sure what the contradiction is, as I said when I first turn on the unit I sometimes get the problem, then when I reboot (as in turning it off and then back on) it seems to work ok

    My KPA, in the past sometimes when I turn it on, the Input and Output LED's are dark ie not showing any activity but is still passing signal. This morning, when I turned it on the Input was showing activity but the output was dark and there was no output of signal. Each time if I reboot it seems to correct itself however it does make me nervous about this especially as I have 2 gigs starting tomorrow night. I have sent a ticket to KPA support as well so will see what they say

    Just wondering if any one else has had this issue. I am on Version 4.06.12337



    They do sound great however they are really hot output as it sends the output into the Red and quite a pop. I backed the volume of the amp down which helped. Also the tone control settings are pretty extreme, was that after fine tuning the amp you found you needed it? Don't get me wrong, the profiles sound real good but I do need to add a cab in the DI'd ones and adjust some of the parameters. I am testing through my studio monitors

    Could you not make a profile setting with a loop in either stomp D or X and bypass the Amp, EQ, and Cab for that setting? Also as per nightlight's suggestion above do the opposite and put it in the loop of the Axe and use the abundant and great effects of the Axe, not to take anything away from the KPA

    A friend sent me some 3rd Party IR's that he used with his Helix and when I tried to load them into CabLab it said "File cannot be imported, 44.1kHZ sampling rate with either 16 or 24 bits are required." So first off I am not sure what sampling rate these IR's are and any info on being able to convert if at all possible would be appreciated