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    So has anyone else found the new delays? Sorry haven't gone through all these posts. I have them with 4.01 if you bring up Legacy delay in a profile and then scroll through with the Browser knob, just past all of the DIST "profiles" you'll get to DLY and there are 13 variations including 3 of the Edge.

    I am a Mac user as well and it does it pretty well every day where I have to reboot it and today it also had to go through all my profiles while loading. Also I noticed that some of the profiles on the KPA don't have author or amp tags and if I click on it (using the RE) It won't load I have backups that I have to reload in my profiler and then that profile is back to normal in my KPA

    I'm thinking of going the PodHD500 route for both a midi controller and extra FX. Reading through this post, I think I would probably do the 4CM by putting the loop in the X Slot etc and be able to use the looper and effects from the Pod for post effects not in the Kemper
    and assign FS1-4 for turning A-D stomp effects on and off and FS5-8 for profile changes. As long as there isn't any degradation in tone which according to previous posts is negligable that looks like the best option. One other thing that I am wondering about is adding a second expression pedal for Morphing. If I read correctly from previous posts, once you add a second expression pedal you can't assign the toe switch on expression pedal 1 to act as an on/off for the wah? I'll re-read the Pod Manual but if anybody has any insight on this I would appreciate it

    Sorry if this has been touched on already but I just loaded 4.0 and was working with some of my rigs and noticed that the volume or level control is missing now on the Cabinet module. To be honest it may have been in 3.3 as well but didn't notice it. Anybody else see this?


    See if you can get an input that is line level and bypass the mic preamps as I ran into this before and it makes a world of difference. I found the Kemper sounded fuller and less "fizzier" through a line input vs regular mic input. And of course make sure the EQ strip on the board is set flat for your channel

    YMMV, IMHO etc etc

    What happened to the Dumble profile? I can't find it anymore :(

    Go to page two of this thread and go to guitarnet70 post (3rd last) and there is a link DP DUMBLE that you can click on. By the way, both of them are great. Have been tweaking some of the FX but the core tones
    are really good

    Cheers and Merry Christmas everyone in Kemperland!


    Is there a level control on the Wah in the Helix? You have checked the input and output level of the loop you have the Kemper in I assume. Only other thing I wondered is. is the loop in parallel or series with the Wah ie a straight through path with the wah to the output and the loop in a parallel path that might not have the levels set accordingly to the two paths? Sorry I don't have a Helix so just trying to help out with a few guesses
    as I was thinking of using this setup as well but haven't ordered a Helix yet


    Just picked up 2 mini packs, the Marshall and Guytron. Marshalls are great and the Guytron I wasn't quite sure what to expect but am really digging these. And here I thought I had enough with Pack 1, 2, 3 and the Dumble pack. Well done Michael!

    Just checked them out Michael, great stuff as usual. Not sure if I should be happy or sad as I was trying to tell myself I have enough
    profiles ( I have your Packs 1, 2, 3 and Dumble) but as usual the samples sound great so my credit card may be getting another hit shortly. Especially interested in the Guytron as Graydon was one of my guitar students many years ago and had the opportunity to play one of his more recent GT100's and they are a remarkable amp

    Your new website design looks good too!


    Anyone else try out the new Beta 3.1.3 yet? Just tried it and so far seems to be working ok and not loading any weird anomalies via midi foot controller/ rig manager. Will
    be working with it more as this week goes on.

    Tried them out and was quite impressed esp the Lead2 profiles. Generally on a lot of hi gain profiles I find I have to tweak them a lot
    to get to what I would use but I didn't with these
    Keep up the great work!

    So after going back and checking my cabs in the profile, I noticed that the author name was listed as JOECZ or something like that on
    all of the profiles and it should have been MBRITT. Once I reloaded the cab on the first saved profile they all reverted to the correct cab
    profiles that I had originally. Is this a fault of the new 3.1.2 update? Anyway glad to get the great tones back


    I upgraded to 3.1.2 back on the 11th of August and everything was fine. I did notice sometimes there was a noise when switching via midi but would go away after a few seconds. But just this morning the Kemper sounds like I have the cab section turned off (bee in a jar syndrome) but the cabs are on and I didn't change anything in that regard. I am running it into my studio monitors as usual. Didn't change anything. Tried unhooking the midi controller (Voodoo Labs Ground Control) and no difference even if
    I rebooted the KPA. The only thing I had been doing was editing a profile and saved it and assigned the midi pc # tested it out and then everything started sounding bad
    Any ideas that I can check> Should I try restoring to a previous version?

    Any help would be appreciated