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    I was just wondering if anyone has tried making a bracket that would use the existing strap button holes in the sides to
    mount a bracket that could be mounted on a mic stand. I remember back when Gallien Krueger had their
    little ML series amps that you could get a bracket to attach it to a mic stand (tripod for extra support)
    Just thought it may be a cool idea for those using it live if they are going FRFR or in ear and don't have a place
    to put the Kemper within reach.

    HI Paco

    The ODS Clean and Pushed are great, I am still working on the solo profile of yours, there again different guitars etc but overall very well done
    From one ODS30 owner to another, great work! I still have yet to come up with a profile of mine that I am happy with so I appreciate
    the effort you have gone to. I don't have a good recording setup or room so my results so far have been sub-par.
    Any chance you could try the following settings, Input gain 1-2 O'Clock, brite off, deep off, jazz setting, Treble 11 Oclock, Mid and Bass around 12 Oclock, mid boost on, OD in around 11 O'clock OD master and Master to taste, Presence around 10 to 12 oclock. I find this setting pretty good for a smooth but fat overdrive getting closer to Robben Ford. I use this with an Eminence Red White and Blues so the mids may need adjusting with a 1265. Humbucking guitars but even teles sound good (at least to me)

    The Two Rock in amp pack 6 is not a Custom Reverb its a Classic Reverb different amp and gain structure. I bought that profile but couldn't get it close to the Custom Reverb I have played through. Will try the Schofield and see if that's closer

    I am still trying to come up with a profile of my ODS30 that I am happy with. I don't have a great recording setup so

    that is my main issue. I have thought of going to a friends place that runs a pro studio to do it and may at some

    point in the future. Paco some of my best tones that I get from my Fuchs is all switches down and run input volume 12-2 O'Clock

    and OD Gain anywhere between 10 and 12 and master to taste. Also have the mid boost on. I run it through either an open back

    112 with an Eminence RWB or EVM12L. Both great starting points for a Robben Ford type tone. Lower Gain slightly for Larry.

    Guitars of course are the other equation but this can be a ball park setting to start with. I have also tried profiling my Ethos only with

    pretty good results and am planning on doing a few more.

    Mats we all owe you alot for your profiles of the Black Goop and VanWeeldon Stop etc. I was originally going to say check your own profiles :-)

    Any chance you have the cab sims turned off? As it sounds like they sounded good through a guitar oriented speaker could be a possibility

    that it was accidentally turned off.

    I have had the TLE and then traded for a TLE/Classic. I love this pedal! It has great tones on tap and is very versatile in the fact that you can use it as

    a stomp pedal in front of an amp (it seems to like most Fender amps that I plugged it into) It can be used as a preamp into a power amp and cab (or in Will's case the Tech 21 Power Engine - hope I got that correct) and it is a very good direct device as well. This is what I use it for the most. Even though I have

    a Kemper now and have a lot of versatility with it the Ethos is going to be something I hang onto and can still be used as a backup if heaven forbid the

    Kemper went down on a gig. One thing like most devices don't be afraid to experiment with gain and tone controls as there are a lot of tones in there

    that might not be apparent until you spend time with both channels (or third if you count the boost on the overdrive channel)

    I have had the Kemper for about a month now and really am happy with it. I have started to work with the profiles and tweaking some more

    to my liking however I have had it happen twice now that if I am searching for a different cab profile the signal quits and nothing no input signal even

    to the tuner, I turn the power off and then it works ok again. Perhaps I am doing something wrong but it seems intermittant as I have done it

    a few other times and it works fine. For what its worth when searching for the cab profiles I am using the browse knob. I have Beta 1.8 loaded



    I don't own a Suhr Badger 35 but have played through about 4 different ones, all with the same results ,,, GREAT!

    I found a setting by balancing the gains and the power scaling and by using my volume and pickup selector (this is using

    a strat with S/S/H pickup configuration) go from clean to mean and alot in between as they say. Now I'm not a metal player

    by any means but it gives me what I would need for most of the classic rock gigs that I have played. I have tried the 18, the 30 and

    of course the 35's and I did like the 18 and I find that the 35 is just a bigger sounding 18 which makes sense as the 18 uses

    2 EL84's and the 35 uses 4 whereas the 30 uses EL34's.

    In fact I almost bought one but decided to buy a Kemper instead for even more versatility as I am playing more at home and

    recording these days than playing live. Love the Kemper and once I get better results or results that I am happy with profiling

    I would definately choose a Badger 35 to profile.

    My .02 worth