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    If you hover over the stars with your mouse and it should allow you to vote. You must be logged in. It will also only allow voting for downloaded profiles.

    While in the Browser Mode the tuner is still active. As I missing something? It appears to me the tuner is always on. The only difference I see it that in tuner mode you get the level
    in browser you only see the 3 LED's which is still pretty accurate.

    It is really amazing how the Fractal diehards are so quick to agree with all this tech data that is being published. 99.9% have never even tried the Kemper yet are the first ones to take this information
    and claim victory. (keeping score, LOL)
    I guess if it sounds good on a tech spec sheet then it must be better, forget what is actually sounds like, look at these numbers. :D


    I just uploaded my attempt at the lead channel of my Mark IV. This was profiled directly from the effects send and I added a 5150b cab to it.
    Added profile using the Record Output.

    I use 1 FBT Verve 8ma and I need to turn the presence down to get that smooth Boogie tone. Adjust to taste.

    There are 2 rigs on in the group that have no data, remove those two and it should import without any issues. All the Rig should have 4k. It will error out if you have a rig with anything less.
    (Cabs are 1k).
    Same thing happened to me on a few occasions with some bundles. Once the offending files are removed it will complete.

    Thanks for the advise. I get the Mic tomorrow and will give it a go. I can't believe I don't have an SM57 laying around, just some cheap Audio Technica VM605 which apparently doesn't work anymore. ;(

    I didn't see many Mk IV profiles so If I can get some good ones I will post them.,

    I ordered an SM57 to use for profiling. I attempted to profile my Mark IV using the DI method from the effects send. It turned out OK but adding the cab after the fact seems to have a different
    effects on the end result.

    Is there anything else I need to get a great profile other than the mic? Is a mic preamp a requirement?

    The setup I want to profile is my Mark IV through a 1x12 Thiele bottom loaded with an EVM12L.

    Any tips on mic placement, refining etc.. to achieve the best results?

    I used to use the Axe II but found I really didn't use half of the options it came with. I pretty much use straight forward effects and a few amp tones.
    I tried the KPA and found it was much easier to dial in using the existing profiles available than the Axe. I now have over 2000+ although I had to weed through
    them to get the amps I liked. I am down to about 900 in the unit and that can be trimmed a lot more.
    Not having the editor isn't much of an issue although it would be great. KPA has added a favorite list and you can also use the snapshot function to save
    a handful of amps you really like.
    What sold me was the feel and dynamics of this unit. It just feels right. Most user profiles only needed minor tweaks to get where I wanted them.
    The effects are great. Love the reverb and delay. The profiled pedals available are also killer.

    You will need a sound card of some sort into your DAW, also the MFC would be setup using MIDI.