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    Thank Alan. That’s why I mentioned amps with only a single “tone “ control.

    I also remember reading that back in the day, Marshall users found that rolling the bass control

    off would increase mids.

    So, my theory is pretty much shot down, cept for simple circuits, but maybe it is possible to

    build one or two of these curves into the software? ?

    Too bad Andy isn’t around to answer this, as it applies especially to his profiles, but there are many “ cranked” profiles.

    My question is,. Are the tone controls cranked ? If so, then all we need do, is cut tone to achieve almost any setting that

    Particular amp is capable of. I’m referring only to vintage amps with passive tone controls. Especially ones with only one

    Tone control.

    In theory, if this is the case, then only one profile needs to be done on an amp with. A passive tone circuit.

    I’ve owned several vintage Teles and partscasters. My advice is to play before you buy. Each one

    has it’s own character and it depends on what style music you’ll be using it to play.

    My personal preference is toward black guard specs, especially A 3 magnets.

    I play mostly blues / jazz based stuff and love my mids.

    I currently have 2 Teles. One is black guard style with a real 57 neck . The other is a pine body

    with a 1/4 sawn , roasted neck. Both sound amazing! The black guard has Black Rope pups

    The pine has Cavalier Lions , which also have A3’s

    I hope this helps.

    You can find excellent info on the Tele forum. TDPRI.

    I now have “ Pure Cab.” ON. It’s taken out some of the harshness.

    Monitor cabinet remains off.

    I also lowered the br. PU, which helped.

    My Strat and Tele sound good thru this V Type, so it seems to

    be a matter of getting these new Phat Cats dialed in.

    It’s now about an 80% improvement.

    I don’t like mine w the DXR10 or my JBL studio monitors. Could be we have the same shit ears or

    maybe we prefer guitar cab’s. In the “bedroom “ I use AKG studio phones with excellent results and live I go thru a 1 x 12 open back cab w a Celestion.

    Others will tell you what works for them.

    I decided to start this new thread for headphone users, but I’m sure there are other uses.

    Adding Space to the Reverb effects has really improved headphone use hasn’t it .

    For h.p. practice now I have Space in the reverb slot for all my favourites.

    I now usually put a Spring Reverb in one of the pre amp slots now, or in the X slot.

    I find this really beefs everything up and sounds more like practicing live in a small room.

    Am I imagining that these verbs, particularly natural, improve the sound of some profiles?

    I tried it w a couple M Britt Marshall’s and I usually don’t like verb w Marshall , but it seems

    to enrich the harshness...

    Thanks so much Kemper team.

    Seems risky...maybe I’ll wait for NAMM, or for a more official announcement.

    I’ve been waiting a yr. a few more days won’t hurt...

    Sounds like it’s really going to be a large improvement though.

    Kemper team never ceases to amaze.

    The gift that keeps on giving.

    Thank you K

    I have jbl studio monitors, a dxr 10 and a small open back 1 x 12” cab with a Celestion.

    The Celestion is by far my favourite. But it depends on what style/ sound you’re after.

    Most of the time I use Akg phones.

    Fender tweeds are my favourite amp, just so you know what sound I like.