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    many amateur players love Kemper but just can’t afford $2k. or don’t need so many features.

    Is it possible to build a stomp box with one profile. ? Maybe 3 or 4 knobs and a foot switch,

    Maybe a larger box with 3 or 4 different amps. and a few more knobs and switches ?

    If this is possible for $200. to $500. I think there’s a huge untapped market.

    a Bose Soundlink.

    It’s about 10 yrs old, has 2 speakers about 2” dia.

    No tweeters or sub.

    I’m actually very impressed with the sound.

    It sits on top my Kemper, about 4 ft from my head. So it’s very near field in your face.

    I think the secret is a full range small speaker, very guitar amp sounding.

    I see Klipsch makes one with a single 3” speaker. Might buy one if they go on sale.

    I used my AKG k240df. as reference.

    Lowered bass and presence. Boosted output section.

    Of course...that’s why a flat response amp and speaker is the ultimate choice, if

    you want to reproduce the profile as close as possible to the amp it came from.

    Any guitar amp or speaker will change the sound of the profile as it was recorded.

    try AKG studio phones. They are my benchmark and have been for 8 yrs. I’m still trying to

    find anything that sounds as good. In fact I use these to dial in my live sound, by a/b ‘g the sound

    of the AKG’s with the sound of my monitor.

    The type of music you play and the profiles used also factor in, as does your guitar and pups.

    I use almost exclusively pro studio profiles. eg. MBritt or Andy’s stuff, Top Jimi, ...

    some of us have tried this, but the profiles will sound very different than the originals.

    If you only use 1 or 2 profiles of a similar amp, then that will be “your signature sound “

    It may sound great but it sort of defeats the purpose of the Kemper.

    I’ve gone back to struggling with a DXR 10 Yamaha monitor. I’ve owned my Kemper for 8

    yrs and am still learning. It’s not really like plugging into a Champ..hahahahaha. It requires

    lots of experimenting but I think it’s worth it...I never owned any other gear for 8 years.

    If you play loud and can afford it, maybe you would consider a Kone Kabinet. I would, but

    I’m not gigging now. Too bad they don’t have a low power practice version, maybe an 8”.

    the Monk knows his stuff, but in case you’re unaware, there are also EQ sections in the output

    section. Adjusting these will apply to all your profiles, not just a single profile.

    You can also use the hi and low filters in the output section.

    A typical guitar speaker has a limited range of about 75 to 5k. Try setting your limiters

    to that range .

    These are just general suggestions and depending on your guitar and profiles, not to

    mention monitors, you’ll need to spend time..

    Oh ya...then there’s the room... and on it goes.

    I love my headphones..I just wish everything else was that simple.

    Another issue is the x over point of the monitors. If it’s below 5k then you still

    have that annoying horn / tweeer . They just don’t sound like guitar speakers.

    A graphic e.q. would help us dial out some of the offending “horn” resonance.

    I prefer h.p.’s, for quiet noodling, but use a 12” Celestion in an open back cab for jams.

    I tried JBL studio monitors and didn’t like the “ feel “

    Lately I’ve been using a Yamaha DXR 10. It sounds very accurate to the profiles

    and has a great feel. It took awhile to get my settings just right, but with the new 8.0

    and o.d.’s. It’s the best solution for me.

    I resurrected a 2013 MacBook Pro. Free upgrade to latest version of Mojave.

    You could pick on of them up for dirt cheap. There are still advantages to a Mac

    vs iPad.

    There are tons of great amp profiles now that need no external pedals. Especially

    all the old tweed and b.f. Fenders.