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    Just as an update incase this should happen to anyone else and to have an idea of repair costs...this is the reply from Kemper:

    "We tested your Profiler, the power supply needs to be replaced.
    The price for this repair is around 140 Euros + 30 Euros shipping + 19% VAT.
    We will also replace the front boards to fix the Led problem. This will be handled under good will of Kemper for free."

    From the reference manual Trouble Shooting chapter:

    Not sure if this is something you've tried or not, but try doing exactly as it is stated - unplug cable from kemper and wait 2 full minutes.

    Yeah. One of the first things I tried. Also waited a full day lol. The unit is currently winging it's way back to Germany as I write this. I tried different power leads, different outlets etc etc. All to no avail...

    I know you don't want to hear this, but I think it's vital for all the folks who read this thread, considering the investment that we all make in our gear, it's vital to buy the gear to protect it

    I certainly would agree with this! I'm currently in the process of sending it in for repair. I'll update any information I get as a means of documentation should any future events like this happen to someone else. I'm just lucky I have other gear to rely on as I have gigs this weekend. However I do have to say that I've had my Kemper since 2012 and played countless gigs with it and it has never ONCE let me down.

    I think I've fried my Kemper :( I had it turned on sitting on my desk and a family member turned on an electrical appliance from the wall socket and BANG!! the whole house went out (tripped). Something in my room made a very audible bang and I thought it was actually my lightbulb that exploded as that is what it sounded like. After turning everything back on, my Kemper now won't turn on at all and when I turn the wall outlet power on (with the power lead plugged in the Kemper) I can hear what I can only describe as a 'clunk' coming from the Kemper when it 'receives' the power from the wall. Then obviously, it won't power on using the the chicken knob. I really thought/hoped that the Kemper had a built in surge protector. Sure I read somewhere that it did..?

    I've tried waiting 30mins, an hour, to no avail. I've tried different outlets, different power leads and doing the reset options...still won't come on. I've opened a ticket with support but just came on here to ask if any of you guys had a similar issue or any other ideas I'm missing.

    Other than that I guess I'll be sending it in for repair.

    If it will cost more than 200 euros I'm not going to buy it. For 150 euros you can buy a new FCB with 2 pedals that works with any other software/hardware beyond kemper.

    This made me chuckle. This is going to be a 'high end' product. You really expecting this to be around the price of an FCB? I guess you'll be sticking to that then eh? :D Don't get me wrong...I hope it is, but I'm more than happy to pay for a well made, Kemper designed foot controller.

    Djemass...if ever you do an update and you think it sounds different, just try to record it. Then when you do a hard reset or revert back to an older software you then have a comparison for yourself, us and indeed support. Please the hard reset worked out for you anyway.

    I have actually been in touch with support. They advised me to send my unit in. But as I use my Kemper professionally I simply cannot be without it for the time being. They did say it wasn't a 'critical' issue but nevertheless, I'd still prefer it not to be there. BTW, it's not related to Firmware I've had it since the last 3 updates. Maybe I should try a REALLY old firmware..!?! :S

    I sent you a private message a while back asking if you solved the red input light 'problem'. As I am having the exact same issue. So I guess the answer to my question is no :P lol. I wish I could be as laid back about it as you as I worry about it (as it could indicate clipping somewhere inside the Kemper). Or maybe it's just simply a malfunction as I notice on mine the intensity of the red light fluctuates. It can be really bright, or at times it actually does go off (as in 'normal') but then goes back to red :(

    I wonder if we are the only ones experiencing this issue.

    Switching back and forth with the monitor and PA. I know there is no reason to actually do this, but I question should have read. How to have a cab on stage as a monitor and the KPA into a PA system, not so much switching. If today I was to use just a cab how would I do that, if tomorrow I want to use it through a PA how would I do that and if I wanted to combined how would I do that.

    Hey no problem mate this is what this forum is for. Ok I now understand your question. When you have a cab on stage and your going into the PA use the MAIN OUTS on the rear, usually XLR into the desk to go to the PA. Upto you if you want to go stereo or mono. If mono, use the L side (XLR) and make sure you have the MASTER OUT (press the output button and it's on one of the pages) set to MASTER MONO. If stereo set it to MASTER STEREO. Then come out of your powerrack into your cab. So now your connected to both the PA and your cab. Now again, i'm not familiar with the inputs/outputs of the Powerrack so someone else will have to chime in to confirm this. Again make sure in the Output menu you choose to have your monitor out in mono or stereo.

    If your not using the PA then simply don't connect anything to the MAIN OUTS and just use the monitor out/powerrack to power your cab.

    Saving/modifying a profile: When you modify a profile you have 2 the modified tone OVER the original profile OR save it under a different name and if you do the latter it will then leave the original profile unmodified (so you will then have a 'duplicate' profile of the original with your new tweaked settings). So once you've tweaked a profile to your satisfaction, press the STORE button. You should then see (if my memory serves as my Kemper is not on right now) 2 options...STORE AS, or REPLACE. Replace does exactly what I mentioned earlier, it will overwrite the original profile with your newly tweaked profile. Pressing the STORE AS soft button will let you rename the new modified profile keeping the original intact. What I would normally do at first is to simply add a number '2' at the end of the profile name. So if the original was for example 'Fender Twin', I would call the new tweaked one, 'Fender Twin 2'. That would then put them right next to each other in your browse list and enable you to quickly compare the 2 should you wish via the browse knob :D

    Hope this is clear and it helps!

    Well, I can't help you with No.1 cos' I don't have the powerrack. So I'm sure someone else will help with this.

    No 2: The KPA is not designed to 'create your own presets' per say in the way I think your getting at regarding mics etc. I think you mean building a preset from scratch in the way you can do with say the Axefx? The 'presets' come as 'profiles' which is basically a file containing a combination of an Amp, cab and generally the mic or mics it was profiled with. Once you have a profile loaded in (use the stock profiles built in for now), you can't change the mic (like an Axefx) but you can change the cab by long pressing the cab button then browsing through the cabs and picking one you like. From there you then can add in things/effects that would go before and after an amp as you would in the real world.

    No 3: There are a number of videos up on Youtube that can give you hints and tricks but not really 'getting the most out the KPA', we're all searching for different tones and the KPA has plenty of tools inside to help you 'get the best out of it' for whatever tone your looking for. But again, tone is all subjective so maybe it would be best to start a thread asking people on the forum if they know a particular profile to point you in the right direction to the tone your searching for. Try and be a little bit more specific in regards to 'getting more out of it'.

    No 4: The files that go onto the flash drive for the KPA is minuscule. The profiles are in KB's and the Firmware updates are usually around the 5mb mark I think. So basically a 1gb drive should be plenty. But you can get them pretty cheap now so no harm really in getting maybe a 2gb. Entirely upto you.

    I'm not quite sure on your final question. Monitor out for PA use? That's usually what the Main Out's are for. Use those to go to the mixer/FOH. As for 'switching back and fourth'....I have no idea what you mean ?(

    Yeah. and, furthermore, a profile's sound is tightly related to the instrument used and to the loudspeakers system.

    Which for me kind of begs the question...when we buy rigs (or even download them free) would it not be optimal to put profiles in categories of pickups used. i.e 'High Gain amp pack - Humbucker' 'High Gain amp pack - Single Coil' etc. I'm a 100% humbucker guy so profiles that were made with single coils are not gonna sound as well as I would like for me and are most likely gonna take a lot more tweaking. I don't profile amps so I'm not sure the exact difference it makes using different pickup configs but it was just a thought if it really makes a difference.