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    I have set the remote tap button to act as my morph button for all rigs, to make it simpler to switch between lead and rhythm settings.

    The Tap button is perfectly placed for a quick in-and-out setting change, with a much reduced risk of pressing the adjacent rig button by accident (this frequently happens to me!).

    I am often uncertain whether I have successfully pressed a remote button and then I need to quickly glance back at the remote and check the morph light on the selected rig. This is not easy from a distance as the normal and morphed lights in each rig are the same colour and brightness and are close together.

    It would be really useful if the tap button light behavior would also change when the tap button is set as the morph button, off when not morphed and on when morphed.

    Changing the behavior of the tap button light when it is used as a morph button would make it much easier to tell at a glance whether the selected rig is in normal or morphed state.

    I would find it really useful if the 5 rig morph lights on the remote were a different colour to the 5 rig lights. I often find myself needing to double check whether i successfully pressed the switch to morph and from a distance its quite hard to tell the difference between the two rig lights which are currently the same colour and same brightness.

    My toaster fell off the bass player's speaker cabinet at our last pub gig and then had a pint glass full of water and ice dropped onto it. Glass and water everywhere. But no problem with the kemper. It's been rock solid for me all year in pub gigs and festivals. Seems to be really well built.

    DXR12 for me. Works well as back line on its own or in combination with a line out to FOH. I have also used a DXR15 which was a little thicker/ bassier bit still very good and was a better size for sitting the toaster on.

    Nothing fancy, but works very well for me for a range of venues, both big and small. Unpowered head through a DXR12 and all sat on one of our bass cabs. Rubber mat between the bass cab and the DXR12 to avoid any 'walking' and the Kemper is taped down to the top of the DXR12. I use the main outs in mono for both the on stage DXR12 and to the PA, with the -12db option selected on the output to avoid overloading the inputs on some PAs. I'm using a couple of AC15 profiles from MBritt for my clean and crunch rigs and a couple of BE100 profiles from Bert M for my drive and full rigs. Also a very good acoustic sim from the forum. One performance covers all our songs. All profiles have the amp volume morphed from 0 to +5db for a lead boost. I often need to trim the presence on the output EQ to remove some brightness from all the profiles, depends on the venue. With the DXR12 pointed at my chest I also need to put 2:1 gates set at a threshold of 5 before the BE100 profiles to avoid open string feedback when I switch to the lead boost.

    Being a keen kemperite I scan all unread posts, read what looks intetesting, then mark all posts as read. That used to be very simple in the old format. I now need to go into and out of the menu and submenus to do the same thing. Please bring back the old functionality.

    I've encountered this too, with low notes booming out and muddying the whole sound. In my case I'm playing live with a DXR12 a few metres away at chest height, so I'm assuming its not a Kemper thing just a resonance thing. The best solution I've found is to add a 100hz high pass filter, which I can set on the DXR12 and has no effect on the general tone apart from the thinning out the very low notes (but actually in a good way for live use with a band). This will soon be an option on the output section of the kemper I believe.

    After trying out a lot of different rigs at rock/pop gigs from all the main commercial sellers this one pack currently provides my main clean, drive and full rigs. The tones are thick and punchy with great clarity. I found the pack to be a bit dark at first when noodling at bedroom volume, but they are perfect at full gigging volume and also sit well in a recording. Thanks Bert :thumbsup:

    Thanks for the tip on upping the noise gate threshold. :thumbsup: I've have found it very distracting at gigs to get howling feedback when I kick in a lead boost (stops when i start playing) and this solution works perfectly and is ofcourse rig specific. A 2:1 gate with a threshold of 4 fixes the problem completely. Don't know why I didn't think of that option before! I guess that's the value of this forum :D