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    Would it be possible to have the option per rig to trigger morph/unmorph by doing something unique at the guitar? For example, switching from bridge to neck pickup and back within 1 sec, where the kemper detects a rapid tone change and back again. This would allow a wireless roaming guitarist to morph to a lead tone without returning to the remote.

    global transpose in the input section with operation from the remote would be a big help. Also an update to the transpose coding to improve it for clean rigs.

    I'm finding the rig transpose function very useful, but find that for clean and edge of breakup rigs the transposed tone is rather dull and has an odd tremelo effect added. I'm tuning down max 3 semitones. Tweaking the EQ of the rig only partially solves the dull sound. It still has a lo-fi feel. Adding chorus masks the tremelo effect a little. I've tried using the alternative pitch shift stomps, but the result is seems the same. Anyone have any recommendations?

    Keeping my wish list to just those things that would help me most with live work :

    - Global transpose on the input section, operated from the remote/stage when in tuning mode

    - Global morph volume increase in the output section. Like a lot of people I use morph exclusively for lead boosts and the amount of boost needed varies with the band I'm playing in. 3 piece = 3 db, 4 piece or more = 5 db. So a single setting to change the morph boost on all my rigs would be extremely useful.

    - Add the option to set the stomp switches on the remote to Off/A/B sequence. So for example we could have 2 types of delay (A & B) set to a single switch and have them both off, or just A or just B. So you would toggle Off -> A -> B -> Off etc . This would greatly increase the usefulness of the 4 stomp switches.

    We recorded a recent gig with a decent variety of guitar tones required, which come from a single performance and my trusty Ibanez AZ. Youtube playlist below.…keeYGDuA-I2_0O755lfmTnO0T

    I'm using a rack with remote & expression pedal to morph each rig to a lead volume with extra delay & gain. Straight into the pa with in ears for monitoring.

    Rig 1 = Acoustic sim from the rig exchange (see black velvet and the middle section in Hit me baby one more time)

    Rig 2 = Clean tone. Vox AC15 from MBritt pack 2. ( See Moves like Jagger)

    Rig 3 = Mild break up. Vox AC15 from Mbritt pack 2. ( See Footloose & Alright now on bridge pickup & Black Velvet on neck pickup)

    Rig 4 = Modern low gain. Friedman BE100 from BM profiles. G4. ( see Simply the Best)

    Rig 5 = Modern high gain. Fiedman BE100 from BM profiles. G10. ( See Sweet Child & Livin on a Prayer)


    Could we please have a global transpose function in the input section, same as we now have in the rig section, with the ability to control the global transpose setting from the remote. To operate using the remote you would click the tuning button then use the rig up/down buttons to shift up/down in semi-tones whilst in tuning mode.

    I know thus has been asked for before and that there are workarounds using a locked stomp for all rigs and also creating extra copy performances with the rig transpose setting adjusted. But neither of those solutions are very neat.

    I work live with quite a few singers and frequently need to drop to Eb or D on the fly and without fiddling with the Kemper, which is in a rack at the back of the stage. So the ability to globally transpose all rigs & performances from the remote would be a big help.

    It would be great if the remote could remember the stomps & effects that were on for each rig when a different rig is selected, and then give you the option of going back to the 'saved' rig settings or the 'last used' rig settings when selecting that rig again. For example, I am using a clean rig for the verse with chorus & tremolo turned on (by pressing the stomp switches) and then switch to a different rig for the chorus. When I want to switch back to the clean rig for the next verse it would be helpful to have the option to automatically select the clean rig in a 'last used' state to avoid having to select the rig then press the stomp buttons again to switch on the chorus and tremolo.

    This could be done as follows, when selecting a rig :

    Press once for rig saved unmorphed settings

    Press twice for rig saved morphed settings

    Press three times within 2 seconds for rig last used unmorphed state

    Press four times within 2 seconds for rig last used morphed settings

    Open to any other method to achieve the same thing.

    I would find it useful to have a pre/post amp block setting for all 4 of the stomps, similar in operation to the pre/post toggle we already have for the amp EQ (plus there would need to be an additional toggle option for where in the post amp chain the stomp is placed) This would enable a greater selection of post amp stereo effects to be used for each rig.

    Thanks for the detailed response. The Kemper is a great tool and there are always good workarounds to any problem. I play live mainly and like to keep it simple, so I use one performance to handle for everything from acoustic ballad to high gain rock, and with the kemper that works really well. But it does mean I try to get a lot of out of each profile and need to get max use from each stomp switch. I currently use multiple stomp switches for different delays and it would be useful to put two delay options on 1 switch. What is stopping me from doing that is the inability to switch them both off. I would be happy to have to single click or double click to select a particular delay, and also to switch them both off.

    It's probably been said before, but the layout of the Kemper remote is just perfect for live use, and I can not see how the Quad Cortex can achieve the same thing without a lot more foot tapping. Also the switches seem too close together on the Quad Cortex for reliable switching in a live situation. With the Kemper I have found that I only need 1 performance to cover all styles, with 5 rigs from acoustic sim, clean to high gain, each with a morphed lead setting and up to 4 stomps/effects i can turn on/off for each rig. I can't see how the Quad Cortex can be set up to achieve the same thing.