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    Sorry if this has been asked before. I could not find it with a search. Is there any way to type in a specific value for a parameter? Scrolling the mouse wheel does not seem to allow input of all values on some parameters.

    I'm a long term kemper user but a real newby at using the rig manager. I find that pressing 'm' moves all the knobs to the morphed position (really cool! ) but does not change the numeric values below the knob. Is this a known bug or am i doing something wrong? For my morphed volume boosts i really want to see the actual value of the morphed setting. Thanks for any advice.

    I use 2 from the BM Friedman BE100 pack for modern crunch and high gain, and 2 of MBrit's Vox AC15 (pack 3) for clean and vintage crunch. I've been using these 4 profiles for several years now in a rock/pop covers band and have not found better ones for live use. They are slightly dark and work very well at high volume through pa speakers.

    A possible way to avoid wasting a lot of time auditioning crap rigs : If a kemper profile is just a list of parameters derived from the profiling process (my understanding of it) then it should be possible for the rig manager to sort the profiles in the rig exchange by their similarity to a reference profile that you like (sort by their summed difference in parameter values from the reference rig). Adding this sorting option to the rig manager would make the rig exchange much more useful i think, as you could hunt for a half decent profile of the type you want (or use one you already have) and then having found that try all the similar profiles with slight variations until you find what you are looking for.

    I use morph to boost the amp volume for a lead boost. Morphing the amp volume (from say 0db to 3db) rather than the rig volume makes it a little easier to see what the boost is, and also means you can adjust the unmorphed rig volumes to balance the levels across your rigs whilst maintaining a fixed lead boost from the amp volume. Previous posts from the Kemper team confirmed that amp volume and rig volume have exactly the same effect with no difference in tone.

    I was suggesting RM to use the parameters in the profile (assuming that a profile is just a list of parameters arrived at by the profiling process) to find similarity. Just a thought. Interesting to see if other users had felt the same need from time to time.

    Can someone who has loaded V7 have a quick look at the output section and advise if the EQs now include high pass and low pass. Thanks. I am waiting for the full release before updating.

    I have a bunch of profiles that I think are really great, but always wonder if there are other similar profiles that are just a bit better in some way. I also often think that a profile is good, but I'd like a bit more warmth, or sparkle or bite etc.

    But with many thousands of profiles to search through its hard to know where to start looking, other than similar amps with similar gain. There are probably a lot of hidden gems that would be missed by just looking for other profiles of the same amp. I usually give up looking and go back to tweaking the profiles I already use, and to be fair the kemper is great for modifying a profile to get just what you want.

    As I understand it a Kemper profile is a just set of parameters, so it should be possible for rig manager to sort profiles in order of their similarity to a reference profile. Rig manager would sort the rigs by total variance of the most dominant parameters.

    As an extension of this idea of sorting by the profile parameters, rig manager could be extended to have columns for sparkle, bite, grit, warmth, fatness etc so you could sort by gain then sparkle then fatness for example. Obviously to do that would be quite a lot of work by the kemper team to come up with a set of common (rather subjective) terms for guitar tone and decide which profile parameters best fit most guitarist's understanding of what that term means. A bit of a minefield to get into, but the end result would make the rig manager and the rig exchange a lot more useful.

    I'm wondering why the amount of lead boost you need is depending on the "type of gig" while the rhythm sounds stay all the same regardless of the type of gig!?

    MAIN OUTPUT and MONITOR OUTPUT offer output EQs. These are global and might be more effective to adapt the sound to a specific environment.

    Or you lock one module e. g. with a Pure Boost, morph its Volume, and adjust the morph value for each gig once.

    Thanks for your advice.

    I sometimes play in a 4 piece with 2 guitarists, where i find i need 5db lead boost, and sometimes in a 3 piece where I'm the only guitarist and only need a 3db lead boost. My rhythm level is higher in the mix to start with in the 3 piece.

    Why not use a volume pedal configured as a boost and locked to be global?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I did start off using a global volume pedal, but found I preferred the simplicity of clicking a button. I was prone to leaving the pedal in an in between state rather than fully up or down. I also add more delay and alter some other effects when going for the lead tone. So i currently use a morphed volume boost in the amp section of each rig.