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    Well, the Kemper is *not* "spot on" - if you've ever tried to profile a bass amp, any kind of parallel signal chain, or honestly just some high-gain amps, you can't get it 1:1. Close enough even for me to be honest, but that means there is room for improvement.

    It's not just flashy displays and rotary knobs - it's software companion that we know is going to be killer because of how good Neural's stuff already is. If they are advertising the ability to load plugin-tones onto the floorboard, it stands to reason that they could make a plugin that would load tones I'd capture in real life. Imagine being able to run your Kemper profiles in a DAW... that would be HUGE!

    Not to mention the ability to profile parallel rigs (bass clean low/distorted high thing), and then mix/match up to 4 of them later. That allows you to do something like profile a guitar pedal and then run it infront of a profile of an amp later. That's something a newbie asks every 2 months for on this forum!

    I am using real amps/cabs over both Neural/Kemper 99% of the time, but if I'm honest my Kemper has been used as a fancy tuner for the last ~2 years.

    No offense all, but criticism of them not releasing until September when taking pre-orders now is ripe coming from this community especially. Kemper has been out for an entire decade and ONLY JUST released a software editor that is like 5-10 years behind the one Neural has in their plugins.

    Again, I want to hear the unit for myself before fully judging, but if the claims they are making are half true it's going to destroy the Kemper, period. Kemper left a huge hole in the market and Neural are trying to fill it with VERY big shoes.

    [Blocked Image:…NEURAL_Quad-Cortex-v1.jpg]

    Can't believe I haven't seen a thread on this one yet - this is a huge step up in the market. They are essentially claiming the Kemper's functionality with the ability to mix/match 4 separate rigs at a time, including multiple inputs (2 guitarists at once), and an incredible software package and editor to go along with it. Tie this in with the ability to sync patches between their plugins, which hints at a future way to run your own captured rigs via plugin... that's just insane. I don't think there's any way the current KPA hardware can offer that kind of functionality.

    Nobody has played with one yet so everything is speculation so far, but I am super excited about what this means for future offerings from Kemper/Fractal/Line6 in order to stay competitive.

    Ah, you mean by adding some body to the DI, etc. Sure, that might work. But I'm not sure you couldn't get similar results by using a nice preamp to the reamped signal. Or even a different profile.

    It would definitely not be the same as the sound of your guitar through the Kemper directly. Better maybe, but not the same tone. Could definitely be beneficial, I agree.

    No, not affecting the DI in any meaningful way. Tone knobs turned off, Avalon run straight into the line-in of the interface. The Avalon DI quality is just better than the Kemper, and I suspect that my interface has better A/D than the Kemper does after its own DI.

    I always record a DI and tend to reamp via SPDIF anyway, so this isn't an issue for me, but it's definitely something I have come across.

    Yes, there most definitely is!

    Try this:
    - Plug your guitar into a DI of some kind if you can
    - Run the 'thru' into the Kemper, and record both.
    - Then, reamp that part via SPDIF to the Kemper
    - Compare/phase cancel.

    In my experience, the DI reamped via SPDIF will sound better than the guitar run through the front. Cleaner, clearer, a little less blankety/woofy.

    I'm not saying the KPA input is going to prevent you from getting an awesome done, I just know that I prefer tracking a separate DI regardless and the added benefit of avoiding the Kemper's analog input is something I enjoy.

    To answer your specific question, I love the U5 we have in the studio and use it for all guitar/bass tracking. The "Tone" settings are really cool on bass especially, and sometimes work well on guitar when used subtly or for clean/acoustic tones.

    Kristoph designed/invented the Access Virus synth, which has this exact feature:

    It makes sense that eventually the Kemper would see a similar counterpart, but Kemper seems wholly reluctant to make any substantial investment into their software offering for the KPA. It's really a shape; other companies have completely lapped them in this regard.

    Some of you are misunderstanding - I am not talking about download rigs inside of Rig Manager. I am talking about downloading Rig Manager's installer from the Kemper website.

    Glad to hear this is symptoms of an actual issue that's being fixed and not just me feeling crazy - it would be nice to let users know of this kind of issue instead of releasing updates and expecting them to deal with undownloadable files.

    It's definitely not my machines/connection; tried on two different networks, two different computers (10.10 and 10.11), with Chrome/Safari/FF on each. Download starts at 32kbps and then eventually times out every single time.

    Does anyone have the .pkg installer for RM 1.5.40 they could send me? That's probably against Kemper TOS but the official download itself isn't working so I'm not too concerned about that.

    This is why you don't announce hard release dates. They're great for placating angry customers who want news on updates but they also create even angrier customers when (not "if") you blow past that deadline.

    Because of the beauty of modern technology, one developer can be writing a bug fix for something, two other developers can be working on a new feature simultaneously on separate machines, and a final developer can be improving a function already on master. As things get done and can be run through quality control and testing, all of the code that is released is merged back into a release. All branches of code stay up to date, and any bugs found and patched are applied to anything outstanding. This is not sharing a Word document on Dropbox. This is sharing code across networks, with a running database of what has changed, what's been added, and what's been removed. Everyone stays in sync, regardless how far they differ from each other on what they're working on.

    Thanks for explaining that one way more eloquently than I have patience for!

    Even a cursory understanding of VCS or Git would be hugely beneficial for anyone who uses software. People have this crazy idea about code being a huge pile that gets added to all the time... not the case. It's more like a ton of pallets that get carefully and constantly stacked and re-stacked, only its really easy to open up one of those pallets and change what's inside without ruining (or even touching) the rest of the shipping container.

    I couldn't care less about parties - I care about making good music and good products. Part of that is knowing when to admit that something won't get done and when others are talking out of their asses.

    Bug fixes and feature development absolutely do not have to happen independently of each other and are not mutually exclusive. A lot of the comments in the thread are derailing the request with hairbrained/whimsical ideas of how some people think development works.

    I can promise you this:

    There will never be a point in time at which there are no bugs. Fixing ALL the bugs is just not a thing that happens - there are and there absolutely will be more bugs that never, ever get fixed. There will even be some bugs that never, ever get looked at or even remotely prioritized; the notion that Kemper & co should wait until all the bugs are ironed out before working on anything else is as ignorant as it is asinine.