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    Hi All

    I've just got round to doing my 1st profiles of my EVH5150III 50w el34.

    I've uploaded 3 profiles, 1 is a direct profile, 1 with cab (mesa 4x12) which was taken from my old JCM800 profile that was done in a studio, and the 3rd with the green scream in the stomp section.

    Profile names

    EVH 5150III EL34 50Wts (green scream profile)
    EVH 5150III EL34 50W DI (DI profile)
    EVH 5150III EL34 50Wa (with mesa cab)

    I profiled with pretty low gain settings on the Red channel, Mids backed off, most other settings around noon
    Guitar - ESP Viper with Fishman Fluence Modern pickups

    Hope you like them !



    I didn't get a chance to edit the meta data tags so they probably inherited this from the original profile that I did in the studio. The m in the profile name means it's merged

    ha ha.. nice one Cederick. glad you like it.. I've just made some more profiles of the same amp and attached them as a zip file.

    The naming convention is a bit odd as I had a few issues with a dodgy XLR cable so ended up having to do another batch so just renamed some of them so I knew what they were !

    Basically most were done via high channel with a GE7 EQ, I tweaked the EQ a few times hence the slight difference in profiles.. The ones with GE7TS in the name also had a tube screamer with Overdrive low but output around 1pm.

    The one with RAW in the name has no inline effects, its just he JCM800 set to the same EQ as the other profiles, I've also done 1 profile of the amp in the low channel.

    M at the end means merged, no M = direct profile so you can add your own cab :)

    I've not had much of a chance to run these through my DAW yet, but the direct profiles sounded exactly the same as the JCM800 through my Mesa cab

    enjoy !



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    I've also just uploaded a profile I made last night of our other guitarists Marshall DSL-100 HV, I've merged it with the same cab used on the JCM profile. His tone is more "sludgy" than mine but feel free to give it a go :)

    profile name DSL-100 HV

    Thanks mate, I'll give that a try.

    I used my profile last night and it really punched through. Very happy with it, I really couldn't tell any difference from the actual JCM800, all the power and grunt was there.

    I've been using the Kemper for 3 years or so now (2 years with the powered version) and this is the 1st time I've been "really" happy with my live/rehearsal tone.

    There are hundreds of really excellent profiles out there but I've never found one that felt like my own amp, I think the lesson here is if you want "your" tone, profile your own amp :)

    I'm going to make a few more profiles of this amp next week, some clean and some of just the amp (no GE7 and Tube Screamer in the chain) so you can add your own stomp effects. I will post them up when I've done them.

    Thanks for the feedback all..

    During rehearsal last night I ran through the set with my go to Diezel Profile and then on the second run through I used this Marshall profile. Incredible difference with the Marshall everything seemed to come alive. In the previous post you can see the adjustments I made on the amp, other then that I used my standard Eq setting in the X slot and it worked like a charm.

    Thanks again for a great profile.

    Hi Sanctum

    Tonight is the 1st time I will get to use it in a rehearsal so good to get this kind of feedback, many thanks I've made a copy with your settings too so I can compare the difference at a decent volume.

    Just out of interest, what EQ are you using in the X slot ?

    For me this profile may need some high end cutting but until I get it up against the rest of the band its hard to say :)


    I've just took delivery of the DI box so I hope to make some more soon, it was always a great sounding amp but its had a hard life so I want to get as many profiles of it as I can just in case it goes bang !

    I will use the same cab profile as it works really well

    I've got to be honest I didn't make a note of the Mics, they looked expensive though!

    I don't really want to say who did the profile for me as I know it's not something he would do commercially and he did this as a massive favour to me, but put it this way he knows what he is doing :)

    He used the Kemper DI box to make the initial direct profile which we then tested using my Mesa 4x12 via the power amp output on my Kemper, to me it sounded almost identical to the JCM800.

    He then used 2 mics which he moved around until we got the tone we were after through the studio monitors and made another profile to include the cab. I believe he then took the cab profile from the miced version and pasted it into the direct version to create the merged one. At this point I really couldn't tell the difference between the profile and the reference amp !..

    Signal chain was:

    Guitar - LTD EC-1000ET fitted with Fishman Fluence modern humbuckers
    Ibanez Tube Screamer - OD just on, level around 3oclock postion and tone center
    Boss GE7 - level slightly boosted and slight cut on bass and mids

    Amp - JCM8008203 fitted with JJ tubes
    High level input
    Presence - 4
    Bass -10
    Middle - 2
    Treble - 5
    master volume - 2
    pre-amp - 10

    Hi All

    My turn to contribute something towards the rig library.

    I've uploaded my JCM800 merged profile which was done professionally in a Studio.

    The profile was made using a tubescreamer and Boss GE7 in the chain (just to push the amp a bit)

    I use Fishman Fluence modern pickups so you may need to knock the gain up a bit on the profile if needed.

    I was amazed at how accurate this profile was to my amp when running it via a 4x12 (Mesa Boogie)

    profile name - JCM800 Merged

    I can upload the direct profile if anyone wants it.


    Thanks Tritium for all the pointers. One thing I would say is that I don't use the cab sim on the kemper for the monitor out to my 4x12 (mesa cab) so changing cabinets would only affect the tone I'm sending out to the desk/PA.

    Also worth noting that if you edit anything other than the monitor out EQ then you will be changing the tone of the main out to the PA or DAW depending on what you are routing to which might not be what you want to achieve (unless there is something I'm missing here ?).

    My initial frustrations were exactly this, I would audition profiles using my Rokit 6's (I know this isn't ideal) then when I got to rehearsals and tried the same patch via my 4x12 the profile would sound pretty crappy when up against the real amps used by the other members of the band. Don't get me wrong, it still sounded good but it didn't sound like a dedicated valve amp and cab combo.

    However in a live situation the main out sounded as per my Rokits, so sound out front was great, my monitor mix would sound great but my backline tone would be a bit naff.

    It's finding that balance between a good rehearsal sound and a good direct to PA sound hence why I use 2 different profiles now.

    My next step is to profile my own rig, afterall thats the tone I'm really happy with. I hope to profile the amp and cab separately so that when I use my Kemper with the same 4x12 with cabs off it "should" sound the same as using my JCM.. well thats the theory :)

    EDIT - just reread your 1st post and realise you pretty much said the same thing anyway :)

    I've had a similar experience as you with the Kemper, it sounds amazing via my DAW (Cubase, Steinberg UR824 and Rokit 6 monitors), however the same patches I use to record sound distant and mushy when I use a real 4x12 cab in rehearsals. I understand what you are saying when you say its hard to put into words but to me it sounds like the sound is coming from just behind the speaker rather than from the front (if that makes sense??)

    I also had issues with nasty feedback when I upped the volume to the point where I was having to have 2 noise gates active.

    I can improve it a lot using the monitor out EQ but it always lacked the punch of a real valve amp, however I persisted and kept trying different patches (including sinmix, mbrit etc) to try and find one which sounded good via a 4x12 and eventually found one in the STL "the great wall" pack which instantly sounded great via a real cab. I could palm mute without it feeding back, volume roll off worked as I expected etc... all the things I'd been struggling with when using my recording profiles.

    The only problem I have is that I'm not so keen on the sound of this patch via my monitors which would be the tone that gets sent directly to the PA, it sounds a bit harsher than I would like.

    I was hoping to try it out at the weekend to see what it sounded like via a PA but sadly my Kemper died and had to be sent back for repair so I had to revert to my trusty JCM800.

    I will say that even though my recording patches don't sound so good via my 4x12 I have used them live in the past and they sounded brilliant onstage via the monitors and out front.. therefore it didn't really matter that the sound coming from my cab wasn't quite what I would have wanted.

    for now I have a patch I use for rehearsal (the STL patch) and I'm using a sinmix 5150 for home practice, recording and live.

    I'm in a similar position to you where I find the main out tone differs a lot to the monitor out tone via a 4x12 which is understandable as the profiled cab will be totally different to the cab I'm using.

    One thing I do want to do is get in a studio to profile my JCM800 with my own cab as its been ages since I used it and it sounded mega.. just hope I can capture that tone and use it on my Kemper going forward.. I'm also hoping that if its done correctly it should sound the same via both outputs, after all thats what its designed to do :)

    Good luck with your issue, I'm sure you will eventually get the sound you are after, I've had my powered Kemper for 16 Months and I'm sure I will keep searching for the one perfect profile :)

    Update: rapid response from Kemper support :)

    It looks like the power amp may be faulty and it has to go back for repair via my local dealer.


    Thanks for checking, I figured this might be the case.

    I guess I will be using the old faithful on Saturday! (JCM800) unless the Kemper support team and the postal services perform miracles and I can ship it, get it fixed and returned by Saturday.. Kemper support - fancy the challenge ? ;)


    Hi All,

    I'm pretty sure that my Power amp section has developed a fault, I've raised a support ticket but I thought I'd throw it out here just in case anyone else has come across this and its a simple fix (I have a gig on Saturday :( )

    I upgraded to the latest OS earlier in the week and everything appeared to be fine until I went to use it via my cab, I was getting sound via the monitor out section but nothing via the speaker output.

    So far I've done the following:

    I've checked my Guitar, cables and cab using my valve head and everything was OK.
    I checked my volume settings and they are all fine
    Checked the power amp was on in the output section - odd thing here is when I disable and re-enable the power amp I hear 2 clicks, almost as if its tripping something inside the Kemper.
    I've performed a system reset (holding down the page buttons when powering up)
    Performed a sys init

    and finally I rolled back the OS

    I can't say for sure if the power amp stopped working since I upgraded the OS as the last time I used it was a week prior to upgrading, its electronic and things go wrong at anytime so I honestly don't think its related to that.

    Any Ideas ?