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    Makes me think of a band I used to head-bang to in the early 70's. They were called Hawkwind and had a couple of UK hits.

    I found myself doing the same to yours, but your melody parts took it to the next level so I had to stop shaking my head and listen!

    if they'd done what you were doing on top of their grooves, they might have lasted a bit longer!

    Not sure how you checked, and maybe you've already tried this, but if not....

    You should be able to check if the Mac is seeing the Kemper without Rig Manager.

    If you go to "About This Mac" and look at the USB section you should be able to find something similar to this (which is from my Mac Pro)

    If you can't, as previously mentioned by Ophidia make sure you are connected to the correct USB port on the Kemper...the square one, not the flat one...and try another cable.

    USB Bus:

    Host Controller Driver: AppleUSBUHCIPCI

    PCI Device ID: 0x3a36

    PCI Revision ID: 0x0000

    PCI Vendor ID: 0x8086


    Product ID: 0x0001

    Vendor ID: 0x133e

    Version: 1.00

    Serial Number: KPAeULGCAjK

    Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec

    Manufacturer: Kemper

    Location ID: 0x5d100000 / 1

    Current Available (mA): 500

    Current Required (mA): 2

    Extra Operating Current (mA): 0

    If I delete all my rigs - will it delete those of the same name from the 10 performances I keep. I think not as they become a different copy, but wanted to check.

    You are correct, these are separate and will not be deleted if you delete from the browse pool.

    As Zappledan says, don't forget make a copy/backup first. I usually do both a copy to a new folder AND a backup....

    Just updated my Toaster to Release from 5.7.4 (via USB) and got an error message after it finished.

    After hitting “EXIT” it restarted and looked OK except that all my "Browse" rigs have vanished....Performance mode is OK.

    Tried doing a restore from a USB backup and got the same error message, and still no rigs in Browse.

    Tried restoring from a Rig Manager backup using RM 2.3.13, no luck. No rigs appeared in MyProfiler in Rig Manager.

    So basically I am unable to restore my Browse mode rigs from either USB or Rig Manager.

    I thought I'd read about someone else having a similar problem but searching doesn't help me find it...any pointers please??

    I'm tempted to go back to an earlier RM to see if I can recover them but thought I'd ask before I do that.

    edit...(email sent to Kemper support)

    Mr. Kemper blew me away when I bought my Virus B years ago.Blew me away again when I bought my KPA in 2012.
    A true genius.

    Loved the fact that he was in a Status Quo revival band. I tried to start one of these up in Ottawa but no one really knew who they were. In fact only ONE person ever recognised a Quo song when my current band played a couple.

    Great interview, thanks for posting.

    This is just my old fashioned nature, but I think it is very un-cool to hijack someone's "for_sale" thread trying to sell one of your own. Perhaps it would have been better to open a thread of your own.

    My take on it is like this…very much like what has already been said....

    I have about 20 performances where I keep all the same slots with the same settings. This is a good candidate for locking all slots.
    However, I have another 4 “special” performances where everything is completely different, for surf and rockabilly.

    If I lock all the slots, I now have to unlock before selecting one of the “special” performances which is completely impractical on stage.

    So, to avoid that I have all the 20 performances saved with the same settings.

    OK, you might say, but if I decided that for example the reverb is too high (on all of these 20), I have to go through all 20 performances, edit them and re-save, which is quite a pain. So much so that I have given up refining these slots.

    Globally locking all slots, then selectively picking a performance and being able to “withdraw” it from global locking would, I believe, eliminate the problem.

    I’m sure this issue is not just mine and I've seen no other way around it in 7 years, unless of course I have missed something obvious.

    but comparable PC-based systems by the likes of Dell and HP come out at 25%+ more-expensive

    Now that IS a surprise to me Nicky. It's the reverse of how things used to be.

    those of us who'll never be able to afford one ....... will see it as an object of desire. I know I do

    You said it my friend.

    I'm just sad that I'll probably be in the next life by the time these come cheap enough on the used market haha!

    Good news for the real pros but WAYYYY out of my league, and most people's. I have three Mac Pros at home, two in regular use, and the total cost of all three probably came to not much more than this.

    The only up-side that us mere mortals might see is that there could be some decent older used Pros on the market.

    Pity, I think most folks were really hoping for something more affordable.

    I don't know what the Mastermind GT16 can send but this might help:…1-summary-of-midi-message

    (sorry for the HEX....I still think that way!!)

    0xB0 is the first byte of 3. A (continuous) Control Change (on channel 1 in this case)

    0x63 is the second byte, the controller number

    0x7D is the third byte, the value to send to the controller.

    You have to send 4 of these commands to initiate a looper command, substituting "VAL" on the second command

    If you do a search on the forum (in case you haven't), you'll find lots of info about using midi to control the looper.

    It DOES work if you send the right commands as I listed and these seem to tie up with what you identified above except for "Device" which might just mean channel number.

    So maybe:

    Device =0xB* where * is the channel you have set on the KPA

    CC number = 0x63 in my example (different for each command)

    Off/On value= third byte as above.

    Don't forget that you also have to send the same commands with "0" after sending with "1"...if your pedal can send when pressed and when released.

    ( I don't know what happened to my sentence "Substitute VAL or one of these buys." ...obviously nonsense. Should have said

    Substitute VAL for one of these values" damn grammar check!!!)