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    I used to get compliments on my playing and music but few people actually about my guitar sound. :)

    Non-guitarists are way more easily the intro to Thunderstruck and most people go " wow" even though its very easy..

    I get compliments on how good my wife looks and plays (she's the bass player in the band)

    Still waiting for the other compliments ;-)

    Oh wait, I get compliments from my wife!!! haha.

    Can you replicate it by tweaking the plug in the KPA output socket?

    I had huge problems like this for a long while.

    Turns out that the SPDIF output socket on the KPA wasn't a good connection to my cable and even a small movement of my KPA caused it to drop out. Sometimes it happened and sometimes not.

    I ended up pulling the back off the KPA and bending the connector so it really grabbed the plug...problem solved.

    If your's is under warranty, might think twice about doing this.

    My band does a song in F and it is impossible for me to play it without a Capod.One gig I decided to use the KPA transpose function and set up a preset with it. Worked a treat.

    When the song was over, our band leader kicked off the next song very quickly and it is one I have an opening solo. A bit stressed at the quick start, I went into the solo and yeah, you guessed it, I didn’t switch presets so I was out of key, and because I’d never used the transpose before I kind of forgot about it.

    I looked over at our bass player who was panicking a bit and tweaking his tuning….( I found out later that he thought someone had messed with his bass).
    It took him about a minute, but he did actually retune his bass to match the pitch of my out of tune guitar.

    But the real horror was yet to come.

    After about 3 minutes I realised what I had done and looked sheepishly at the bass player and also realised that our harp player was getting ready for his solo. Of course he couldn’t play it with the harp that he had so I had to communicate that we were out of key and for him NOT to play.

    The audience didn’t notice any of this and we laughed a lot about it after I’d bought all the band a couple of beers.

    I haven’t used the transpose on stage since!

    I had a similar problem as lightbox For about 2 years I had to twist the plug around to make contact.

    Eventually I opened my toaster up and slightly bent part of the socket to make better contact.

    That was about 3 years ago...had NO problem since.

    YMMV and I wouldn't do this if you are in warranty or unsure what to do.

    Here is my support email FYI

    Had a small issue with 7.1.2

    Still have it with 7.1.3

    Nothing connected to KPA (Head)

    Here is a set of steps taken:

    A: Set the Performance number and shut down the KPA with Chicken knob

    B: After a few seconds, start up the KPA directly into Performance mode and observe what Performance number it has started in.

    C: Select a different Performance using up or down buttons and observe the Performance number

    I did this a few times and here are some results

    A B C

    1 : 1 : 3 using up button once

    3 : 3 : 1 using down button once

    5 : 5 : 4-3-1 using down button three times

    A couple of times I started the KPA up and Performance #1 was selected, even though the sounds from Perf #2 were actually playing. When I pressed the up button once, it jumped to Perf #3.

    It seems that everything is OK once this “jump" has been made.

    I reported this to support some time ago. Was doing it to me sometimes on 7.1.22. Just updated to 7.2.2 and it still does it.

    I notice it around performance 1-5, but maybe that's because I spend most of my time there.

    It seems that once it has done it, it doesn't do it again until a power cycle...and not always.

    Not sure how you checked, and maybe you've already tried this, but if not....

    You should be able to check if the Mac is seeing the Kemper without Rig Manager.

    If you go to "About This Mac" and look at the USB section you should be able to find something similar to this (which is from my Mac Pro)

    If you can't, as previously mentioned by Ophidia make sure you are connected to the correct USB port on the Kemper...the square one, not the flat one...and try another cable.

    USB Bus:

    Host Controller Driver: AppleUSBUHCIPCI

    PCI Device ID: 0x3a36

    PCI Revision ID: 0x0000

    PCI Vendor ID: 0x8086


    Product ID: 0x0001

    Vendor ID: 0x133e

    Version: 1.00

    Serial Number: KPAeULGCAjK

    Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec

    Manufacturer: Kemper

    Location ID: 0x5d100000 / 1

    Current Available (mA): 500

    Current Required (mA): 2

    Extra Operating Current (mA): 0