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    I recently picked up a Strymon Iridum and really like it. The Iridium got me working on my pedal board and pedals because it handles pedals so well. I also have a UAD Ox which also likes pedals. But, I bought the new 2020 pack and now I’ve come full circle back to the Kemper. The 2020 pack has made me fall in love with the Kemper all over again. FANTASTIC pack! I’m liking the 2020 stuff better than my Iridium and my Bogner 101b into the Ox. Now, that’s saying something.??

    MBritt... Thanks so much...great job!??

    I’ve owned my Kemper for more than a few years now and I’ve purchased MANY profiles including MBritt profiles. Today I purchased the new Crank-n-Go. I’m blown away! These are the best profiles I’ve ever heard...BY A LOT! I play an Anderson drop top that I only recently bought. The Crank-n-Go profiles are perfect for the pickups in the Anderson especially the humbucker.

    Michael, WELL DONE SIR!

    I was wondering what method folks use when recording the Kemper. For instance, I set my input track in my DAW to mono and just use one of the Kemper Main Outs to that input. I saw a video on the web showing a guy that uses both Main Outs from the Kemper and directs them both to one input track set to stereo.

    What are your preferences and why?

    So, I have lots of profiles including many MBritt profiles. I like the older MBritt stuff but they can be a little dark. A little tweak in the high end and they sound pretty good.

    BUT, I just purchased the Sweet Sixteen pack. HOLY CRAP, these profiles sound AMAZING! They seem a little more open and a little less dark ... PERFECT!

    Sorry for the gushing but I just wanted to spread the word...EXCELLENT profiles! :D:D:D

    Hey Nick,

    I forgot to publicly thank you for all of your help. Going through the process of creating the clips for analysis, as you suggested, pointed me to the root cause of some of the overly bright profiles that I run into.

    So, THANK YOU!

    I have noticed that delay and reverb for a lot of presets does increase the high end, in my setup. I usually just turn the delay off, because I have no idea how to properly tweak it. I usually just use enough reverb to feel it, rather than hear it. I'm not a huge delay fan, but learning how to use it is still on my list of things to learn.

    Yep, I checked my delay and there is a boost at about 3.5k. That boost sounds good on the MBritt profiles but is too bright for Nicks. So, something that I have to keep in mind when I switching between profiles.

    The clips I sent you had the DAW reverb and delay turned off. I noticed that when I exported the clips the MBritt clip sounded darker than it usually does on my DAW. I also noticed that the exported clip of your profile sounded less high end. I'm going to have to check the reverb and delay to see if they're adding high end EQ. Thanks for you help.

    Nll, ya know, this may just be a case of me having a different setup than you. Also, I'm a huge Andy Timmons fan and that's the type of tones I gravitate to.

    I'm work on getting you the clips you asked for but it will take some time...I got a day gig and I'm in the middle of working on an instrumental CD. Finding time is always tough...but, I really do want to determine if there's something inherently wrong with my setup/procedures or if it's just a issue of different taste and process.

    It might me helpful to let you know the M Britt profiles work very well for my setup. I've heard some folks complain that those profiles are way to dark. I find them right on the mark FOR ME.

    A video is always cool and helpful. I don't think that's the issue in this case. The profiles almost sound direct to me with no cab/room/mic but I know that's not the case. I may try swapping out the cab setup just to hear if that has an impact on the overall sound.

    Connected to MOTU
    No eq or fx on the MOTU channel
    Monitoring is via SONAR into self powered Focal monitors
    I'll work on the DI track

    Please understand, I do NOT believe this issue is caused by your profiles and I don't want you to feel like you have to resolve the issue. Also, the confusing part for me is that I use the EXACT same signal chain for profiles that I have purchased from other companies and the profiles sound great. BUT, I also have profiles from yet again other companies that sound terrible.

    So, company A profiles all sound great
    Company B profiles all sound terrible
    Company C profiles all sound great
    so on and so on. All using the same signal chain. It's really hit or miss for me and it is company specific.

    I'll check on the Kemper output eq but I doubt it is not the default. Below is a list of my gear. Speaker monitors near the bottom of the list
    . SONAR Platinum: 2017.06
    System specs:Purrrfect Audio:
    [*] Case Silent Mid Tower
    • Power-Supply 600w quiet
    • Haswell CPU 4790k @ 4.4GHz
    • RAM 32GB DDR3/1600
    • OS drive 1TB HD
    • Audio drive 2TB HD
    • Samples drive 1 3TB HD
    • Burner 24x DVD/RW
    • Video HD4600
    • Add TI chipset Firewire For all others
    • Operating System Windows 10 x64
    . MOTU 828 mkII
    . Lucid 9624 A/D
    . Millennia HV-3b pre. Focal CMS 65 monitors. Focal CMS sub
    . Dual 24" Widescreen video monitors

    I just tried the plug-n-play. The plug-n-play concept is what drew me to these profiles...especially the fantastic sounding demos. I just feel like I'm doing something wrong but can't put my finger on it.

    Yeah, I didn't mention my guitar(s). But the profiles are SO bright and harsh I doubt it's the guitars making it sound so bad. I tried the profiles with several guitars. Here's a partial list of my guitars off the top of my head:

    LP Standard with original pups
    LP 2017 Classic HP original pups
    American Strat with Hot Rails in the bridge
    PRS S2 semi-hollow original pups
    Ibanez JS1000 stock pups