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    Looking to sell my unpowered Kemper head. I can ship in original box at buyers expense. I have the listing on reverb too for pictures

    Local pickup is fine. Kemper is in good condition, some small scratches from general use and some LEDs have gone. Works perfectly. Im selling because i'm not longer interested in the Kemper universe. I have the Official bag which I can include for an extra £45


    The same Kemper box has been gaining market shares every year since its introduction and if you were aware of this market share in the pro recording/live touring circuit, you would know that it's not some new unit, no matter how great, that's going to make it become obsolete overnight.

    "Old tech" is a weak argument and pretty dismissive considering how well it is being sold at the moment. A lot of folks on the pro scene around me are ditching their AX8 (has been for many years and still is the unit of choice) in favor of the Kemper stage these days, as I predicted... old tech or not, it seems to perfectly hit a niche market. I see the excitement of some folks for "Neural" or whatever new company, but it'll take not only quality but a serie of specific circumstances before a product takes over and become industry standard the way Fractal and Kemper have become these last few years.

    hmmm well obsolete may be too strong a term but certainly technology moves fast and it doesn't matter how big you are. When I was a kid everyone had a Nokia phone, then Apple came....... but im sure we can find plenty of instances for and against both our arguments. Kemper has become industry standard and rightly so, it was hugely innovative and changed the game but they haven't built on it well in my opinion. The Kemper works fine in the pro touring world for good reason (far less so in recording) but as soon as competing products do the same and more (especially at the same price point) that will soon stop. These are not expensive enough devices for people making their living in music. When people get a taste for new things they don't look back and on paper it's falling short in many instances. In my opinion they should have rectified that with the Stage and showed continued innovation.

    Well its 200€ refundable deposit so no big deal.

    Ive have their plugins so I have more than enough faith in them. Their Plini plugin particularly excels in clean and low gain sounds so i'm not worried at all when it comes to cleans and low gain. Theres no chance this is going to be released with it not sounding stellar. Plus the capture feature is additional to their own sounds. The Kemper doesn't profile perfectly, so there is certainly room for improvement in the world of capturing amps. Whether Neural, Kemper or someone else does it I don't know but there's plenty of room to refine this feature.

    Also the feature list has been somewhat underplayed here as well and it seems like more clarity on the details is coming by the day. If the KPA stage had half of them it would have been an innovation but instead they just repackaged old tech in a still large floor unit with an even poorer interface.

    Worth a refundable 200€ if you ask me.

    I preordered on tier so perhaps im biased but I genuinely think the Kemper is the best unit of the decade but like all things technology moves on and whilst it still sounds good it lacks in many area's. They were top of the game a few years ago and rested and other companies are going to catch up and eventually take over. The QC feature list is incredible and their history with Darkglass and their plugins makes me very excited for the future. Marketing hype is inevitable, every company in the world wants to sell. All that matters is the quality of the unit. If the QC lives up to its claim, and I can't see any reason why not, then it's going to leave the Kemper looking like a DVD player in the 4k/5k streaming era or whatever it is. I guess the proof will be in the pudding

    any tips on getting the best possible profiles of plugins??? Im trying to profile my favourite Neural DSP plugins, the heavy stuff is pretty good but the clean isn't. Do you usually profile from within the DAW or standalone?? Is it better to have a louder input or higher return level??


    I found these MT15 two notes profiles a few weeks ago on the RE and Ive been using the profiles and, even more so, the cabs on loads of direct profiles. My favourite cab sounds to date.

    I was just googling today to see if I could find more about using two notes mesa cabs with a Kemper and this thread came up. Im now very much considering getting my Boogie MKIV working again using the two notes stuff and taking a profile for live use (just because the KPA is lighter)

    Anyway, thanks man.

    Just bought one, got it working using a Y cable in the In and Out of the pedal into the remote. Out the box it seems to work good but there seems to be many internal features inside the pedal *trimpots etc etc. Any tips on how best to setup for calibration with the KPA ? Im using it mainly for wah and morphing


    i had a similar issue with my Mesa amp years ago. Turned out to be a power issue in my home. Never happened outside my house. Even a power conditioner didnt stop it. It would switch between the normal level and then a ridiculously loud one, usually accompanied with extra buzzing.

    I never looked into the amp itself as it was never an issue outside my home.

    [Blocked Image:]IMG_6021 by JohnBorsa, on Flickr

    2 of the new mini Jim Dunlop pedals. I really like the way they feel. Small and light are also a plus. Replaced Missions (which are also very good).

    Looks great. I think i will follow suit once i buy the remote. Just to confirm, they are the Dunlop DVP4 Volume X mini ??

    I bought some Senheiser HD650's a couple of years ago. I believe the original RRP on them was £400 UK but I got them for £250. Still a lot of money for headphones but I've not regretted it at all - they're fantastic.

    For mixing, they get you close but I prefer to mix on monitors anyway (not that I'm anything like experienced so don't listen to me!!). For playing Kemper and for listening to music? Excellent on both counts :)

    I have these as well. They are great for mixing and tweaking. Very detailed and comfortable. I usually use them in the mornings while everyone is sleeping. I dont love them for playing with, they seem to me like a headphone better suited to mixing and listening to music. Maybe they would improve with a headphone amp but ive not been able to try (they are 300ohm). Im tempted to pick up a ATH or 770 for the kemper and travel.

    Great points thank you!

    The camplifier is a little on the expensive side I must admit, i was a little surprised at the cost. Im tempted to sell it and re-buy the powerhead version. I suppose it will be a little more expensive that way but in terms of re-sale at a later date etc......hmmmmmm

    Hey, this seemed like a typical question so i tried searching for a thread about it but i could find barely anything.

    Pretty simple question, i have Mesa 4x12 sitting at home doing nothing and an unpowered KPA head. Im getting a little sick of playing through my Adams even if the volume is good for my apartment. Is there a sonic difference between adding a camplifier to my setup (regardless of power) or selling and buying a powered head??

    I never looked into the remote too much because i was under the impression it couldn't handle external effects on a pedal by pedal basis. If i'm wrong apologies. The RJM can i'm sure so that would make it the best option for me. If your not in a serious touring band or gig then probably the remote makes the most sense based on ease of use and price.

    Yeah sound very nice. I love Guido's profiles, you've done a fantastic job on all three that I have bought.

    Regarding these presets, I didn't do all the studio EQ's but still they sound great and no need to use my tubescreamer up front. I'm curious, how do you decide on these Studio EQ settings in each section especially considering that you also tweak the front end EQ controls on the Kemper. Im really interested in the thought process as I pretty much never use a studio EQ, yet alone three!!