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    It is ONLY subjective. And it changes depending on what you experience. I personally have been playing FRFR for the past 6 years because I've find restrictive to use only 1 cab. But I'm about to give up my RCF NX-12 SMA for a 2x12 FR amp from Blue Amps because it sounds more like an amp and allows me to still use the cab emulation from the Kemper. Honestly I would have not done it without trying it first. Is it the best for everybody? By sure not, but I like it more, is really a feeling/mood decision.
    I would first of all get the Kemper and then start going around and try as much stuff you can, in different days and in different situations (home, rehearsal, stage if possible) in order to really get a feel what your options are. Just my 0,02c

    Do you happen to have a link for the 2 X 12 FR amp from Blue Amps? Can't find any info on it. ?(

    See now I have never heard of Blue Amps, and will research that and see if that is what suits me. That's why I love these forums. So much information on things I may never have found on my own.Thanks

    He never appologizes, and if you question those ethics they are returned with damnation from users that he is not a PR person but a genius that tells it like it is. Of course you can search these posts and see who the kool-aid staff is. But, if you know the forum juggernaughts' I am sure you know who the biggest proponent of this is. He has been on this forum pontificating already.

    I appologize, I didn't mean to suggest it as bad in any way.In fact it is better than my skills. Also didn't know a guru did those videos, sorry. And I am interested in buying from both. Sorry I have a tendency to speak exactly what I'm thinking.

    Ok, my last input on this subject. Provide one great clean amp with all the profiles that would ensure we see how wonderful they are even if it is one or two profiles outta 20 for that ONE amp, do the same with a dirtier amp. That is two amps out of how many that he has up for sale? I think that would give a good indication? Also, pardon my skeptism, but when I listen to Andy play and then to Armin, if that his playing; I would dare to say one sounds much more advanced than the other and would lead me to believe that they know good tone and capturing it as well. Peace out!

    I completely understand what he is saying. I respect that, but in my silly mind I would assume that most serious players (people that expect more from tone than what Line 6 offers) and are willing to buy something for $2K would most likely have more than one guitar in their arsenal, also if the Kemper acts and sounds like a real amp, I highly doubt it will make a Fender whether it is strat or tele,LP or really any guitar sound less than desirible;especially with the easy tweaking abilities described. Andy is not just putting 2 or three free profiles to try out to show his hard work, he is providing dozens and dozens.
    I make custom hunting knives as a side business and over the years most of my business has come from providing free knives to benefits. It has never failed that I would get dozens of calls for orders after having donated a knife for a good cause. Keep in mind this is just in a small town, Kemper on the other hand is hitting the worldwide guitar market. I just see it as a win win for both parties.

    Armin, thanks for your input. As I like the idea of aquiring new amps for free or for little to nothing in the reality of real world amp costs, I'm quite sure I will be trying your profiles in the future (have to get the damn KPA first lol) I was just wondering why you wouldn't give the kids free samples to get hooked on your gateway tones so to speak.

    Also thank you Guitarmanjac, enjoyed reading your affinity for the Kemper and the Amp Factory profiles. I was saving for an AXE FX2 and was wanting one, but not badly because I was not looking forward to tweaking and also I find Cliffs' replies to users unsavory. Yet, it was about the search for a plethora of great tones and I was trying to overlook those caveats. All of a sudden the Kemper was all over Youtube and I didn't think it was anywhere near completion, as I read about the concept awhile ago and questioned its ability. Well after hearing sounds from users and the Amp Factory I was sold! Your review further sweetens the deal! :thumbup:

    I guess that begs the question "why take a chance if your profiles may not sound good with my guitar?" I find it hard to believe that there is not a profile that would sound good on a Fender,LP,Tele, or even a $99 harmony. Regardless, thanks for answering my question. :thumbup:

    I am looking forward to the Kemper more and more everyday and have been listening to samples from the Amp Factory and Soundside and will be buying from the Amp Factory. Reason? and44 has been gracious enough to share free files on the Amp Factory website as well as here. Armin, why don't you do the same?

    I love going to the grocery store and trying out that free sausage on a pretzel stick (keep it clean), let's me know what I have been missing and if I want to purchase more from that company. Don't get me wrong Armin, I have read only glowing reviews from others about your profiles, but I think some free profiles would only sweeten the deal for you.

    And44, looking forward to hearing the samples from pack 3! Everything you have done sounds amazing!

    The bigger pedal is ideal. I like less movement with my right foot for banking up and down and the placement is great vs the smaller one. Also, I prefer that the display is more centered as it is on the bigger one. As everyone has their own prefrences, I would like a pedal onboard, but as is it is great!

    Sorry to bring up FRFR but I was wondering if anyone on the forum has or has used the QSC KW 122. I was wondering if the wood cabinet projects a better experience versus the popular QSC 12.

    I own a pair and bring one to practice and one to gigs and aim it at the drummer and he loves it,granted it is about 5 feet away pointed directly at him.They are subject to clipping though at or near demanded stage volume, I keep it just below the clipping level and it cuts through well enough (keep in mind he is not a loud drummer) If you did have "Animal" as a drummer in your band, then these would not be suited for you.

    It was close and I did do all the calibrations and I guess when I said "dreaded triggering" that it really isn't that bad, mostly great but on some instruments like piano it can get sloppy when soloing (not any fault of my own) and thought if that sound could be profiled then the notes would keep in sync with my picking speed. All in all I am happy with the triggering, but with all gear something can improve.

    Looking to get a FRFR speaker for the Kemper (after I get the Kemper) and although I already know what the majority of users of KPA and FAS prefer such as QSC,EV,Atomic etc. I was wondering has anyone ever used this particular speaker or know anyone that has? I don't need the loudest system ever made, just one that sounds good and portable.Currently I use two Behringer Truth studio monitirs with 5 inch speakers and that really cranks my Eleven Rack! I'm especially interested because of the battery option for taking it to the park or what-not with the portable e-band to jam with.