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    Have another question that in no way affects my decision to buy the KPA. I was reading the Wikpa and found some synth tones of a hammond,banjo,dobro etc. My question is would I be able to profile my Roland GR-55 for individual effects such as sax,piano and other instruments? Very intrigued by this as I only use a few of those for live use and could store them in the Kemper and avoid that dreaded tracking issue with the Roland or even sell it all together.

    "That's where the Kemper is in a different league, whilst you're asleep some guitarist/engineer in another country is busy Profiling one of his amps and the next morning you can add his amp to your collection, it's like buying a new piece of gear every day."
    Great way to put it, but when you say "it's like buying a new piece of gear everyday" does that mean that profiles are not free? I found packs online for profiles from Andertons in the UK that sound amazing, but for a price. How does it work on the exchange? Hope that is not a naive question. I have the Eleven Rack and I have to pay for updates to new amps,although I can download user settings for free (if I bought that amp upgrade they are moddleing)

    Thank you both, that helps alot. I actually have been looking through the profiles and getting pretty excited to get one! Not only does it sound better than the Axe Fx 2 to me, but way simplier and refined. I don't admire the fact that eveytime there is a firmware update from Cliff that you would then have to recalibrate all your settings. Great that he stands by his product, but seems like a hassle for the user.

    Hello community! I was deciding to buy an Axe FX 2 and since researching the Kemper and listening to Youtube and user recordings I am totally sold on the Kemper. But in all my research I can't find information on the 200 presets already installed and would really like to know which amps are already onboard. Any information or a point in direction would be greatly appreciated. On a side note, I like the way this community is much friendlier than the Fractal site,I think too many people drank the kool-aid from Cliff! 8)