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    hi, i just wanted to tell without mistakes that i´ve found 2 problems regarding Beta firmware 1.8.0 (hopefully you can recreate this errors)

    First, Too much clipping on profiles, had to lower down master volume, rig volume and cab volume to not to let my KPA click (i´ve seen others posted this exact issue here.)


    Last, i own a MXR 10 Band EQ that i like to use with my KPA, today arrived another guitar and quickly connect it to the KPA with the MXR EQ in the loop, using effect mono Loop in "X" slot and turned on the Transpose Effect because my guitar is in diferent tunning, so its in "D" and wanted it in "E" so i transpose to acording tunning "E" and playing solos or scales with the loop on to my MXR EQ the sound is not always right, sometimes it changes to detuned notes or artificial notes, its hard to tell, but in global, sounds pretty messed trying to fix it, ocurs to me to disable the Mono Loop in "X" Slot, and problem fixed, Transpose works like a charm, like it always do, but without my EQ in the loop...(i really dont know if its a bug or not but i let you be the judge if KPA staff are reading this.)


    ....and Sorry for my Bad English ;)

    I have to dial in every volume option (fx, eq, cabinet, etc) and mess with Rig Volumen and master Volumen to let it not clip that much, no matter if its a clean rig or crunch or ultra, it ocurs to me that maybe is a issue on the new 1.8.0 firmware update since someone a while ago posted clipping problems and he had to come back to 1.7.0 and problem i might try lowering my KPA firmware to 1.7.0 and let you know (but i sure will miss the Pitch Effects)

    Thanks for the help

    Since i did a System Restore, my KPA has no problems regarding Fizz or Digital Plastic Sound...i now recall that the error came from bad Midi configuration one time when i was barely learning midi feature, somehow the Wah kept persistent On no matter if its turned off in my KPA. (strange!!!)

    Now im Back in Heaven...i even tried the Midi thing again and configure it using my Rig Kontrol 3 from Native Instruments with explendid results (finally manage to proper configure CC and PC messages) and the Wahh ohh my God, it´s better than my Bad Horsie Wah...i recently purchase a MXR 10 Band EQ and put it in the KPA loop and i went "WOW" again.

    But i have a small problem, my Master Volumen Clips in almost every Profile (yes, my MXR EQ its not the problem since it´s off... same results)

    Is this normal?, i have to Lower the Master Volumen and Profile Volumen quite a bit to not clip my KPA Master Volumen, and its kindda anoying because there are Volumen in some FX too, so, i tend to tweak Volumens quite a lot.

    Thanks for the Help

    KPA Rocks and im selling my Peavey JSX folks.... anyone interested? (hope nope until i profile more of its sound :D )

    i dont know what happened, (ok i do) but there is no more plastic sound coming from my PA speakers.

    i was trying to isolate the problem by running a cable from Monitor Out to my PA and see how it reacts, messed a little with Monitor Output globlal EQ, then switched back to standard output and EQ a little the Master Output this time, and well, almost any cab sound amazing now with Master Output coming to my PA...

    ...strange i must say...strange...

    now i am happy again.....


    Hi, im a happy owner (dont we all?) of the KPA White (non powered, but what the heck i got a JSX amp) and i got 2 options for Output my sounds from KPA.

    First is my JSX Amp with matched cabinets: Through this KPA sounds Amazing
    Second: My PA system: not so good sounding...

    my question is: if i play through my PA system, say...mmm Metallica Black Album Mp3s, the guitars sound amazing....should it sound that amazing just with Olas Profiles per example again in my PA System?

    (PA system = Sony Muteki)

    im just complaining KPA with my PA System....the not so good thing is somewhat the Speakers of my PA system didnt manage too good the High Strings....they get somewhat plastic per say sound.

    thanks, im looking to know best about Output feature on my KPA... i connect my KPA throug RCA Cables (White and Red cables right through Main Output...not using XLR but the other Output option...dont know what its called, my thing aint English but sorry for that.)




    Hello, i wanna know if you guys are having the Cocked Wah sindrome in your KPA with some (most) high gain profiles? and what to do to get rid of it?

    In my experience, it seems the Definition Parameter helps a lot when reducing it, solve this problem a bit, but still its there...or is it my Kemper wrong? im on 1.8.0 firmware with the Harmonizer and stuff

    Thanks for helping me

    here is a record i made

    and can you exact point me with a good profile for soloing? like Vai or satriani or petrucci?

    Hi, please go to:

    and tell me if the solo sections sounds digital or fizzy...(There are 3 short solo sections in whole song)

    its taken from the profile "VAI.GOD" posted by Christoper Kemper (added some Verb & Delay)

    Almost all my sounds i can recall some digital or fizzy sounds (especially when i engage Screamer)

    i think my unit is not operating like its intended to.

    Thanks for your Replys

    Well, i must honestly say, those IRs i put in my KPA really Sound good, i only choose one specific cab among the rest, just to try, and is not my fav. cab of all, just to try it and see how it sounds in KPA, and i was very surprised, had to Cab Volumen a little down because it was saturating my Master output, but im gonna try my Marshalls IRs from Redwire, so far, very pleased and Cabmaker is an awesome software....i bet those could compete with tills cabs

    Hi, i recentrly Profiled my Peavey JSX Amp with wonderful results, comparing to other Profiles or Rigs in the Rig Exchange on kemper web site makes me think most users dont do it the right way...i mean, why my JSX Profiles Sounds Fuller, Good Volumen, Good Crunch and Good EQ? (I must confess that i didnt take a profile of the JSX Cab but instead replace it with KPA Tills Cabs because i did not profile with a Mic in mind, just took the Level Out from My Amp (without the Cabinet) and combined with KPA my favorite profile is my own profile....of course i know i took my profile with my Gear and therefor happy with the results, but, common, i have like 1000 profiles and mine is the winner?

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