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    you could also take the pre-rig-manager-way:

    1.Go to the first empty performance slot of your actual performance (in performance mode).

    2. Use the right scroll knob above the display. It will start browse mode.

    3. Pick the rig you want to include into the performance by scrolling through all of your rigs (or just a subset you defined beforehand).

    4. Press the load button of browse mode. This will bring you back to performance mode with the new rig in place.

    5. Store the updated performance for safety.

    Now repeat these steps for the next free slot of your performance.

    Even though I use rig manager quite often I like to build performances the old fashioned way.



    Just got my Kemper profiler all set up

    welcome to the happy Kemper lot.

    The time of not believing what you hear certainly will last... I'm a Fender Twin Reverb Fan (1956 or 1965). When I heard the profiles of M. Britt and TAF of these amps and compared them to online sources I sure was blown away. A bit like time travel...


    Well, there's tons of good and excellent free rigs many of them are part of a new Kemper. That has been so from day one.

    but I'm curious to hear how much 'better' they are.

    But: I really would miss the rigs I bought or got free via Kemper support from TAF, M. Wagener and M.Britt. Till now I did not find a Fender TWIN Reverb (1956) profile in the same ballpark (well that is subjective of course) as those done by M. Britt or TAF. On the other hand I surely would miss the wonderful (free) profiles from "pausio" as Dynacord Twen, Echolettes and so on.
    The last few free deliveries from Kemper support are really good stuff and let you hear wether the guys doing them have something in store for you. They allow you to compare on a wide range of profiles.


    Hallo m_beck,

    Willkommen bei den "Kemperites"!

    Das ist ein sehr informatives und kurzweiliges Video, für das ich herzlich Danke sage.

    Zu den Fragen

    1. Ausschließlich Kemper mit einem zwei-kanaligen Schalter von Kemper und kleiner frfr Aktivbox am Monitor. Keine Stomps vor dem Kemper. Für den Masterout (PA) habe ich eine feste Einstellung für den globalen EQ und die Lautstärke. Da regele ich schon die Höhen runter, die bei großer Lautstärke sonst problematisch werden. Keine Lust mehr auf Anlageschleppen. Ich höre mich über den Monitor, der Soundmensch macht mit dem Mastersignal, was er für richtig hält. Da mische ich mich nicht ein. Soli regele ich über Morphing für jeden Kanal im Performance Modus.
    2. Ich arbeite sehr gerne mit den Fender Twins von M. Britt und TAF. Dafür brauche ich drei Performance Kaskaden. Das reicht. In einem Stück wechsele ich ungerne den Amp. Aber von Clean nach Crunch beim gleichen Amp ist für mich ok.
    Zum Probieren habe ich solche Kaskaden auch für Marshall, Vox, Dumble , /13,... eingerichtet. Ich lande aber immer wieder beim Twin Reverb.
    Wie gesagt: Keine Gitarrenbox. Wozu auch? Die Kemper CABs tun alles, was ich will.
    4. Probieren und hin und wieder Kontrolle durch Mitschnitt am Kemper (1 x Monitor, 1 x Kemper). Der Soundmensch sagt mir, wenn das für ihn nicht geht.

    Auch wenn ich einige Gitarren zu Hause habe, benutze ich meist eine Fender Tele für die Live-Sachen. Das hält die Dinge einfacher, als wenn ich das Ganze für andere Gitarren auch noch basteln müsste.

    Ich hoffe, dass Du damit was anfangen kannst.



    Hi Michael,

    this indeed does justice to your song which was already impressive. It has drive, it has punch and it has lots of good music in it. Well done.
    When I do mixes I always have my "precious" guitar sound in mind that did cost me quite a bunch and thus tend to loose perspective of the song as a whole which is more than just instruments and vocals. .
    You could try to take down some of the mids between 150 - 250 Hz in the vocal track. Sometimes it's really worth while. I don't use an eq to do this but a multiband compressor where I lonly ower the band between these markers that are allright for my rather old voice and leave everything else flat. If it works at all you'll hear it at once. If you have already done it, skip my remarks!

    Greetings Joachim.

    Hi Michael,

    I agree with paults concerning the second guitar. It eats up a portion of frequencies (the first guitar does not!) that could do something for the "voice in your face" sound that might enhance the presence of the voice in the mix. As it is the voice seems to hide behind the dominant instruments. Maybe, I'm not really sure, this will also enhance the presence of the drums and the bass namely the snare drum. In my (humble) experience I often had better results by re- equing tracks when all tracks deliver than by merely dial in more volume. Since you already done the eq side of things this may not be very helpful to you.


    Wow, man, this one obviously did hit home!

    I did not expect such an answer lacking politeness and moreover lacking reason. If you think you can break down the first syllogism, well, be happy trying it.
    And, cool down a bit. I didn't mean no harm.

    If we are going to do philosophy, I can break down why this "logic" doesn't add up, including straw man and uncharitable interpretations.

    But that's not very interesting for me here. It will involve 1) a lot of text 2) detail the thread and 3) I don't have the energy/care to post such a "substantial" reply.


    Thank you for this rather elaborated and fruitful discussion here guys!
    The following remarks are meant to be entertaining. In no way can they further the aforementioned discussion.

    Most of my questions even those I did not know I had are answered now.

    With regard to the following quote and the quite noticeable care for precise language (love it!) in some statements of this lengthy discussion the following question comes to my mind after racking my brain with:

    1. The KPA is an amp.
    2. Like many amplifiers it is not perfect either.

    [Since many things of the amp kind are not perfect it stands to reason that the KPA probably isn't perfect either.
    I believe that the statements "room to evolve" and "not perfect" essentially mean the same fact. That is why I stick to the shorter statement here even though the KPA might be perfect as it is and might evolve to something new - not necessarily better - that I know nothing about.]

    3. Logic then has it that there exists at least one perfect amplifier.

    [Many is less than all, ain't it?]
    [It cannot be the KPA, now can it?]

    Then what is that wondrous, perfect amp? Do please tell us!

    Usually I prefer real amps. I think kemper is great. I also think it's not perfect and that there is some room to evolve, much like many amplifiers.


    Hi Bommel,

    i added some with maximum gain too because i think the kemper sounds better
    when you reduce the gain afterward then if you turn the gain more up afterwards "

    Took me some time to figure that one out since I own the Kemper. And yes, I never raise the gain above the level the rig was done with.

    Thank you for that considerate decision.



    I'm not so sure wether this quite beautiful and creative idea is possible in the way you mentioned it. In the first place 10000 is a quite to small power of ten than the number of different scenarios you'd actually need for this purpose.
    More important in my view is the fact that amp control changes are dependant on each other especially with tube amps. People who'd like to get something of this kind running have to crossreference every setting of the Kemper controls with actual amp settings.
    If I remember correctly the total number of profiles is something like m to the power of c where m is the number of amp controls and c is the number of settings for each control. Since most controls are not discrete but work continuously you'd get quite a lot of profiles. Last but not least you'd have to match the different numbers of KPA controls and amp controls. Amps without volume/gain master volume knobs would cause some really nasty problems to get matched with the Kemper.
    Even it is possible in the way you describe it, who'd invest the time for taking 10000 profiles and sell the lot for 10 euros?

    Or did I simply misunderstand you?



    Gute Idee,

    manchmal wäre es mir lieber in der eigenen Sprache zu schreiben!



    For the english speaking part of the community:
    Good thing,
    sometimes I do like it better to write in my native language, really.

    Welcome Klaus,

    welcome to the Kemper lot. Not to schlepp around the always heavy equipment encouraged me too to join. Gorgeous amp, tons of good support and nice people around here... Never had second thoughts.