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    Hello Pinhead and welcome to the crew,

    For starters, it's hard not to be buried under lots of rigs which offer different sounds, ideas and original recordings in mind when made. The factory rigs had been my major playground for two years before I tried commercial rigs (mostly taf, some soundside). Later on it was M. Britt and M. Wagener who I welcomed for their way of sond shaping.

    Since you probably will have more than one guitar my advice after looking back is: Take one guitar, one rig and be bold with the kpa controls. As Ingolf hinted: This kind of quality time will very much help you to decide if the kpa will stay. By the way: If you've got some good backing tracks, as I'm sure you will, try to blend them in. Your guitar will instantly sound better being in it's natural habitat. There's quite a lot of rigs that seem to be dull or not convincing when played on their own.

    That should keep you busy for some time. Mind you: Your ears will hear differently at different times. Always give it a second and a third try before you discard a rig. Next thing: Take it to rehearsal and enjoy the sound, the convenience, the flexibility and the open mouths of your band mates.

    Tot ziens


    Thank you Mr. Britt for

    (a) the really useable VOX rigs. I bought them yesterday and I can't keep my tele away from them. Good job!
    (b) the considerate remarks you gave to teamjims question. Frankly, not many a rigs seller take the time and the knowledge to reply in depth. I certainly do agree with your point of view. I might add, though that comfort and "easy going" always is a good argument for the Kemper. More than once in live situations I wondered, where the subtelties of my sound, if any, might have vanished in all the sounds around.


    I experienced the same thing and got rid of it by
    -turning down the compressor a bit (for a start disable it completely); don't forget the compressor you'll see after dialing in the amp section parameters
    - play around with amp parameters esp. cabinet volume (if you've not updated to the latest software that is) they wisely disabled this control). I always forget and always looked there last.
    - turning down the input volume
    - turn off all boosters
    - look at the strings of the guitar: too close to the pus?
    - calibrating both input sense and distortion sense to zero (always a good thing). Especially if your's is a high output axe.
    - lower the local volume
    - look wether the output (led) is overloading

    In my opinion the plops are caused by massive digital distortion as a consequence of too much signal power. Some rigs are really bad in this respect and I could not cure it for them. Contact the vendor if possible. The factory rigs - often underrated - should be safe in that respect.
    If you use some signal output changing device in front of the KPA turn it off for a while.
    I am quite sure you will get rid of it - if needs be increase the output volume of the amp. This can be done by using an eq in the power amp section with all parameters zeroed but the volume. Increase it up to 5 dBs. That should help your ears, that otherwise will be missing the treble in your sound.

    Hope it'll help

    Welcome to the lot and thank you for sharing the profile.

    Even though my pic shows my first real guitar it is the second guitar (Am. Strat. 1970s) that gets more attention nowadays.
    If you are interested in profiles of a Peavey Delta Blues with 15" speaker: Before I sold the combo I made some profiles - not that I am good at it - and put them on RE.


    thank you guys.

    I really did enjoy the different ways of looking at and listening to the Kemper. The Anderton's video that started it all was made some time ago and yes, it was very instructive and showed me that I made the right decision buying the Kemper.

    As for Mr. Chapman I learned that he indeed was able to tell wether it was the Kemper or the tube amp in question. Most people I know cannot do this kind of thing myself included.

    I remember that a certain Mr. Chapman did quite an extensive video [ ] on the subject of AtomicAmps and CLR. Therein he talks with the man behind the modeler. At 4:15 he makes some rather astonishing (given what he said at Anderton's Music on the subject) remarks about the KPA. Obviously he had a rapid change of mind and I was not sure what to believe. Well maybe he just had a bad day.

    What did I learn above all things in this area? I trust my own ears and to a certain extent that of my band mates.

    Anyway: Me myself and I were not convinced. The KPA is an entirely different animal.



    glad you brought this up!
    We already talked about this rather unpleasant kind of iniative, though. For me it's the first slot (clean) it copied to the fourth slot in performance 12 which should be rather gainy and most definitely not clean. It did happen as well with other performances. Moreover: It does change not only the name but also the content of the slot.
    Did happen last tuesday when gigging with the Kemper. This "feature" has been there for quite some time. In terms of programming it seems to be caused by a misdirected pointer operation. Well that's where I would look.


    PS Switching up and down performances wise did help sometimes. But not always.

    Tag zusammen,
    so ganz verstehe ich die Diskussion vermutlich nicht. Wenn ich also zu redundant werde, bitte ich um Nachsicht. Ich halte mich nach wie vor an die alte (vielleicht überholte?) Empfehlung das Volume-Poti auf 0dB stehen zu lassen. Beim Morphing erhält das Ausgangsrig per "default eq" (keine Frequenzanpassungen) das EQ-Volume 0dB zugeordnet. Das gemorphte Folgerig enthält an dieser Stelle entweder 3 dB oder - 3dB je nachdem, ob es lauter oder leiser sein soll. Ein einfacher Fußschalterdruck blendet jetzt in der von mir vorher festgelegten Zeit von 0dB auf 3 dB oder auf -3dB über. Geringer Aufwand, einfachste Handhabung, geringe Kosten. Wenn ich das Remote Pedal dabei habe, dann geht das natürlich auch. Das Volumepoti ist dann ja immer noch da und kann ad hoc bedient werden. Solange die Änderung nicht gespeichert wird, und warum sollte sie, bleiben alle Morphing Einstellungen wie sie sind. Dass man alles in das Morphing einbeziehen kann, heißt ja nicht, dass man es muss.
    Des besseren Verständnisses wegen: Ich nutze für alle Formen von Musik machen mit dem Kemper grundsätzlich "Performances".


    Usually I don't carry the Kemper Remote to the bread and butter rehearsals. I use a BOSS FS-5U footswitch instead to turn morphing on/off in performance mode. That is what I use most times after all. Now strange things happen. Morphing turns on all by itself which is quite inconvenient in the middle of a song. Even if I turn it off as fast as I can manage ... here it comes again. After I while of staring it down and uttering dreadful curses against this wretched footswitch I give in and behave as in pre morphing time.

    The footswitch has a polarity switch wich has to be on the right hand side if looked from above. Otherwise it will only turn on.

    Anybody out there who has had the same trouble? Or knows what's the matter?

    Thank you for reading the request

    Hello daniman,

    FW 4.0 binds all former delay presets into the new legacy preset thereby keeping the sound and tweaks of all your rig based delay settings. More information on this topic you'll find in the user notes that come with FW 4.0. For a good tape echo start with turning off the following of the dialed in BPM choice for your rig (upper left corner of the effect window). You then will find milli seconds (absolute) instead of musical (relative, based on multiples of 1/16) based time code choices. If you happen to have used an old "tape echo preset" with one of your rigs, you may very well just look at the delay settings of this rig to give you the right idea what to do.

    Short of going back to FW 3.3 there is no way of recovering the "old" presets. I don't miss them after working with the rather transparent legacy delay.

    Hope this'll help.


    Hallo Beppo,

    Klar geht das auch mit zwei Rigs, man verschenkt im Performance Mode dann aber 125 zusätzliche Möglichkeiten. Ich bin jedenfalls sehr zufrieden mit dieser Neuerung. Zur Probe nehme ich das Remote Board von Kemper nicht mit, sondern behelfe mir mit einem simplen Fussschalter, der dann genau das tut: Einen Takt vorher schalten, dann kommt der Leadsound zum richtigen Zeitpunkt, ohne zu viel Hall bzw. Delay, mit etwas mehr Gain, eine Prise mehr Mitten und einem Volume-Boost von 3 db. Ich drehe auf Position 1 den Gain etwas zurück und lasse den auf Position 2 (oben) dann auf den originalen Wert hochlaufen. So kriege ich das beste von zwei Welten und kann mir in einer Performance 10 Gainstufen, Delays und was weiß ich noch ganz ohne Pedal einstellen. Wenn man gleichzeitig singen soll, ist das eine echter Erleichterung.

    Aber klar, geht alles auch ohne. Mit gefällt mir aber besser!



    Just my two cents,

    after reading the addendum to 4.01 most of my question were answered. I was relieved to find the old bubble-tuner (I always liked that one!) will still help me to stay in tune. This stroboscope thingy doesn't talk to me.
    Equally at ease with the morphing thing: No pedal needed, just the remote or - as I often leave the remote at home for rehearsals - a simple foot-switch will do (rise and fall time set to 4/4) and here I go. To dial in a reasonable lead sound now is mere child's play: Turn back the gain of the rig at hand e.g. TopJimi's free EVH profile (gain originally is about 6.7) let's say to 3.0. Usable rhythm sound. Click on remote's slot switch. Reset gain to original value for the "upper" part of the rig and dial in a reasonable amount of volume (Graphic EQ in # 5 or amp volume or volume) turn down delay(s) and/or reverbs, fatten the mids and go back to the "down" part of the rig by pressing remote's slot switch once more. Save performance or rig depending on wether you are in performance mode or browser mode. That's all I need for now. No pedal needed. I still have to give a closer look to the choices you have with the type button in performance mode. ?

    Thank you Kemper team for all this goodness and all of it for free at that. All the musical gear I know of: No one gives you that kind of progress. Most times you have to buy doubtful "new versions" every now and then.