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    Man, I'm sorry for you, but it seems the f-word is triggering the bouncers! 8o

    Stevoe: in this case it could mean "Watch Thy Friends"...

    No problem with mine, bought early last year new from the Big Thom... Did calibration with the 1010 and worked fine. Then UnO chip, no calibration needed. In late Summer twenty13 installed UnO4Kemper, no need for calibration! Tuning mode works reliable whenever I hit the volume heel down!

    oh yes, Ingolf, you make sense. Funny enough, only with the KPA I tried to stay on one rig and the volume dial to run through the whole set list, and I was utterly surprised that it worked! 8o
    Now I try different rigs at our weekly rehearsals, but come back very often to the Morgan...
    It would be educating and entertaining to try the posted rigs of fellow kemperists through a whole set list!

    I would also love this, as I use my Kemper with a CLR.

    The only problem here is that the majority of rigs I use are paid from TAF, and I can't share them.

    Well, in case of a commercial profile just mention it like this:
    Song / lead or rhythm or bass /rig name / provider / tweaked vs. untweaked
    If it is a tweaked one from rig exchange then you might be able to share it via drop box of course with credits of the profiler. If it is pure then just identify the name and the profiler, which helps to locate it quickly at the rig exchange.
    Hm, sample tune would be great, and if you reveal the guitar (strat, LP, TC and so on) used, that would be awesome! :thumbsup:

    Number one, I'm glad its comming, as a newbie, I'm having a crap load of probs with the flash drive. Number 2, just seeing if site took my new registration.

    No wonder, you having problems with your flash drive. It's a tube! 8o
    Did you format the drive with the Kemper?

    Is a "TC" a Tele?

    Drool - salivate 8o The one in the case is a beauty, indeed. Looking for a De Luxe version with splitable neck humbucker and some smooth bridge SC with twang and feel - you know ?!?! - might be an oxymoron here but what the heck....
    My requirements sounds maybe more like custom made gear.
    BTW, how is the neck on those Tokai Teles?
    Looked up a Tokai shop near Munich but this one does not appear very alive... Before I order I have to play them, thats mandatory!
    Thanx for posting the porn!

    Do not forget a solid state amp and speakers/cab or an active monitor. 8o

    If those items not within reach, a good headphone with 6.3mm connector will do for the first night until morning has broken.... :rolleyes:

    Yea everything is working, but how do I configure it to work on the kemper?

    Well, it should work by just connecting the midi cables in - IN on the FCB1010 goes to Kemper OUT and Kemper IN goes to FCB1010 OUT. One will work to (FCB1010 OUT to Kemper IN) but then you won't get any status back on the FCB1010 (i.e. which stomp slot is active and tuning information), so for best results use 2 midi cables!
    Power up both units and the Kemper should tell briefly on the display that the FCB1010 is recognized.
    Rock on!

    Demo in my friends studio of the LS92 Goldtop and LS100F.

    I feel GAS! 8o
    Since my visit at Musikmesse at Gibson booth last year, my enthusiasm for this maker just died. To pricey with a lousy performance. But Tokai LPs seems an excellent alternative. I 'm happy with my Epi LP and I'm more for a TC de Luxe in the market. Got an alternative here, too?

    Thanx to you all for your input!
    webdiver: Well, if one looks at all the hoopla and cost to bring in some used low tek instrument to Germany, for the same amount and a bit more one could go to Andre indeed. Seems the easy path to follow, 'cause no real need to wrangle with customs when overnighted, jetlaged and groggy... 8o And the "cabin luggage" times are over, I believe!

    @raznor: HAAR looks nice, but I've never played a fatneck. Not sure how it feels. Maybe I can ask my buddies, if one of them got a fatneck.

    Foresten: yikes, good joss - bad joss. No idea when the turn of a "unfriendly" card comes up. Your experinece is exactly what I am beeing afraid of!

    tylerhb: Kranzach ist echt um die Ecke im Norden. Die schauen ja echt gut aus. Ich versuch im Februar mal in den Norden zu kommen und Deine TC zu begutachten. Ich bring dann auch den Hiwatt "Bootsanker" und ein paar andere RaRITäTEN mit.

    @ ws: Your advise is then to avoid Frankfurt and Munich and travel via Vienna?