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    Kemper has had great customer service since day one, if you used the proper channels. I don’t know how “personal“ it was, but any question that I ever had was answered quickly.

    I actually appreciated all those years when CK himself was scarce to nonexistent on the forums, here and on TGP. There’s something cloying about the owner of a business getting in his customers’ faces, rather than allowing them the freedom to express themselves, whether it’s to share positive experiences or frustrations.

    But the fact is, so many bits of misinformation about this device have been shared on such a regular basis, over so many years, and I guess it finally reached a bit of critical mass with the rabid fan base of an announced device that purported to do CK’s magic better than the original. Of course that’s at best debatable, but I can understand him becoming a bigger part of the conversation at this point.

    I don't know about all that really. Christophe has been in and out of forums since the unit released, helping people, correcting misinformation, guiding people. I don't think the QC has caused any more or less misinformation or opinionation.... er... that's not a word, but you know what I mean.

    I think I said it before, but in the last 10 years there has been some very impressive advances in machine learning, deep learning, and music-information-retrieval technology.

    If accuracy is the goal, you would certainly look at modern techniques and tools such as the variational auto-encoder. Here's a good video that gives a nice explanation:

    Here's another one:

    I've been experimenting with neural networks in recent months using Tensorflow and the Python programming language.

    Once you know a little bit about this stuff and when you look at technology used in software like Izotope's Neutron and Ozone.... you can start to see problems all over the place that you could address with some neural networks and a few data sets.

    Back on topic slightly off topic update:

    I got the cortex with full intention of giving the guitar oriented piece of gear "the business" but on the side and not so secret, my mind was thinking i could have 32 effects blocks (no cabs, amp models or minimal captures plus or minus SOME reverbs) to use for my synths, and now I feel kinda dumb (much like a guitarist and drummer combined lmao) for thinking I could run that much modulation and effects ( maybe I can in the future) and not run into dsp limits.

    Still neat even that being the case.

    They've got a firmware updating coming that improves DSP usage. So you will be able to use more in the future for sure.

    Good luck having these kind of support from any other company on the industry ;)

    I simply love how the kemper team is so close and personal in their attention to detail and care to the community. Let us know how the collaboration ends up :)

    I mean... I offer the same level of support to all of our customers ;)

    Big part of my job is making sure our customers are happy. And I encourage them to give me all feedback about our products, good and bad, so we can make decisions based on all of that input. I've got stacks of user research that helps me to decide where we go with our product line up. Exciting times!

    Hey, I have to say that I have even closer and personal attention from the Diezel people. It is true that Diezel is an smaller company with less people and smaller numbers, but hey it´s not only Kemper doing things right.

    I mean... I had a small problem with my amp and Peter Diezel called me, to my phone, to solve the problem ASAP.

    Diezel are amazing. I've had emails with Peter myself. He sent me a replacement midi eprom chip for my VH4 completely free of charge. He's an absolute diamond.

    Let's do it! I will email you.

    It's not exactly true to put this down to "bass" alone. I think that was the mistake I was making back in 2015. I've found your email, but unfortunately the clips I sent you back then I don't have anymore. I will prepare some more clips and get them over to you this week.

    But why is everyone trying to convince Drew that he shouldn’t think that his empirical discoveries are relevant if they’re relevant to him? I probably fall on the side of the sensibilities of several of the other people posting, but I guess I just don’t see how that matters for the purposes of discussing the accuracy of an algorithm.

    This is my take on it too. Even how I personally feel about the sounds is semi-irrelevant. I've got loads of great sounds here on my Kemper, but there is an amount of inaccuracy that annoys and frustrates me.

    The one thing I’m finding a little bit frustrating about where this thread has been going is that you guys are launching assumptions about each other’s lack of experience behind a console without knowing anything about one another, especially professionally.

    I'm trying not to do that, I really am. I don't know anyone here and I don't know their background.

    My background is, I've been audio engineering for 20 years. I've produced professional music tech products for the last 14 of them. I've made (as part of a 2 man team) 504 profiles that were slated for commercial release. Unfortunately corporate NDA's prevent us from selling them at the moment. They're really good though.

    I'm afraid you've got this all back to front and inside out. First of all, I didn't make any claim. Someone else did. I was countering that claim. Their claim was that the audience doesn't care and can't tell the difference. I countered this with my empirical observations that they often do care, and do spot the difference between rigs in a live setting, but that the artists very rarely get to even hear the feedback.

    It was a completely tangential side-discussion that was not gear specific. You're making it gear specific. I've been to gigs where audience members will discuss guitar tones in between sets over beers, and they won't talk specifics because they don't know the gear. But they'll use words like fizzy, ice-picky, too boomy, etc etc - more descriptive language.

    The audience to some degree does notice your tone. They might not be able to articulate it like we can, but they do have ears.


    1) Do you believe you could pick out the QC, the original amp, and a KPA playing in the context of a full band?

    2) Do you believe that any differences that exist between the 3 would be noticed by an audience hearing only 1 of them live?

    1 - No. I've never said I could.

    2 - Potentially. They just wouldn't describe it in the same way.

    No one has claimed that. That's something you've made up in your brain.

    Amp accuracy does not automatically mean good sound.

    99% of audience members have no clue what this kind of Marshall or that kind of Fender sounds like. So like I said. If you can make a cheap solid state combo sound great, the audience will have zero clue if it sounded close to the real deal or not. I’d be willing to bet that most guitar players using a modelling amp don’t even know what a real Dumbell sounds like (myself included) and a recorded version is not like actually plugging into one, so we have no idea how close it is either.

    You can make any piece of gear sound good, or bad for that matter. Ha ha

    My point was nothing to do with the gear.

    My point was whether the audience would notice and/or care. And sometimes, they do. The artist just doesn't get to hear about it. So they think that everything went swimmingly, meanwhile you've destroyed the ears of the front row, and the back row didn't hear a single thing you were doing!

    This happens regardless of gear. But the point I was responding to was that the audience doesn't care, so we shouldn't even bother trying to eek out the last bit of accuracy from our modelling gear.

    Which is absolute balderdash.

    I have also heard POD’s , HD500 that sounded great. For that matter I have heard many guitarist tube amps that sounded terrible. Myself, I have recorded a Fender Mustang 15 solid state amp and it sounded wonderful.
    So I don’t take your point to mean much that lesser gear means lesser sound. It’s all in how you use it and really in how you play.
    You can make a QC sound just as bad as those examples you talked about. So meh!

    Superb way to miss my point.

    My point was nothing to do with the gear.

    My point was whether the audience would notice and/or care. And sometimes, they do. The artist just doesn't get to hear about it. So they think that everything went swimmingly, meanwhile you've destroyed the ears of the front row, and the back row didn't hear a single thing you were doing!

    This happens regardless of gear. But the point I was responding to was that the audience doesn't care, so we shouldn't even bother trying to eek out the last bit of accuracy from our modelling gear.

    Which is absolute balderdash.

    Pedal captures (potentially multiple, individually or all in one), into preamp or preamp and power amp combo captures, into power amp or power amp and cab mic captures, have never, NEVER, been possible

    In a configuration, that allows you to tweak, every step of the way,

    To fine tune or create new, tones, NEVER previously possible, in a very personable way that this has now been available

    If you're talking about having individual captures for each part of the chain, yes you can do this. Then you could piece them together like lego. I don't know if it would sound very good separating the preamp and poweramp sections of the amp, but you could definitely do it.

    Pedals work great. I've messed around with some boost pedal captures, and really liked what I heard. If you had a solid-state poweramp for capturing the cab+microphone as it's own thing, you could do it that way too. But probably better to just use the built in IR loading capabilities.

    On the current firmware - the one without the upcoming improvements to delay+reverb ram resources - I can do this:

    [Blocked Image:]

    In effect, each one of the neural capture blocks could be any element I want. These are all amps right now, so I definitely wouldn't want to listen to this preset! ^^^^^^

    I have the QC, Kemper, and Axe Fx. I have this urge to just pick one and forget the's essentially option paralysis. How do you focus on playing? I almost feel as if I need to pledge my time to one unit but then I feel guilty about the others just chilling there. I also read too much into guitar forums. Essentially everyone claims the QC to be heads and shoulders above the kemper but idk, I think they are very similar in terms of pure guitar tone and I often lean towards playing the kemper given my familiarity and maturity of the unit. I guess those who have a QC at the moment pre-ordered either within the first months of it being announced or shortly there after so maybe they have a bias given they have waited so long and also are obviously big NDSP fans if they preorded direct without any knowledge of the product. Not saying the QC is a bad product! Just that to me, it isn't the gamechanger they tried to push it to be.

    Nope, not me. I ordered mine in March this year and had it in May. I said before, I have no brand loyalty, and I'm throwing feature requests at NDSP like no-one's business! I definitely wasn't going to pre-order one. The other guitarist in my band did though. He got his in January iirc, and I tested it out a ton before I decided to purchase. Spending that much money isn't a simple decision for me and I had to know that it was spot on.

    I'm a huge delay and reverb user. The delays and reverbs on QC are not good enough for my needs. Their tape delay doesn't even do oscillation effects, which I basically need for my music. So they're not good enough. Fortunately I can use my Strymon Volante or my Belle Epoch to get those sounds.

    I said before, if you've got the Stryfecta, you're not going to be happy with the QC right now. You can only send one program midi change when switching scenes within a preset - which means you can't easily call up specific presets on each Strymon pedal. You could do it, but your banks would have to be thoroughly organised on your units so that you get the right three presets from the same program change command - what psychopath has time for that!?!

    Hehe what? So two profilers sending noise through the same amp? Or one profiler only listening to the noise of the other one?

    Yeah so that's what I thought might work.... one profiler sending the tones to the amp.... return signal from each mic to each profiler... hit the 'start profiling' switch on both units at the same time.... it got through the process and it did complete, just didn't sound very good!

    I'm assuming the micro-second delay between each unit button press is what caused it.

    I've tried using two KPA's at once, to profile a 57 and a 421 to separate units. Making sure to hit the 'start profile' switches at the same time on each unit, unfortunately it didn't work very well. But it wouldn't be a bad shout to offer a way to sync profile sessions across units.

    I'm curious if you would humor me and I won't give you a rebuttal or be snarky don't worry: Do you think drum samples/drum programs replace drums fully? If not: will they ever?

    Not yet. They're very good in a mix, but for live performance I don't think they're quite there yet. But they're close. I do think eventually the gap will narrow to QC vs Kemper levels.

    Right now we're at PodXT versus valve amp stages, when it comes to drum samples replacing an entire acoustic kit.

    Doesn't mean they're bad. PodXT was on stacks of records in it's day.

    You found a way to dial it out in the first examples

    I didn't. I didn't do anything to either device other than follow the process - QC... capture the amp. Kemper.... profile it, and refine it.

    That's an example of the Kemper's inaccuracy and unpredictability. The QC too. It doesn't even always get the amp spot on.

    Neither device is infallible. The point is, for my tastes, I tend to prefer the QC. Although not always, as I said before.

    I think I'll leave it there. You're being needlessly snarky, and you've already tried a "gotcha" that completely failed, and so any clips or comments you make going forward can only be viewed with suspicion. Which is kind of crap, but it is what it is. That's the situation you put us in. I don't think we really have much else to say to each other that isn't just going to descend into more snark and eventually insults.

    The bottom line for me - both units are good. No question. Absolutely no question. But if accurate to your real amps is important to you and if you like tighter more "focused" palm-mute response, QC seems to be better than the Kemper. If you like all the features of the Kemper and don't care too much about accuracy, then go for it. More power to you!

    I'm keeping both units for now. I'd like to see profiling tech improvements for the Kemper within the next year or so. I don't care about WIFI or new fuzzes or new drives. I care about being able to replace a valve amp fully.

    As an industry, we're still not quite there yet. But getting better as the years go by.

    That's it. Thanks for putting up with me everyone! :D