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    i would suggest you set the mimiq on position 1. In this case you get the direct signal hard panned on one side, and a 'mimiqed' signal on the other. In this setting you don't have any phase cancellation before the speaker and therefore sounds best to my ears. With the mimiq in setting 2,3 or 4 you have more change on phase cancellation. Also keep the tightness low, with higher setting you can get some warbling effects. For live playing it is a superb double tracking device imho

    Tried the spring reverb out, it is a huge upgrade! I always used the stock reverb to give the sound some space , did the job but that was it. The spring rev is really a musical reverb, it influences the tone in a very musical and pleasing way. Also after the ampblock (and in stereo) it has a lot of depth and a sort of 'interaction with the tone'. Very well done, and thnx to the kemper team, very impressed with all your dsp skills!!!

    It is all right Dean. My post was I guess actually only ment for myself, by expressing my emotion at that time. Not worth any furher debating, perhaps shouldn't had to post it in the first place. My emotion triggers emotion of others etc.. that is not contributing.
    Like to read on topic posts again! Thnx for your input on the forum as well!

    I don't post too much, more of a reader. But I guess I have to react to this.
    It is obvious for all the long time readers on this forum that Ingolf is a very respectful member with tons of read-worthy comments with good and helpful advice in the past. It is in my humble opinion not right to úse terms like for example 'whining' or 'derailling'. It is just not what Ingolf ever has done, in contrary.
    A couple of days ago I was happy seeing Monkey Man back on this forum. Reading posts like this makes me sad.
    But of course I don't have to read (or write).
    Let's keep this forum great.

    I remember another (also very interesting ) thread on this matter on this forum, in it some links to theoretical explanation about benefits of higher sample rates. It is from all those papers clear that scientifically there is no improvement (with good AD-DA) in higher sample rates, like Per, CKemper and Zapmann all stated above. But I was skeptical, because I remembered I really heard a great difference in audio-quality when I first listened to gear with high end converters (that's years ago, at the moment I use RME converters). On the other hand I know that we judge normally in a split second, unconsciousness, of whether we like something or not. That is with all emotional related things (like music) in the world and is a basis concept of how we function as humans. So my skepticism was funded on my memories and of course my conception that I can't be fooled in such a manner. But I also remembered one time i was mixing and trying to find the best eq for a track. I dialed in subtle eq, and (like i always do) compared without looking if i switched the eq in or not. So I choosed one (believing it was better than the other). Only to find out later I switched off this effect globally. So I couldn't have heard any change, but only because of my mindset there should be a difference (from which I had to choose) I heard a very subtle difference and I actually choosed... (embarrassing experience)
    I have recorded many years on 192 , and recently tried again on 48 , now with a different mindset, and I couldn't hear a difference. But maybe my mind is now biased by wanting to believe the theoreticians. But at least they don't have commercially bonds (or do they ?) :)
    Just my little story

    its a great pack, all amps are really inspiring to play. Never heard such inspiring cleans and crunches as in this pack. Besides good equalizing of all the sounds, some nice use of effects on some of the profiles. One profile got a little bit of a grainy slapdelay and some reverb which made it sound like a spring reverb, very well done.
    Thanx Bert for the great profiling!
    Btw do you know of any (famous) records on which these amps are played?

    Got one toaster and one rack for backup recently. Five years on the road and rehearsels and never had a failure. that must be hundreds of times going in and out of cars and trucks etc.... The toaster once even fell from 2 m on concrete: metal casing has a dent now , but all worked well ever since. So i think I will never have to use the backup, but it feels more comfortable to have it along! I'm so used to my sounds and the way i manage them with the remote that i'm not confident anymore to use other gear as a backup...