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    Here is mine, sorry about the orientation, couldn't work out how to flip it on the iPad.
    Got a whammey DT, a line 6 wireless and an extra duel switch (tbh I haven't used that lately so may take it off). I'm using 3 expression pedals, one for wah, one for volume and one for morph. Works really well. The only downside is it's a flight cased pedal train and in the case it's heavy.

    The remote is awesome, I had a rocktron all access previously and was worried that there wasn't enough switches on the kemper remote, however due to the way it works, and using performance mode for songs it works really well.

    I use a few. Mainly the morgan ac20 for cleans. I use the morph to add gain, and a green screem sometimes. I like to use a mesa tripple rectifier on some of the songs, and i use the vai god rig for spme lead parts.

    Not traditional i know but i like to play the songs and sound like me rather than being a slave to recreating the exact sound on the cd....

    Use what you like mate, but why come on here bashing a product you don't intend to use?

    It's like everything in life some people will love it, others will find it's not for them for some reason. No big deal.

    Yes I'm doing this. I have a carlsbro nu tone head and 2x12 which I use as backline, mainly for the bassist and drummers benefit but also to have a bit of power behind me. I run the monitor out of the Kemper to the effects return of the head so I'm just using the power section. I then use an atomic clr wedge as my monitor with cabs on, and send a direct feed to foh.

    Sounds great. Only issue I've come across so far is complaints from my band mates about it being too loud ...oops !

    I've had zoom devices line 6 and digitech. The Kemper is by far the easiest to build a sound on. there are not loads of nested menus, it's simple and intuitive. I certainly don't miss having to mess around programming midi now that I have the remote.

    Just received a completely new power section. Took less than 10 minutes to swap it out. Up and running again at 100%. Worth adding that my clr is outside of the 1 year warranty period so I'm really please with the resolution.

    If at first you get a slow response from atomic keep going, stay polite and they will sort you out.

    I had the same issue it seems it was remote related. The Weird thing was that if I plugged it into a different input on the remote it worked ok, but on one of the inputs any expression pedal I tried was reversed. Try plugging it into one of the other inputs and see if that makes a difference. I had a rocktron hex and it worked fine both plugged direct to the toaster and into the remote. today I've had an email from Atomic saying they will be delivering a replacement CLR to me next week and picking up the faulty one. This is far more than I expected... I was hoping they would send me the part that was faulty.....the mixer function is not working, I can send output from 1 or 2 via the clr out but not the mixed signal of 1 and 2.

    when a company is willing to resolve issues like this, I can forgive the time it's taken to get it sorted (bearing in mind that the amp has been usable).

    Spent a couple of hours on 4.0 last night. Upgrade went fine. Really enjoying the morph feature. Already set up a few rigs with it enabled. I've set it for immediate switch up and down when a button on the remote is pressed so it acts like another rig...but will mainly use it with an expression pedal. The option to do both us awesome.

    Will try multiple delays tonight....was enjoying morphing so much I ran out of time.

    Loving that you can use the looper button for other things....ive accidently activated the looper a few times due to my clumsy size 9's...luckily only in rehearsal!

    Great update. Kemper continues to deliver.

    Try switching off then switch on in browser mode whilst pressing the rig button until is says something like initialising rig

    I had a similar issue on an earlier firmware. Something to do with a corupt rig rather than the firmware itself.