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    you can get a similar feel with an Ebow which is cheaper and doesn't involve chopping up your favourate axe. I use both and prefer the ebow over the sustainer for playing solo's, however the sustainers ability to sustain chords make it great for adding atmosphere to a song.

    Don't see how the Kemper team could mimic this as it's a physical effect as people have already mentioned

    Hi all, anyone out there got any nice Satriani rigs they are willing to share. Really getting back into listening to his stuff lately and love his tone. Particularly the lead sound he gets on his balled type songs. Particularly like the tones on the Extreamist. I've tweaked some rigs and got close, but can't seem to nail it. I know alot of it is playing technique so maybe I'm as close as I'll get... but if you have anything please share :thumbup: .


    I had the same problem with my all access pedal board.
    Easy fix actually. You probably have your tap button on your pedal board sending on/off messages to the Kemper, so press 1 sends on , press 2 sends off. Before the beat detection feature was enabled this worked ok, but not now.

    The fix is this.... set your tap button to send off messages only, on the all access I changed the setting from sending values 0 and 127 to 0 and 0. Tap now works as expected.

    Hope this helps.

    How do you find the DT transpose feature vis-a-vis the Kemper?

    To be honest I haven't actually tried the Kemper transpose feature yet, maybe I should to get a good comparison. I already had the DT before the Pitch functions were added to the Kemper. I love the DT it tracks very well, I use it often instead of using a capo people are not aware of a difference in sound... they just wonder how I'm playing open chords at the nut end of the neck when they are on capo 5 !

    I also use it alot in place of a secen string ie capo -5. I used to play seven string alot, but not so much now. It's nice to have the option to press a pedal and make your 6 string sound like a 7. The momentry swich on the DT is genius IMHO, I use it quite a bit, ie playing normal 6 string in concert pitch, but every now and then you can chuck a low B chord in there... mixes thinks up a bit...

    I will try the Kemper function in the next few days and see how it compares.

    Sometimes i need to switch from dotted 8th delays to 4th.. without changing the amp ... then in the same song maby i want to change the amp with keeping delay on 4ths... with that selected amp-sound, i want to switch to ping pong (left dotted 8th, right 4th)..
    Not mentioning the stomp-boxes in front of the amp (booster, tubescreamer, compressor, wha). I know that the kemper can do all of them, but again, they should be on or off and do not change that state when i switch to another rig. - but .. I think that would be possible by locking them, am i right?

    I do exactly what you describe, I use a rocktron all access and use the Kemper in browser mode so programm midi cc# to switch between rigs. I have 10 switches to switch rigs, then 5 switches to turn effects on/off. To achive the above I basically made an exact duplicate of my dotted 8th patch, changed the delay then assigned a different midi cc#. So now button 2 is dotted 8th, button 6 (the one above 2) is 4th. No noticable change in sound as the rig, effects etc are exactly the same. I'm sure this is just as easy to do in performance mode, I just haven't sat down to figure it out (already had my board programmed up before performance mode was released).


    I also used a Rocktron Prophesy 2 for a few years, and the sound was a marked improvement over the POD pro that I'd used previously.... however, so far nothing I've heard compares to the Kemper. I now have the tone I've spent 20+ guitar playing years searching for.

    Brilliant, thanks for the quick repsonse on this CK. Another example of how great it is being a Kemper owner....what other company offers this level of support? :thumbsup:

    Probably a stupid question but here is my issue...

    I"m using a rocktron all access to control my lunchbox. I have a switch set as a tap tempo using midi cc. However since the upgrade to the current version I have a problem. First press of the switch outs beat detector on, the second switches it I can't use it as a tap tempo.....I have had to resort to walking over to the lunchbox and tapping the tempo in on the tap button there.

    There must be a way to use the tap function via midi without engaging beat detection.....anyone know how?


    I agree, the Kemper rocks both as a product and as company. We're getting good service here. Although I'm sure they listen to all the requests for updates they can't implement every single one..... didn't someone once say a Camel is a horse designed by a committe??

    Would it be great to have the KFC now ? yes... but wouldn't we rather it was built and tested properly rather than being rushed to market with faults ?

    I guess as musicians we're often perfectionists, but lets not cut off our nose to spite our face.... CK and his team should be congratulated for what they have achieved here, not moaned at for the bits they've missed (or not missed but taken a strategic decision to implement later)... we'd certainly moan if they chose to take the approach of other large instrument/amp manufacturers... ie now we've got your money you're on your own !

    I'm still loving the Kemper Journey, still anticipate a new release to see what CK gives us.... The new delay time function is inspired can't wait to try that out.

    Keep up the great work Kemper team ! :thumbsup: