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    So the Kemper arrved... updated firmware, downloaded some rigs from the exchange (thanks guys !)

    First impressions.... sounds awesome through my tannoy active reveals...

    Got it hooked up to my Marshall 9100 and cabs yesterday... a few short tweeks of the eq knobs and the stock sounds are amazing... blows my rocktron Prophesy 2 away.. clean and distorted sounds.

    I know I'm not getting the most accurate sounds of the profiled amps... but I'm getting the best sound I've ever had with this thing and that has to be the main objective right ?

    Just need to figure out the Wah settings, and finish programming my all access and I'm ready to rock !

    Looking forward to the dedicated foot controller though.

    Quick question

    I've got a couple of Napalm double switches, I'm pretty sure they are the latching type... will these work plugged direct into the Kemper to control Tap, Tuner, stomps.... or does it have to be momentary ?


    Hi guys,

    So my Kemper is ordered and will arrive in the next few days :thumbsup: . First job will be the firmware update and the 4 things suggested in another thread. then I'll be downloading the Metallica and Megadeth etc profiles I've seen on you tube...

    Have any of you guys got any profiles that sound like Ty Tabor of Kings X ? I love his sound, particularly the cleans and slightly distorted sounds he gets.

    by the way... thanks to all you guys on here, reading through previous posts has been a big part in my deciding to go for the Kemper over the AXE FX.



    Thanks for the replys guys. Still have GAS for the Kemper, although I'm not so sure now if it's not going to sound good through my set up, it would be great for the studio though, but i was hoping to replace my rocktron Prophesy 2 with the kemper in my live set up. I really don't want to have to shell out for new cabs and power amp. the Rocktron sounds great through the Marshall with cab sims off.

    I did goto my local music shop to try one out but they were less than helpfull... they asked me how I wanted to set it up.... I said via a tube power amp, or the fx return of a valve combo.... they said "headphones might be better !" and presented me a set ! :thumbdown:

    It sounded amazing through the headphones... but I still don't know if I can use this live....

    Certainly won't be buying the Kemper from them !

    Hi, Just joined the forum as I have serious GAS about getting a Kemper. I'm hoping to try one out later this week.

    I currently use a Rocktron Prophesy 2 into a Marshall 9100 which drives 2 marshall 2x12's for my live sound. I've also got an eventide timefactor in the stereo effects loop.

    So my current thought is sell the rocktron, and buy a Kemper...

    My question for you guys is...... can I go from the main outs of the Kemper direct to the Marshall 9100 with the Cab sims switched off ? As I really want to keep the stereo setup....

    I'm not bothered about going direct to the PA I'd prefer to mic the cabs with my trusty SM57's.

    Thanks alot.

    Mike :thumbsup: