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    Killer post Chris Duncan !

    To me live use vs studio use is a big differentiator - the Marshall Plexi profile dialed in for Bad Company which sounds great for a recording situation may not always work for a live situation, and vice versa. I don't mean to deviate from the original topic, but making your own profiles may come in as an option. Dialing/profiling in your amp the way you like it, for your situation (live/studio) is a killer option we have with the profiler!

    Indeed, some great profiles to be had from Choptones! On the other hand, I can’t say their tagging system is top notch - referring to an accompanying pdf file is kind of a bummer, especially considering the great tagging system the KPA offers.

    Still, great work on the profiles, nice variety of amp and speakers!

    I have recently been programming my KPA for a live show which is all synced to a click track - the Kemper manual was of good source of info, as it is pretty clear on which features can be addressed via midi. Look in the MIDI section of the manual.

    The only thing which is still not perfectly clear to me is the morphing via slots buttons (base state/morphed state/return to base state).

    In your specific case, Data is the CC numbers you are targeting, 47 and 50 in this instance. The column to the right is the value your are sending for the given CC number.

    So in your image, CC47 with a value of 0 would mean you are loading performance number 1 in your KPA. And if I am not mistaking, sending CC50 with a non zero value means your are loading slot 1 in your target performance. Slots 1-5 are loaded with CCs 50, 51, 52, 53 and 54 respectively.

    Hello all,

    I know this has been discussed here before (see thread reference below), but I am looking to get some feedback from actual experience any of you may have had regarding powering the Digitech Freqout pedal, with something like the Pedaltrain Volto (or any other similar device). The Freqout is the only pedal I need on my board, along with the remote, so I'd like to avoid running a power cable for only one pedal.

    So my question: is something like the Volto able to provide power for the Digitech Freqout for an entire show? What are your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance guys.


    Powering the Freq Out pedal