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    Check out the ADA MP1 & 45 pack. Nuno tones, Metallica tones, Mr Big... and there’s a superb profile with the MP1 into the power section of a BE100. Lots of profiles in this pack made it to my Kemper for daily use

    Check out BHP Henning Bottle Rocket profiles. The amp he profiled is my personal amp and it is perfect for the same tones ( The amp was based on the Jose Arredando mod that was so popular back in the 80s. Michael did an amazing job of capturing the amp.

    Just a quick shout out to Cili. One of the cover bands I play in is a 80s metal group. Last night I used a profile from the Friedman BE100 pack (Dead Highway I can't recall the exact profile name). I used it the whole show with just the volume knob for cleans. I got so many compliments for my tone. I used my Atomic CLR for stage monitor and went straight to FOH. Have to sounded awesome!! Thanks Ivan!!

    If you don't have it...go get it. The Helios pack is killer!!!


    I have been using three profiles from the Colonial pack in the performance slots for over a year and a half now with one of the bands I'm in. It fits the mix and sound of this band perfectly. One clean, one crunchy and one high gain for lead. It covers a wide range of tones and styles that I need nothing else. I have been wanting to try some other profiles from other packs you've released but these three have covered me for a long time. Thank you for these, brother!

    I hope you feel better!

    I want every one of those packs. I can't wait!!!

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    Excuse the clams, been drinking.

    Holy hell, brother!! That is the best clip you've ever posted. Playing, tone, etc!!!!

    My computer has been down for the past few months and I'm finally back online and trying some of the new profiles I have purchased. I absolutely LOVE the Bogner XTC profiles from @marcofanton. I can't believe how great they sound and how dynamic they are. Very well balanced and sounds great with all of my guitars. The XTC is a Swiss Army Knife type of amp and these profiles just nail it. I owned a 20th Anniversary XTC and these profiles take me right back there. Thanks for the hard work and time put into creating these great profiles. I need to buy a few more of your packs now!!

    Thanks LP! There's a few new packs up there, that I've managed to complete. They aren't the most 80's and hairy though. There's a new pack based on the Cesar Diaz P-XX. I've been looking for this amp for about 20 years. It's a killer SRV, Govt Mule, Keith Richard vibey tone machine. Love it! Also, a while back I had profiled my old Silverstone TwinTwelve, and a pair of Supro amps. Those guys are great for Indie Rock, and Garage Rock, or just good ol' Led Zep style tones.

    BHP (Michael) makes killer profiles!! If you are interested in more of these types of profiles from BHP (80s hair metal) check out his Henning Bottle Rocket pack. That amp was made with 80s metal tones in mind.

    My favourite is the Colonial Pack, but that's just me. I love the woody, mojo-filled tone of that amp. It's great for cock rock / hair metal / glam.

    You might also like the 5150 pack and the Heavy Pack, macbor.

    Agreed! I use the three profiles from the Colonial pack live with my band. They are amazing! In fact, I was just using profile 3.9 from that pack directly into my Atomic CLR last night. Cranked the volume and it was just Marshall crunch to the max.

    Michael's 5150 pack is just awesome too! I like the 5150 amp but I feel like the majority of the profiles available are made for metal. Michael did an excellent job of creating rock profiles of this killer amp. They sound amazing in standard tuning. I especially love the ones he created with the original 5150 cab and speakers for home recording. IMO, one of his :under the radar" packs for sure.