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    I would hate to be a manufacturer of anything today, everybody keeps whining and wants a different options for minor things .

    When the tuner was # I never complained, and lived with it and never had a problem using it but i do prefer it flat b but its not a major issue..

    where are you getting the demo profiles ? cant find them

    68 PURPLE PLEXI : I have tried the free profiles and must say it works with my Suhr Modern with humbuckers but not with my Fender Tele or Strat. I am missing the bottom and mid-low end.

    For the Suhr I have to tweak on the amp parameters to get a good tone. The free profiles - as given - sound perhaps good for the Sunday morning church, but have nothing to do with Rock, the purpose this amp was build for.

    i definitely noticed that too. Our minds are amazing things but they do often play devious tricks on us ?

    They are amazing and sometimes close minded by habit or expectations, so we must not be scared to venture into uncharted territories with preconceived notions or fear8o

    Yup, that's the next story.

    It has been requested for a long time.

    How do you like it?

    It's great thanks , but It would be useful the High LOw cut not being a Global output and not affecting the Kone section of the profile ,

    example , I don't want it on the Kab Kone section of the profile, I like to keep the low end there on stage or tweak it as I want , so maybe have a separate High Low Cut just for the Kone section itself that is not affected by the GLobal High Low cut , that would be awesome, if possible !

    I haven't done a video , but compared my higher end Takamine plugged in , its still a Takamine ;) but always did the job live , and got really great results with my Strat lowering a bit the Tone knob also , that i'm never gonna bring it to a gig ever again!

    One thing i did noticed is, playing an electric guitar affects how I perceived the sound obviously, but when I listened back without playing , it sounds like an acoustic plugged in no doubt.

    One thing i think that helps for me also is I use 11's on my guitar with a high action so i can play harder a bit like on an acoustic

    All in all, i think this AS is really great

    Thanks Again Kemper for making my life with less things to carry . Now if we can start gigging again

    Thank you Kemper team

    My Profiler just keeps getting better and better ....

    This acoustic sim sounds as good or better... than any takamine acoustic guitar i have used in the past live.

    And you printed yourself the Kemper Logo, because it seems the real one? Very cool. That's why I asked actually :-).

    The cabinet is at the moment not available, only the speaker can be ordered, so I think of taking a Palmer empty cabinet or something simillar and mount the Kone speaker into it.